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Funday Friday #15

The Funday Friday’s have fallen quite a bit behind the Maniacal Mondays. I had something I was going to write about yesterday, but for the second time in the week, I got my day & date wrong.

1. Mixing up days. This past Sunday, the hubby checked the messages (finally) and told me that my dentist had called to confirm my appointment on the 26th. I’m thinking, ok, fine. I will call them tomorrow. At some point I looked at a calender and realized the 26th was Monday and not Tuesday. Eeek! So I called and left a message Sunday, and made the appointment just fine. I woke up Wednesday morning with a migraine, and soon realized in retrospect that I had gone to bed with it. :sigh: So there went a day of sick leave. Anyway, yesterday I got to work, and was going through doing my timesheet and morning checks and chatting when one of my co-workers asked, “Don’t you have an appointment this morning?” I looked at her funny and said, “No, it’s tomorrow, the 29th.” And then I looked at my workstation and dropped a bomb when I realized yesterday was the 29th. “Bye! I’ll see ya around lunch.” I was 15 min late, and might have exceeded the speed limit in multiple places. I also seemed to hit every long red light. But all is well. Told the doc the spot on my head he had given me stuff for was all cleared up but that I got glutened and the whole top of my scalp was still flared up though getting better. He asked, “What did you eat?” I answered, “Communion.” Then the look of shock where I followed with, “Yes. A crouton-sized piece of bread.” He is considering testing now since I seem to be pretty sensitive. But, I’ll save that for my annual physical which I think it is about time for.

2. Adventures in homeschooling. Already. Got a couple of the books in for English I. Not the curriculum, but the required novels. Jamie was all over the box, and when she pulled out the 2 books (which really didn’t match the huge box), she was like “Really?” “Yes, and those are Chad’s. Yours was a separate order.” So then the whining began. “Why did you pick these? Why can’t we pick the books?” My turn to say, “Really? You don’t get to choose what you read in public school either.” Still the whining continued and I was like, “Ok, fine. Read Tess of the D’Urbervilles. I’m still pissed off over that book. Read Beowolf in the original ancient English. Read The Canterbury Tales in the original Old English. Read Shakespeare.” That kind of stopped the whining. James added “Read Poe.” lol Anyway, Jamie popped off with “I’m on The Color Purple level.” I asked her if she’s read The Color Purple, and she said yes, so I asked her if she’d seen the movie. “There’s a movie?” Yes, and I have it. Chad: “Isn’t Whoopi Goldberg in that?” Me: “Yes, and Oprah Winfrey.” Yeah, we’ll be watching that, and I am sure I will meltdown into a messy puddle just like every time I’ve ever watched it.

3. Running. I ran Tuesday night with the Tribe. And then went to an Al-Anon meeting all wet and stinky. lol I didn’t run Wednesday thanks to the migraine, and yesterday, I opted to finish mowing the front yard. Remember, I broke the riding mower so I push mowed the rest of the front yard. Oh my word. I had sweat running into my eyes, and I am pretty sore today. 18 tomorrow… :-/

4. Coffee. So I am standing in line in Starbucks this morning surprised that there was a line given the 4 day weekend for the military, and I realized I left my refillable cup in the car. No, I didn’t go back for it. It wasn’t worth the 65&#162 difference. And Wilson Phillips was playing when I left. I don’t know why that put a smile on my face.

5. YouTube & enemas. Opal had a post up the other day: Cleansing update: Garlic enemas which I saw shortly after a small discussion on something I posted on Facebook where she mentioned enemas and I was all “EXIT ONLY!” I have had 1 enema a few hours prior to surgery for a ruptured appendix follow by 2 or 3 days of suppositories because I couldn’t eat or drink anything until I passed gas. But I digress. Anyway, so when I read her post, I watched the video she included, and so when I just went to YouTube, there was a video about enemas in my suggested list. From watching one video. lol And, yes, I am now actually considering it over the candida battle. #everybodypoops

6. Cats. Tiger is no needy and clingy. Sushi seems to be afraid of her own shadow. But let me sit down to eat, and they are both going to try their best to get up in my plate or bowl. Worse than the dogs.

7. Someday. Someday, I’m going to write a book.

Funday Friday #14

This was supposed to be last Friday’s post, but it didn’t even get started. That’s how I roll. 😉

What was supposed to be a cake/skate week for me was anything but. So this will be a rambling recap.

1. The hubster got back Wednesday after nearly a week working in the boonies of TN.

2. My youngest teen finished up one of the steps of his diversion plan. I may or may not have posted about him pulling the fire alarm a school about a month before school ended for the summer. It wasn’t entirely an accident, but not entirely on purpose. And because it happened before school started for the day, and he immediately told the principal he did it, he got off easy with a 5 day rather than 10 day suspension, and given a diversion plan rather than going to court. Fun times.

3. Tuesday, the youngest went to spend the night at his friend’s house. Wasn’t long before I get a call from him where he says, “Um, the police are on their way and they are going to want to talk to you.” So I went down there and he and his friend filled me in on the details which essentially amounted to them along with friend F2 (who due to this incident wasn’t at friend F1’s house) being accused of stealing stuff from someone’s car Saturday night. Mine was at home all day and night Saturday with me, F1 was with his mom all day and night and not even in the county, and F2 is as unlikely to be involved in that sort of thing as the other 2. F1 did say to my son “You do have a record…” That was the only humorous part of the whole situation. Anyway, police never showed, F1’s mom offered me wine that I almost took. For a brief moment I considered bumming a cigarette from her too. 😉 Like how I used no names in that? F1 & F2 were originally #1 & #2, but then I started giggling over that naming convention and decided it probably isn’t an appropriate method for referring to my son’s friends.

4. Planks. They still look easy. They are still ridiculously hard.

5. Sat on the front porch with the hubby while a big line of severe thunderstorms headed for us. Of course they split and went around us like they do. It made for a nice peaceful time though. And a couple of good pictures. The sky above . As the storm rolls in…

6. Karyn and I ran the EspirtdeShe 5k in Cary last night. Rather she ran the 5k, and I ran until the first hill, and with the humidity being so stinking high, I couldn’t breathe any more that I could see the top of the hill. The was a lot of walking and wheezing done the last half of that 5k.

Sweat running before we even started running.

Sweat running before we even started running.

That's a lot of women...

That’s a lot of women…

We were going to meet Eva (who ran the 10k) after we all finished, but there was an emergency that popped up and we had to leave right away. Nothing like a situation like that to make it seem like it is taking forever to drive from Cary to Sanford. And everything is fine. 🙂

Oh, and Karyn came in 65th overall out of 471. How cool is that! I finished in less time (even walking up the hills) that the Rabbit Run that I ran entirely. Go figure.

7. I have a card just like this posted up on my desk at work:


I don’t think my son believed I would do it. And no one has pointed out that I have a My Little Pony card displayed on my desk.

8. I have nothing else, and this is hilarious!


I’ve been working on a post for like 2 weeks. It’s reached the point of finish or abandon, though probably neither will happen today.

Spot brought 2 kittens home…finally. Next day, Notch got out and killed Spot. The kittens are safe though, so there is that. And after all the talk about how all the “good” cats ran away, and Spot was useless and wouldn’t leave, I cried over her, useless as she was.

Don’t judge the nasty carpet. It’s a closet. Which is why the kittens are in there.

Straight tea tree oil now causes me hives and blisters. :-/ Maybe it will still manage to kill the candida.

We are again battling a mouse infestation. Because KitKat is as useless a mouser as Spot was. I found this morning that you CAN catch a mouse with a trap that isn’t baited. One of the kitchen mice ate the bait off the trap night before last without tripping the trap. I didn’t get around to rebaiting last night, but apparently, the mouse tried to walk across it last night, and didn’t quite make it. So far, that has been the high point of my day.

I have an obstacle course race tomorrow. I already have regret.

Funday Friday #13

This was a weird week. I should have known it would be weird when I woke up Monday morning at 2am to a panic attack. For those who don’t know, panic attacks have been an issue for me off and on since I was about 6 or 7. For several years instead of panic attacks I would have just anxiety, and a full-on panic attack was drug-induced. This is why I tell doctors not to give me codeine. Anyway, I had them really bad for about 2.5 years after I got out of the Air Force, and that’s when I noticed a pattern. Panic attacks follow periods of high stress. Later on I noticed depression follows the panic attacks. But I am digressing. I woke up with chest pain, and before I could get all the way awake and reason the pain out, the panic set in with “I’M HAVING A HEART ATTACK!” That got me all the way awake, and I had to talk myself down with “No, it’s gas. Chill out.” I went right back to sleep, but the repeat was a couple hours later. This led to an all day fight Monday wondering if it was the panic or if I was sick because I just felt like crap all day.

Tuesday morning I got up as normal, feeling fine, and went to the bathroom like normal, only after I sat down it ceased to be normal. Didn’t even have warning cramps. Just exploded. At that point I knew that Mondays events were me getting/being sick. I called in Tuesday, felt bad for doubting Jamie saying she was sick on Sunday, and realized that James and Rick each had it also to varying degrees. James not as bad, Rick worse. Chad managed to escape the bug. And yes, it was a bug because we didn’t all eat the same things. Weakness and achyness lasted the last couple of days from the bug.

Monday night I finished Chad’s scarf (and I wove in the ends of the hanging yarn before I gave it to him).


I was so sick of working on that thing, but I really didn’t appreciate how easy it was until I started on a scarf for Jamie that involves actually following a pattern. For Chad’s, I just did 1 stich and the rows were all 20 stiches wide, and I just knitted until I was satisfied it was long enough, which was about 5 1/2 feet. For Jamie, I decided to make a Slytherin scarf. Of the first 44 rows, I’ve done 4.

I wandered around yesterday on 3 hours sleep, plus the half hour nap I took at lunch. I was a complete wreck, and I don’t know how insomniacs manage to function.

I laughed so hard at this:

Funday Friday #12

1. I have a race tomorrow morning and thank goodness it is only a 5k. Why? Because I haven’t run at all in 2 weeks. And it is supposed to be rainy and cold. :-/

2. Karyn and I are running a half marathon in 4 weeks. We have 2 long runs left. I do not feel at all ready or prepared.

3. Will be rethinking this whole running in winter thing. See #1 and #2.

4. After not touching my guitar for a month, I started playing it for fun again. I forgot how much I love to play. Yes, there has been much Fleetwood Mac. 😉

Looking for that I saw this remake and it’s not bad.

Petra, this may help towards me actually liking Florence + the Machine. Maybe. And mainly because I have hated most Fleetwood Mac remakes. lol

5. Speaking of Fleetwood Mac remakes, I think I had once said that Santana did the only good remake of a Fleetwood Mac song with Black Magic Woman. In fact, I like Santana’s remake better than the original. Maybe because I heard it first, but whatever. I found 2 (so far) other FM remakes in my music library over the weekend. First was NOFX (whom I had never heard of) doing Go Your Own Way. It would be better if the singer would consistently sing. The other was Judas Priest doing The Green Manalishi. Leave it to Judas Priest to take a British blues-rock song and make it sound like, well, Judas Priest. 😉

6. Repairs and remodeling are proceeding like mad at the house. While we have always had a door between the kitchen and laundry room, there was no door between the laundry room and the den/family room. There is now.


That’s 24 8ft 2x4s. Very heavy. And sound masking so that when the family room/den remodeling is complete and the tv is moved down there, the sound of laundry will not affect watching of the tv.

7. That’s all I got. This was playing at the Commissary this morning when I walked out of Starbucks.

You’re welcome. 🙂

Welcoming in the New Year

Molly told me I need to blog. Funny thing, I wrote 3 paragraphs yesterday, and deleted it because I just wasn’t really into it. I’m still not, but I will anyway. I suppose since I did an end of year post for 2012, I should do a beginning of the year post for 2013. That, of course, infers that I have resolutions, but I don’t. Goals, yes, but those started prior to the end of the year.

Goal 1: Learn to rest.

One wouldn’t think this would be difficult, but when you can’t remember how long you have been working 7 days a week, it is hard to take 1 day and not work at all. I tried last Sunday, and while it was not all that hard to stay off of email and Facebook, and 1 of the 2 times I got online was legitimate (auto insurance id cards), I had to make myself not do a load of laundry or watch a movie. I know, movies aren’t work, but there was a purpose. Part of the rest is “no screens.” But aside from having to pick up some groceries because I had no food (poor planning), and then cooking (because I had to eat), and cleaning the toilet in the master bath because it was just nasty and I couldn’t stand it, I did my best to just sit and relax. Did some reading, and attempted some crochet, but the latter was just pissing me off so I left it for another day.

Goal 2: 13 races in 2013

I saw this 13 in 2013 challenge and signed up for it because it is “easily” attainable. I mean there are 5ks all the time. I am signed up for this half-marathon, and have already said if it goes well, I want to do a full marathon.

Goal 3: Crochet

In a sense, I have already met this goal because I made an ugly dish cloth this week. The reason I call it ugly is that it was my first project so my stitching was inconsistent (and wrong) for the first few rows. Actually, I did the single stitches consistently wrong, but whatever. I started at least getting the stitch count right and the knack of the single stitch down by the last 4 rows. Below is my progress from the chain to first row of single stitch to half way to done.


And really, the crochet will fall under the resting because I chill out when I am doing it. My mind doesn’t wander all around and everywhere when I have to concentrate on counting stitches and rows.

Goal 4: Pushups

This was a goal I had and failed last year. I haven’t been able to do even 1 pushup in at least 10 years. I want to be able to do at least 10 by the end of the year.

Goal 5: Make my marriage and family priority

I also started on this one before last year was over. We have issues, and those issues need to be worked on instead of ignored while focusing on other stuff. And that’s all I have to say about that.

Goal 6: Journal every day.

With the caveat not to obsess if I miss a day. But 3 days in, I have done ok with this one so far. Since there is some daily tracking involved with Goal 5 for now, it really shouldn’t be that much of a problem to do. Shouldn’t.

Goal 7: Eat healthy.

I’m already working/caving on this one, but I haven’t been to Starbucks all year. LOL!! Maybe they are done with the holiday beverages and I can leave off the pumpkin spice lattes. Yes, I know that you can actually get them year-round, but it isn’t as tempting when it’s not printed on the menu. Anyway, by healthy I mean less processed and less meats (especially red & pork), and more fruits and veggies. This was last weekend, btw…

That's a lot of meat!

That’s a lot of meat!

I guess that is all for now that I am not already working on and/or am willing to put out publicly. Maybe I should add blog at least once a week?

Funday Friday #11

This will be one of those list posts because I just haven’t had time for felt like daily serious blogging.

1. I let Petra drug me with gluten free/dairy free cupcakes and trick me into talk me into taking 3 of her cats. That is the short version because part of the full version of why I took them I refuse to blog about. Anyway, my daughter finally has the black “kitten” (he’s 6 months old now) she tried to get 5 months ago. He is a sweetie, but the other 2 still keep their distance. Poor Spot hates them all, but she hates everybody and everything except me & the hubby. She likes Black Kitty, but for a different reason. 😉 Oh, and Petra still has more cats than me, unless Mittens shows back up and makes us tied. lol

2. I made an appointment with my doc for a physical with the intention of scheduling an OB/Gyn appointment as a follow up. He is very very pleased with my weight loss to date and said “You no longer need to concentrate on weight loss; just work on fitness.” My blood pressure is great, my glucose is fine (which it was before), and my cholesterol is now “phenomenally” good. He agreed with Petra’s diagnosis of gluten intolerance when I explained what all cleared up when I cut out gluten so I suppose that makes the diagnosis official now. 🙂 But when I explained that my cycle is still all messed up, he gave me the OB/Gyn exam pretty much on the spot, and is putting me on bc pills for 6 months to try to get everything back in sync. Ugh. But at least that’s out of the way, and I got a bonus rectal exam out of it. MacBros, consider that payback for all the jokes I make about you getting abducted by aliens. LOL I was then scheduled for a mammogram (which I had Tuesday), and I get to have a colonoscopy in a couple of years. :-/ But, anyway, he also checked my knees, and thinks they are fine just to ice them after runs…which does help tremendously.

3. I was blessed with enough additional income to pay off all debt except for the mortgage. My mom told me to buy a car, which I will probably do tomorrow.

4. I’m going to attempt once again to learn how to crochet as soon as the half-marathon is over and I have more time on my hands. Opal and Teeni have inspired me. 🙂

5. Speaking of the half-marathon, I am so ready for it to be OVER. I look to Saturdays with dread of that long run. I do enjoy spending time before and after the run with Karyn, but that long run wears me out mentally more than physically. That said, I did my 6 mile midweek run Wednesday and 1) beat my AF 2 mile time (10 seconds is 10 seconds) and 2) beat my fasted 5K time. Only thing I can figure that made the difference in the run was drinking this a few hours prior and still be pinging a little. 😉

6. After showing up for my eye appointment yesterday…2 weeks early…I used the opportunity to hit Angelina’s for some gluten free yumminess. I had seen their posts for the past 24 hours about moussaka, and I was getting some of that. Rather I thought I was going to have me some of that because it wasn’t gluten free. I might have died a little inside. 😉 However, Petra had informed me earlier in the week that I needed to get their gluten free chocolate chess pie and eat it while having alone time. After the bison burger recommendation, I made sure I got some pie because really, who doesn’t like pie? Oh, wait, that would be my daughter. 😯

“That looks like perfection.” – Petra

I got falafels instead of the moussaka I wanted so there was still flavor satisfaction. And I took the pie-hating daughter to Harris Teeter for sushi. And yes, I went off by myself and ate half that pie. I’ll be eating the other half in front of my co-workers. Maybe if I’m quiet they won’t notice… 😉 Then Karyn stopped by and dropped off their dolmas they didn’t eat. Seriously, I am like the only one of our group who likes those, and I end up eating everyone else’s. lol I am not ashamed. 🙂

7. And because this is AGAIN stuck in my head…

Funday Friday #10

1. I finished this virtual 5k Wednesday night:

I can’t properly describe how much I wanted to quit before I finished the first lap. It was 88&#186 at 7:30PM when I started stretching. I probably stretched for about 10 minutes making sure I stretched out everything before starting so that I wouldn’t have the fail that I did during the Tribe run Tuesday night. I kept having to remind myself I had not only ran that distance and route before, but that I had run farther, and so “JUST KEEP MOVING!” My time was 37:42. Not bad. 12:09 pace. I am happy with that…for now. 😉

2. Three.Freaking.Weeks. :dlstrike:

3. Still hates flying.

4. Crazy cravings yesterday.

5. Watched Maude recently and totally understands now why my mom hated it. lol

I can’t come up with anything else, so…

Funday Friday #9

1. The hubby wasn’t home last night, so I didn’t run. That means I have to run tonight.

2. The sidebar needs work – minimally rearranging ——->

3. 15 days straight. :pullhair:

4. We should not be paycheck to paycheck. Seriously.

5. Feeling surprisingly bitter for a Friday.

6. Needs my left shoulder massaged…badly. I have no doubt that would feel better than just pain relief via motrin. Percocet would be an acceptable alternative to a massage… 😉

7. Spot is about to get kicked out of the house. She & KitKat are apparently engaged in a pissing contest…literally…

8. Caused my daughter to have a fit last night over Dancing Queen.

9. Still has laundry in the dryer from Monday night, unless someone did laundry today. Either way, I am sure I will have to rewash that load.

10. Looking forward to nice weather this weekend! 🙂

Funday Friday #8

Yes, I have managed a post every day this week. Take note because this rarely happens. 😉

Ok, this can’t wait until Tuesday. I forced myself out for a run last night, you know because I have a 5k week after next.

Of course Molly talked me into running it with her even though my record distance was 1.5 miles running before having to walk. But since I had managed 1.5 miles twice since Saturday, I was determined to go for 2. I did my hill training route, which is back and forth between the hills on either side of the house. I treat it as a really oblong track since it is on the road and I always run facing traffic so as not to get hit from behind. Anyway, it turns out that 4 laps is 3.1 miles – a 5k. Perfect for training and I’m never more than a quarter mile from the house. Saturday, I did 2 laps before walking, and last night my goal was 3 – a little over 2 miles. Well, once I made the 3rd lap, I heard Molly’s voice telling me, “YOU GOT THIS!” I decided I would try for the full 4…and I did it. I barely made it up that last hill, and can walk faster than I was running, but I made it, and finished off the last quarterish mile all downhill. FINALLY!

I’ve had this stuck in my head most of the week:

In case you haven’t heard, Bob Welch has died. In case you have heard and still wonder who he is, he was one of the Fleetwood Mac guitarists, post Peter Green & Jeremy Spencer, and pre Buckingham Nicks. He had a couple of solo hits in the 70’s after leaving FM. The following song is one of them, but this isn’t his solo version, it is the original Fleetwood Mac version which I like much better.