Welcoming in the New Year

Molly told me I need to blog. Funny thing, I wrote 3 paragraphs yesterday, and deleted it because I just wasn’t really into it. I’m still not, but I will anyway. I suppose since I did an end of year post for 2012, I should do a beginning of the year post for 2013. That, of course, infers that I have resolutions, but I don’t. Goals, yes, but those started prior to the end of the year.

Goal 1: Learn to rest.

One wouldn’t think this would be difficult, but when you can’t remember how long you have been working 7 days a week, it is hard to take 1 day and not work at all. I tried last Sunday, and while it was not all that hard to stay off of email and Facebook, and 1 of the 2 times I got online was legitimate (auto insurance id cards), I had to make myself not do a load of laundry or watch a movie. I know, movies aren’t work, but there was a purpose. Part of the rest is “no screens.” But aside from having to pick up some groceries because I had no food (poor planning), and then cooking (because I had to eat), and cleaning the toilet in the master bath because it was just nasty and I couldn’t stand it, I did my best to just sit and relax. Did some reading, and attempted some crochet, but the latter was just pissing me off so I left it for another day.

Goal 2: 13 races in 2013

I saw this 13 in 2013 challenge and signed up for it because it is “easily” attainable. I mean there are 5ks all the time. I am signed up for this half-marathon, and have already said if it goes well, I want to do a full marathon.

Goal 3: Crochet

In a sense, I have already met this goal because I made an ugly dish cloth this week. The reason I call it ugly is that it was my first project so my stitching was inconsistent (and wrong) for the first few rows. Actually, I did the single stitches consistently wrong, but whatever. I started at least getting the stitch count right and the knack of the single stitch down by the last 4 rows. Below is my progress from the chain to first row of single stitch to half way to done.


And really, the crochet will fall under the resting because I chill out when I am doing it. My mind doesn’t wander all around and everywhere when I have to concentrate on counting stitches and rows.

Goal 4: Pushups

This was a goal I had and failed last year. I haven’t been able to do even 1 pushup in at least 10 years. I want to be able to do at least 10 by the end of the year.

Goal 5: Make my marriage and family priority

I also started on this one before last year was over. We have issues, and those issues need to be worked on instead of ignored while focusing on other stuff. And that’s all I have to say about that.

Goal 6: Journal every day.

With the caveat not to obsess if I miss a day. But 3 days in, I have done ok with this one so far. Since there is some daily tracking involved with Goal 5 for now, it really shouldn’t be that much of a problem to do. Shouldn’t.

Goal 7: Eat healthy.

I’m already working/caving on this one, but I haven’t been to Starbucks all year. LOL!! Maybe they are done with the holiday beverages and I can leave off the pumpkin spice lattes. Yes, I know that you can actually get them year-round, but it isn’t as tempting when it’s not printed on the menu. Anyway, by healthy I mean less processed and less meats (especially red & pork), and more fruits and veggies. This was last weekend, btw…

That's a lot of meat!

That’s a lot of meat!

I guess that is all for now that I am not already working on and/or am willing to put out publicly. Maybe I should add blog at least once a week?

10 Responses to 'Welcoming in the New Year'

  1. Petra says:

    We will get better at our rest days! I think it takes practice. 🙂

    #5 – awesome! 🙂

    Great job on the crocheting! I have been saying I was going to learn to crochet or knit or both for years and I haven’t even attempted it. It scares me, but also – I LOVE knitted/crocheted things, so I should learn. Maybe you get really good, and then teach me. Yes.

  2. MacBros says:

    I’m not doing anything different than I have past years. That’s just the way I am. But I have to say my new year has started out to be pretty crappy.

  3. Hooray you’re moving on with crochet, my only regrets is that I didn’t take more pictures of my craptastic crochet you can see it in some of my first finished objects like my fail “Completed hat and cape for Monster High doll; Draculaura”, lol. Wow, I’ve come a long way since those first attempts!

    I think your crocheted dishcloth looks a lot like my first crocheted dishcloth. Mine was all over the place and so I abandoned square projects for a bit and tackled crocheting in the round. For some reason I understood how to get crocheting straight much better after I mastered crocheting in the round. Weird, but there yah go!

    You have some pretty amazing goals, and I’ll keep you in my prayers in hopes that you maintain them. I know how hard they can be. I remember when I made work consumed me… thankfully I snapped back into reality when my daughter was still young. She was about two years old at the time and I realized that regardless of how demanding my work schedule was she needed more time in that equation.

  4. DragonLady says:

    I did a second dishcloth that was more even and consistent and ended up being about half the size. I think I will give round stuff a try. 😉

    Resting is a lot harder to do that I would have thought. It’s crazy. But I am getting better. The house is a mess though. Oh, heck it was before too. lol