Funday Friday #9

1. The hubby wasn’t home last night, so I didn’t run. That means I have to run tonight.

2. The sidebar needs work – minimally rearranging ——->

3. 15 days straight. :pullhair:

4. We should not be paycheck to paycheck. Seriously.

5. Feeling surprisingly bitter for a Friday.

6. Needs my left shoulder massaged…badly. I have no doubt that would feel better than just pain relief via motrin. Percocet would be an acceptable alternative to a massage… ;)

7. Spot is about to get kicked out of the house. She & KitKat are apparently engaged in a pissing contest…literally…

8. Caused my daughter to have a fit last night over Dancing Queen.

9. Still has laundry in the dryer from Monday night, unless someone did laundry today. Either way, I am sure I will have to rewash that load.

10. Looking forward to nice weather this weekend! :)

12 Responses to 'Funday Friday #9'

  1. You know… I really didn’t need that song stuck in my head. And no, I didn’t click on the video, I just read what you wrote. :nolisten:

    The weather is supposed to be nice here too, I’m looking forward to that.
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    • DragonLady says:

      You’re welcome, but I got myself with it too. ;)

      I’m thinking about taking a book with me shopping and then sitting in the parking lot reading, and if I nap too, so be it. :cheesy:

  2. Petra says:

    1. I’m ready to run again. Mentally, not physically.
    2. Mine too.
    3. Not funny for you, but this still made me laugh cause I know what you are referring to!
    4. Same here.
    5. Read Ephesians, and also go back to #3 and give yourself a break. ;)
    6. Vega slept in her bed long enough last night for me to get a decent massage. It was much needed. I still took Motrin though… no narcotics for several days now though!! (we won’t discuss the withdrawals… ugh)
    7. What are you waiting for? Kick all animals out – it will reduce stress in your life, and it will reduce messes that you have to clean. In the meantime, vinegar is your friend. :)
    8. I love doing that to my kids. The kids weren’t in the car the other day when Superwoman (Karen Sonething?) came on the radio, so I serenaded Andrew instead. He was thrilled.
    9. I’ve been told I’ll need to take back over the laundry in the near future, after my few-months break. *sigh*
    10. The weather has been amazing! I should get off my arse and enjoy it!!

    • DragonLady says:

      1. I am mentally ready right now, but I am sore! I ran the first mile hard…

      2. I don’t know why I haven’t done it yet. Really right now I just want to rearrange. 5 min. ugh

      3. LOL! It would be 16 now. :-/

      5. The bitchy improved after the run; it just didn’t last overnight.

      6. Yay! about the massage that is. Boo on withdrawls.

      7. I would be fine with just KitKat and Gizmo. KitKat is fixed and didn’t drop presents before Spot. And Gizzy doesn’t puke like Evie… I have multiple spray bottles with vinegar. ;)

      8. Superwoman. ugh. Thanks.

      9. yay? ;)

      10. YES! You can start by buying groceries for me. :cheesy:

  3. Petra says:

    Also, that song is stuck in my head….. thanks.

  4. Petra says:

    I really wanted to hit the Chatham farmers market this morning. Now I need to go to Whole Foods for produce. The Trader Joe’s organic fruit selections were minimal the other day. I think the aforementioned withdrawals are really getting to me.

    • DragonLady says:

      I went to WF for bread. They have the only gf bread I have found that I really like (so far). And somehow that’s you’re fault. ;) Went to TJ’s for dried fruit.

  5. #1 JUST DO IT!
    #2 Mine too….
    #3 Gross
    #4 Same
    #5 I was actually good as I was the only one in the office
    #6 Ooooo Massage
    #7 Nasty
    #8 I would have thrown a fit too
    #9 I reminded Nick that I already rewashed the laundry once and I would not do it again
    #10 Nice weather….hmmmm….nope, not ringing a bell….
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  6. DragonLady says:

    1. I did, and I am quite sore today. ;)
    3. Very.
    7. Very.
    8. Hater. lol
    9. I really need to go do something with it… lol
    10 Sorry. :(

  7. Petra says:

    Yeah – I like the WF sandwich bread, but lately I’ve been eating more Udi’s and/or Schar. WF is cheaper per ounce though! And I’m glad you feel comfortable blaming me for everything. lol

    • DragonLady says:

      I tried Schar, but I just didn’t really care that much for. I like Udi’s, but, well, size matters. lol

      hahahaha! I blame you for knowing what/where all the good gf stuff is which seems to always be at TJ or WF. ;) I blame Molly & Karyn for anything running related. Initially it was just Molly, but then Karyn talked me into signing up for that half marathon…