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2013 Race Recap #13in2013

Compiling this post made me so sad with all the photos of me & Karyn in the first half of the year. But at least I had 3 races at the end of the year with the Brick City Running Tribe. Then I have guilt because I don’t show up for Tuesday night runs in the winter. Not too much guilt though, and I’m not the only one. 😉 Oh, and I will get to run my first race of 2014 with Karyn.

FYI – this isn’t an indepth review of each race. It’s mainly a list with times and photos. 😉

1. 2/2/2013 6th Annual Anderson Creek Club 10k – 1:21:51


It was so freaking cold. It didn’t get above freezing until after I had gotten Starbucks AFTER the race.

Run for Sherry (didn’t count this one with the races)

Picture 24

This was a training run, and pretty sure it was the 9 miler where I limped home with a blister.

2. 2/23/2013 Miles for Missions 5k – 37:00


It poured down rain the whole race. At least it was in the 40sF. 😉

3. 3/17/2013 – Tobacco Trail Half Marathon – 3:20:53


Halfs. Where I run slower than walkers. lol.

4. 4/13/2013 – Rabbit Run 5k – 40:06:38

First run of the year without Karyn. She was in Charlotte running a half. I was sick. Again.

5. 4/28/2013 – Sanford FitnessFest 10k – 1:19:18

I came in dead last.

6. 5/18/2013 – The Ninja Challenge Obstacle 5K – 1:27:52


I flat out skipped the last obstacle without attempting it.

7. 5/25/2013 – Someone Special Like Me 5k – 40:52


Cold in May. Much like this past weekend where it was mid-70s right before Christmas.

8. 6/27/2013 – Esprit de She Cary, NC 5k – 39:27

It was so hot and so humid.

9. 7/28/2013 – Running Mad 2013 Summer Virtual Half Marathon – 3:14:18

I finished this strictly on technicality. By that I mean I combined 2 or 3 bad training runs to add up to 13.1 miles. The rules allowed it. Stop judging me. My life fell apart in July. 😉

10. 8/24/2013 – CARA Run for Their Lives 10k – 1:24:11


I was much faster last year. See the last sentence of #9.

Ride Out Cancer Virtual 50k


This wasn’t a run. Obviously. lol I did this instead of the trail marathon I signed up for, changed to a half, and then just didn’t do. Was probably another result of the last sentence of #9. But I enjoyed 31 miles of biking.

11. 11/9/2013 – Run to Reclaim 5k – 36:42


This was unplanned, but Karyn talked me into doing this one while she did a 5k supporting orphans in Memphis. Our way of running together virtually. And it was a great race.

12. 11/16/2013 – The Dynamic Duel Canada vs USA Virtual 5k – 44:02 (3.4 mi)


This was Molly’s doing. I miss running with her too. 🙁 And this 5k was 5.4 miles. Just because. 😉

13. 11/23/2013 – Gerome’s Victory 5k Run/Walk – 37:21


This was my last race before I bought new shoes. I felt really good during this one until that hill by Roses.

14. 12/7/2013 – Reindeer Fun Run 12ks of Christmas – 1:41:08


Cold & rainy, but I was not dead last even though they tore down the race as the last 3 of us were struggling in.

I am still waiting on 2 medals, but here is my 2013 bling rack. Karyn made me this to show off my bling and bibs. Once the remaining medals arrive, there will be a big photo with all the bibs. Because that’s how I roll. lol


Maniacal Monday #24

Here’s how this day has gone so far. I get to Starbucks this morning, and one of the baristas came up and said “Good morning Martha! What would you like this morning?” Me: “Valium.” And she started to pull out a cup before she realized what I said. She got a good laugh as I handed her my cup and said blonde. I am quite sore today. I’m thinking maybe I did too much over the weekend.

First, I got glutened Friday at lunch. Usually I can get away with fajitas at the Mexican restaurants with no ill effects. Without the tortillas, of course. But they were crazy busy, and I ate one of Walter’s shrimps trying to make him out to be a wimp because no way his could have been more spicy than my spicy pumpkin dip. It was a delayed burn, but I have also had what he had and got glutened, so that could have been it. I haven’t been horribly effected yet, so it wasn’t a big glutening.

Since it was extended, I did the Dynamic Duel Canada vs USA 5k Saturday, only as it’s own run instead of the previous weekend’s combo run. And Saturday’s 5k = 5.4 miles. It was painful too. My knees hurt intermittently throughout the entire run. And my time sucked at 44:02. I hope this weekend’s 5k is better.

I got up yesterday and decided to go on a bike ride since I didn’t get around to it Saturday. I went the big loop by Deep River Park which is 11 miles of up and down. The 9.5 mile loop is more down than up. I pushed up the hill-to-be-conquered. I made a lot of stops. I nearly had to stop and puke around mile 3. But I got it done, and have been in pain ever since. Everything hurts.

We (hubs and I) went grocery shopping Saturday. The big just got paid trip. I needed some guitar strings and new picks, and also needed shampoo specifically from Target, so I planned out an Apex trip. We get to QuarterNote Music, and I did so well staying on target for strings and picks. Got ’em, paid for ’em, and as I was walking out the door, I looked back and saw 6 or 7 electric guitars on sale. They were all used, and 3 of them were under $100. So, yeah, I almost made it out the door with only what I went in for.

I told the lady checking me out that it just became the answer to either fixing or replacing my old one. I’m still going to get the old one fixed. It has too much sentimental value. 🙂 But, the new one sounds so much better and it is so easy to play. I spent several hours playing and tweeking to get just the right sound. Right for me that is. 😉 All this while the kids each had a friend over. Chad said he was pretty embarrassed when I was singing We Got the Beat. LOL!

Then we went to Target, aka Targzhay. This was where James got to witness first hand the type of thing that happens to me when I am out somewhere. I was wearing my “Run and Eat Cupcakes” shirt from last year’s cupcake virtual 5k because I was intending to go biking when we got back home. Apparently wearing that shirt in public means getting stopped by a random stranger to talk about it. I’m starting to notice a pattern when I wear race shirts in public. I can’t consistently blend in and not be noticed. Then again, it really doesn’t matter what I wear. I rarely get in and out of a store without another customer asking me something or just striking up a conversation. Also being an amazon woman, I am often asked to get stuff from top shelves. I complain, but I know it’s good for keeping my social anxiety from completely taking over me.

Grading. So, Jamie finally got her work done from week before last. :sigh: With all the shopping, and kids over, and playing with my new toy, I didn’t get any of Jamie’s work graded Saturday. By the time I slept in and did my bike ride yesterday, I had just enough time before church to do laundry and clean myself. Yes, I had to do laundry before I could shower because Connor was still over, and so wearing a bra was a necessity. But then after I got the clothes in the washer, everybody was gone. Chad went to the mall with Alex, James went to Lee & Rachel’s, and Jamie and Connor left and went to his house leaving me alone in the glorious silence again. I sat and basked in that a while, and also farted around on Facebook and Twitter. So it was after church before I looked at Jamie’s stuff, and decided to put off the grading, and just make out a new schedule. Immediately, I realized that grading was necessary because she has a test today and tomorrow. So I had to grade English and Algebra II. I could have graded Physical Science also, but I put that off because I was so tired and hurting and Sushi kept jumping up on the desk and laying on the answer key and I still had to put my laundry away because it was on the bed. So, yeah, I skipped the science, put away the laundry and went to bed.

Maniacal Monday #23

I had one of the best and most exhausting weekends in a while. Seriously, 7pm last night, I crashed. It was great. Ok, it was mostly great. There was a lot of yelling when I got home Friday. I even fired James. “I know now I was suffering from pre-menstrual syndrome.” – Truvy Jones. And on that note, I put on my black yoga pants Saturday afternoon, and those things are always covered with lint, fuzz, and hair. My hair, dog hair, and cat hair. Because we all shed. I immediately thought of that scene in Steel Magnolias when Truvy hires Annelle and Annelle tells Truvy she has “tiny little hairs and fuzzies” all over her. Truvy’s response was “There’s so much static electricity in this room, I pick up everything but boys and money.” I tweeted that, because it’s how I roll, and then I went to the store with hair and fuzz all over my black yoga pants. Because that’s also how I roll. My tweets also publish to my Facebook, and thus began the quote-fest. Petra dropped a quote, and we went back and forth for hours while she did photo editing and I graded. I’ve seen that movie way too many times. I’m sure I saw it every day for my last 6 weeks in Kuwait back in ’97. I know that when Lisa and I sat in the chow hall one day with the major, and Steel Magnolias was playing, we were quoting line by line with the movie. And the major looked at us and said, “You guys have been here too long.” Fun times. 🙂

I got up Saturday morning and went to Raleigh to run the 2nd annual Run to Reclaim 5k. It was 30F when the hubs and I left the house. I kept reminding myself that the Anderson Creek 10k earlier this year was a lot colder. Anyway, I caught a fantastic shot of the sunrise over Jordan Lake on the way.

It had been at least 6 weeks since I last ran, so I was totally amazed to finish in under 37 min. My official chip time was 36:42. I combined runs, and so this was also my Dynamic Duel Canada vs USA Virtual 5k run. And if you haven’t, go sign up and do it!! Especially if you are from the states. Because I think I saw an update on FB where Canada had come from behind and was winning. Not that there are any losers in this one as it supports the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. 🙂 Here’s my “finish” photo with the awesome shirt I got from the Run to Reclaim 5k. Because I just love the florescent yellow. 😉


And then I got on my bike and rode 9.69 miles. Which is just crazy. But I only had to stop twice going up the hill-to-be-conquered this time. And one of those I was all bent over my bike trying to catch my breath and not puke in someone’s driveway…while there was someone in the yard.

Grading. That was the other low point of the weekend. Chad bombed 2 of the 3 tests he took last week, and didn’t finish all of his work that he said he finished. :headbang:

I spent nearly all day at church yesterday because I was on schedule to play with the worship team. I’m pretty sure I screwed up the chords on every single song, but especially the last one. I even had the chords written and taped to my guitar and couldn’t get them right. But it was still fun. And I have a cool story. So there we were during the second service after the sermon. Pastor Nate was leading us in prayer before we watched a special video from Pastor Benji. My head is bowed; my eyes are closed. I heard this noise start up, and I wondered what it was. I kept mentally going through everything on stage that could be making it and finally thought maybe Shawn turned on the fan. Then it seemed to be just a bit louder and it started to dawn on me what that noise was and as I opened my eyes and started to raise my head back up, I heard a step from across the stage which was Rodney about to come warn me of the projector screen that I could now see was about to come down on my head. Hilarity then ensued as I quickly tucked and rolled. Ok, I just ducked and moved back. It was funny. Heidi was in the same boat, but she was by Rodney, and not as tall as me, so she had a tad bit more warning. Again I want to say how much I enjoy being part of the C.O.R.E. Worship Team!

Now let me tell you about lunch. The hubs fixed me a gluten free hamburger helperish thing for lunch yesterday, and when we got done with it there really wasn’t enough for my lunch today. So he said he would fix me sweet potato home fries which are awesome! Anyway, when I packed up my lunch this morning, in addition to the sweet potatoes, there was a small container of deviled eggs. Score! And, there was ham underneath the sweet potatoes. Like Christmas in November.

I was singing this the other day grading Jamie’s work:

And I will wrap this us with a huge THANK YOU to all of our veterans today and for those still serving. There are too many friends, family, and co-workers for me to name, but I am partial first to my husband, my extended family and my husband’s family, and then to those I served with in the 3rd Combat Communication Group, Al Jaber Air Base, Kuwait, and the JAC & 423rd ABS in the UK.

All gave some. Some gave all.

Maniacal Monday #22

This looks to be another busy week. 3 counseling appointments today. 2 for the kids, and 1 for me. Fun times. Since I was going to have to miss half a day of work anyway, I decided since my bed felt so good this morning, I would just take the whole day. I may or may not regret that decision. 😉

photo (1)

I lost a battle with the lawn mower yesterday. There’s just too much to describe without pics that I don’t feel like taking, so suffice to say that even though I can easily put the blade assembly back into the spindle and tighten it down, I cannot get the belt out from under another pully (that has a stripped bolt). So it’s going to probably require a new belt unless the hubs can get it out. But, after that battle was lost, I went in and showered, and by this time Jamie was the only one home besides me. She announced she was leaving shortly, and there I was left at home. Alone. In. The. Quiet. It was fabulous. So much so I had to text Petra and gloat a little about not knowing what to do with myself. She gave me a suggestion which I followed.

And then the kids came home, and I went to bed. lol

KitKat. That cat is so stupid. This is where she has been perching lately.


She sits there, falls asleep, and then falls off. Then she runs right back up there and does it again. Over and over. And Jamie won’t keep her in her room at night to prevent it. Dumb cat.

I’m on the schedule for next Sunday. This time there is only 1 song that I don’t know at all. lol

I’m working on eating clean again. By clean I mean no artificial colors/flavors and minimal artificial preservative. Went grocery shopping Saturday and one of the items we needed was salt. I went after sea salt. James was with me and picked up a container of salt and said “Here.” I took it and looked at the ingredients. Then I read them to him. I picked up another container, and handed it to him saying “Read the ingredients.” “Natural sea salt.” Ok, it probably isn’t “natural,” but it claims to have been harvested from the Mediterranean. And it is one ingredient. Salt.

Now I am back after the meeting with the kids’ counselors. James looked at me and said “You look tired.” Understatement. Drained. And I still have my appointment to go to. It will be a barrel of laughs now. Not that it ever is. 😉

Someone pooped on the floor in front of the litter box instead of IN it. KitKat has a history of that. Stupid cat.

And I rode 9.8 miles Saturday. There is a hill I am determined to conquer. I didn’t have to push my bike up it this time, but I did stop 3 times on the way up before I made it to the top. If I can ride up St Vincent street, I can ride up that hill. Ok, I probably can’t ride up St Vincent right now and since I live 900 miles away, I won’t be trying. 25 years ago I could ride up St Vincent. Anyway, I really pushed it because after about 3 miles I saw rain clouds. I then began to race against the rain. I would say that I won, except the rain went around us.

Maniacal Monday #21

Know how to start a Monday off right? Oversleep. Slept right through the alarm (or hit snooze in my sleep), and was awakened by the dogs barking 15 min after I should have been at work. Fun times.

I finally finished the VIRTUAL RIDE for breast cancer hosted by Run with Jess this weekend. 31 miles of during October, and a lot of butt pain. lol I did manage to take a picture while I was riding during my second ride (the 12.5 mile one):

photo 1

Less than 4 miles into and I was already in pain. And I’m pretty sure I was even rolling downhill when I snapped it. 😉 I rode 11 miles on Saturday, and that was all I could do. That left me 4.1 miles to finish yesterday, and as soon as I sat down on that seat I knew that was going to be a long 4.1 miles with a sore butt. But, after about a mile, my butt didn’t hurt so bad. Probably because my legs started to hurt worse. haha After it was over, I had the hubby snap a shot of me on my bike with the medal, because who doesn’t love bling?


Now I have to start running again since I have a 5k coming up next month and a 12k in December.

I had to ask a question of Jamie this weekend. “Do you want to graduate on time, or do you want to do summer school or another year of school?” She’s 2 weeks behind, Chad is 4 weeks behind. Craziness. I’ve cut off internet for both. James said yesterday that they needed gas for their mopeds, and I told him I had been deliberately not getting more gas for them for the same reason they have no internet. And since he isn’t making them do their work which is the whole reason he isn’t working at a real job that actually pays, I have a fun-filled pending talk to have with him.

Anywho, Amber tore up my hand yesterday while we played. I didn’t realize the damage until I put on lotion and it burned us. I was very amused at KitKat’s ungraceful falling off of things she was sleeping on over the weekend.

“You got big dreams?”

I’ll start off actually blogging according to my weekly topic schedule. That said, I think I am just going to go back to the whole writing about what I feel like writing about whenever. Or not writing when I can’t come up with anything. Anywho…

I really got sick of running. Though, I don’t think I got so much sick of running and I find myself not near as motivated to run without Karyn or Molly “forcing” me out for a run. That’s not to say that I have stopped running. It’s just an explanation as to why I haven’t run in about 4 weeks. It has emotionally taken a toll on me too. I guess I really didn’t understand just how much better I feel after a run. I say that as I remember Dr. Garlick telling me to keep running in order to burn off that fight or flight reaction my body is trying to do over the life stress. I can’t change what is going on around me, and while I am learning (or unlearning/relearning) how to deal/respond to things out of my control, I need an outlet. An outlet that doesn’t involve me having a pity party playing the victim to have people feel sorry for me as this post is starting to turn. 😉

So that’s why I bought a new bicycle. Unlike running, I have always loved cycling. I signed up for Jess’ October virtual race VIRTUAL RIDE for breast cancer which is a 50k ride. I haven’t really done any “serious” cycling since I was in my late teens, though not a lot of that was really serious. See, when I was in 2nd or 3rd grade, I received a permanent grounding from riding bikes because I wrecked one too many times trying to pop wheelies. My dad was a bit overprotective when it came to me getting hurt. Of course, it only managed to keep me off of my bike as I had plenty of cousins who would let me ride theirs. But when I was 18, even though I was still in high school and still living under my parents’ roof, a lot of rules expired. I got my ears pierced and I bought a Huffy 10-speed from Walmart. For the rest of my senior year, I rode that bike to school. Uphill both ways. 😉 It took several weeks before I was able to ride up that hill on St Vincent Street from Harding Street to the house. 5 blocks of hill. Only 2 blocks of hill from our house toward school, and that side of the hill took a week to conquer.

But then I started biking all over town. Deadria went with me once and swore never to ride with me again. LOL! But her younger brother Leroy would, and so would my cousin Steve from down the street. Except Steve couldn’t ride all over town, I don’t think. Or didn’t want to. That was over 25 years ago. Anyway, I also rode quite a bit around Conway for a while in college. Gradually, I stopped riding and instead drove everywhere because after that first year of college, I took summer classes AND worked part time. There was just no time for biking. There isn’t much time now, but I want to make time. Because I love it. And eventually my butt won’t hurt from the seat when I ride. 😉

Now on to a slight subject change. I got a couple of emails yesterday from the worship leader one adding me to the planning site, and the other adding me to the worship schedule…for this Sunday. I might have panicked a little because I thought, “What if it’s songs I don’t know?” Looked at the 5 songs, and the panic was a little justified. Recognized 1 title and that is a song that I know is new. 5 songs that I don’t know, and I am scheduled both for guitar and vocals. But I downloaded the chord charts and lyrics and actually listened to the songs, and 3 of the songs were familiar. One of the 3 was very familiar. I relaxed some, but not entirely. Last night I actually sat down with my guitar to play along, and calmed down a lot. They aren’t hard to play overall. I only really have to concentrate hard on memorizing the chords. I don’t expect to be singing lead on any of them, and the harmony vocals don’t seem hard to learn. Also, I won’t be the only female vocalist. I’m still nervous, and it really is kind of silly since I will be up there with a complete band, and there were a few times at New Life Praise where I had to lead completely solo, just me and my guitar. I think maybe that is why I’m nervous. Anyway, I think I will be ready for rehearsal Thursday night.

And for all the friends who encouraged me to audition…

Yes, I have watched that movie way too many times. I was a hard core fan of the cartoon when I was little. Don’t judge me. 😉

Monday Morning

Rough and stressful week leads to waking up Saturday morning with a migraine. Oh, fun times. And I ended up driving to Cary twice. Yes, twice. With that migraine. Why you may ask? Or maybe you don’t, but I will tell you anyway. lol I preordered Pokemon X and Y for the kids way back in the summer, and they were released Saturday. :sigh: Then Jamie had a birthday party invite for Saturday night and insisted on going to Hot Topic to get her friend a present. I let James have the honor of taking her to the party. 😉

I rode 12.5 miles on my new bike yesterday. Oh, my. One of my co-workers was laughing over my John Wayne walk down the hall earlier to get coffee. There is a lot of pain today. I rode to the point of exhaustion, and one does not simply walk down stairs after a long ride until one recovers a little bit.

Jamie burned eggs again this morning. When I walked out of my bedroom, I smelled something that smelled like toast. I assumed it was Chad, but when I walked into the kitchen, I saw the pan of eggs. One exploded before I could get to the stove and turn off the fire. I was so mad. I went to her room and banged on it yelling at her to get in the kitchen. Well, Chad pops out and immediately sat down at his desk and started working on homework. I said, “That wasn’t for you. That was for Jamie.” Back I go and ripped into her. Later, after I left and cooled off, I sent her a text apologizing for yelling.

KitKat decided to puke in my room yesterday morning. While I was eating. Evie and Gizmo decided they both needed to chase Tiger and Sushi/Mako yesterday all over the house. It was funny for a while, but then it got old. I laughed at Evie because she just can’t move very quickly. But she gave it what she had.

I got a text from one of my cousins yesterday evening asking me if I joined the Air Force before I graduated from UCA. I found it to be kind of an odd question out of the blue (blue – Air Force – see what I did there? No? lol), but I have been known to text her an odd question out of the blue too. Anyway, I, of course, answered sarcastically with “Are you thinking of joining?” But then I actually answered that I joined right after graduating.


Oh, my goodness I laughed so hard. I’m still laughing over it. :rofl2:

I got caught up grading and recording Jamie’s school work Saturday. Chad is still way behind, and we didn’t get to his Algebra this weekend either. I had to change the wifi password AGAIN because Chad managed to get it. I know how, but he won’t own up to it. Or, well, let me just say that one of the kids is lying about how he got it. Anyway, until I sit down on his desktop long enough to get the mac address and specifically block him, I just have to keep my desktop locked. So, I have tweaked scheduling a little bit to have a little better handle on what they are supposed to be doing.

That hair:

Odds and Ends

I had my second DNR this weekend. Even if I hadn’t already planned to not race, I wouldn’t have because I spent a good chunk of the morning on the toilet thanks to the glutening 2 weeks ago. I might have spent that time regretting the spicy pumpkin dip I’d eaten the day before also. 😉

Friday night, I went to Chatham Marketplace to get wine. As I was walking up from the parking lot, I noticed some young folks (I assumed college students) with clipboards, and I mentally groaned because I didn’t want to do a survey or buy anything or talk to strangers. They were supporting a cause, and trying to get others to support it. I politely and respectfully declined. But I didn’t get away so easy as I asked myself “Why didn’t you just go to Food Lion??” I was wearing my Ninja Challenge tshirt, and so we had a nice chat about that. I didn’t buy any wine either. I did pick up some more quinoa which I get from their bulk bins, and the sack busted open when the guy put it down on the register to weigh it. Oh, man. That stuff went everywhere! I was so glad it didn’t do that to me. lol

Saturday was a pretty busy day after spending the morning in the bathroom. lol The hubster and I went to get some nuts and bolts and locking washers to put the new spindle on the mower deck. Then we went to Harris Teeter to get Jaffa cakes for the kids, but there was only one box left so they had to share. Anyway, I got a pumpkin spice latte since Starbucks was right there in Harris Teeter. 😉 Then off to Walmart where I got this:

photo (1)

Yes, it’s a cheap Huffy. I didn’t get it for it’s speed or lack thereof. I have a good track record with Huffy. I took it out for a 3.4 mile ride that evening, and had to stop halfway and rest my butt. I’ve since adjusted the seat tilt, so hopefully it will be kinder to my backside. lol And I do have to this to earn this month:


I’ve written 881 words of my book. lol

Oh, yeah. The riding mower is fixed. But hardly any mowing happened because the hubster and I both woke up sick yesterday. And I am still sick. I called in this morning and said I would keep it at home today and share it tomorrow.

I thought I would do just a little bit of maintenance on Chad’s “old” laptop before I call Dell to have the screen fixed…again. Now I see why says it’s crap. It has issues and I’ve been troubleshooting the wireless on it since yesterday. Something is hogging some serious resources on it. :pullhair: Fun times.