2013 Race Recap #13in2013

Compiling this post made me so sad with all the photos of me & Karyn in the first half of the year. But at least I had 3 races at the end of the year with the Brick City Running Tribe. Then I have guilt because I don’t show up for Tuesday night runs in the winter. Not too much guilt though, and I’m not the only one. 😉 Oh, and I will get to run my first race of 2014 with Karyn.

FYI – this isn’t an indepth review of each race. It’s mainly a list with times and photos. 😉

1. 2/2/2013 6th Annual Anderson Creek Club 10k – 1:21:51


It was so freaking cold. It didn’t get above freezing until after I had gotten Starbucks AFTER the race.

Run for Sherry (didn’t count this one with the races)

Picture 24

This was a training run, and pretty sure it was the 9 miler where I limped home with a blister.

2. 2/23/2013 Miles for Missions 5k – 37:00


It poured down rain the whole race. At least it was in the 40sF. 😉

3. 3/17/2013 – Tobacco Trail Half Marathon – 3:20:53


Halfs. Where I run slower than walkers. lol.

4. 4/13/2013 – Rabbit Run 5k – 40:06:38

First run of the year without Karyn. She was in Charlotte running a half. I was sick. Again.

5. 4/28/2013 – Sanford FitnessFest 10k – 1:19:18

I came in dead last.

6. 5/18/2013 – The Ninja Challenge Obstacle 5K – 1:27:52


I flat out skipped the last obstacle without attempting it.

7. 5/25/2013 – Someone Special Like Me 5k – 40:52


Cold in May. Much like this past weekend where it was mid-70s right before Christmas.

8. 6/27/2013 – Esprit de She Cary, NC 5k – 39:27

It was so hot and so humid.

9. 7/28/2013 – Running Mad 2013 Summer Virtual Half Marathon – 3:14:18

I finished this strictly on technicality. By that I mean I combined 2 or 3 bad training runs to add up to 13.1 miles. The rules allowed it. Stop judging me. My life fell apart in July. 😉

10. 8/24/2013 – CARA Run for Their Lives 10k – 1:24:11


I was much faster last year. See the last sentence of #9.

Ride Out Cancer Virtual 50k


This wasn’t a run. Obviously. lol I did this instead of the trail marathon I signed up for, changed to a half, and then just didn’t do. Was probably another result of the last sentence of #9. But I enjoyed 31 miles of biking.

11. 11/9/2013 – Run to Reclaim 5k – 36:42


This was unplanned, but Karyn talked me into doing this one while she did a 5k supporting orphans in Memphis. Our way of running together virtually. And it was a great race.

12. 11/16/2013 – The Dynamic Duel Canada vs USA Virtual 5k – 44:02 (3.4 mi)


This was Molly’s doing. I miss running with her too. 🙁 And this 5k was 5.4 miles. Just because. 😉

13. 11/23/2013 – Gerome’s Victory 5k Run/Walk – 37:21


This was my last race before I bought new shoes. I felt really good during this one until that hill by Roses.

14. 12/7/2013 – Reindeer Fun Run 12ks of Christmas – 1:41:08


Cold & rainy, but I was not dead last even though they tore down the race as the last 3 of us were struggling in.

I am still waiting on 2 medals, but here is my 2013 bling rack. Karyn made me this to show off my bling and bibs. Once the remaining medals arrive, there will be a big photo with all the bibs. Because that’s how I roll. lol


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  1. I love the bling rack – very nice! Great job doing all of those races. 🙂