Monday Morning

Rough and stressful week leads to waking up Saturday morning with a migraine. Oh, fun times. And I ended up driving to Cary twice. Yes, twice. With that migraine. Why you may ask? Or maybe you don’t, but I will tell you anyway. lol I preordered Pokemon X and Y for the kids way back in the summer, and they were released Saturday. :sigh: Then Jamie had a birthday party invite for Saturday night and insisted on going to Hot Topic to get her friend a present. I let James have the honor of taking her to the party. 😉

I rode 12.5 miles on my new bike yesterday. Oh, my. One of my co-workers was laughing over my John Wayne walk down the hall earlier to get coffee. There is a lot of pain today. I rode to the point of exhaustion, and one does not simply walk down stairs after a long ride until one recovers a little bit.

Jamie burned eggs again this morning. When I walked out of my bedroom, I smelled something that smelled like toast. I assumed it was Chad, but when I walked into the kitchen, I saw the pan of eggs. One exploded before I could get to the stove and turn off the fire. I was so mad. I went to her room and banged on it yelling at her to get in the kitchen. Well, Chad pops out and immediately sat down at his desk and started working on homework. I said, “That wasn’t for you. That was for Jamie.” Back I go and ripped into her. Later, after I left and cooled off, I sent her a text apologizing for yelling.

KitKat decided to puke in my room yesterday morning. While I was eating. Evie and Gizmo decided they both needed to chase Tiger and Sushi/Mako yesterday all over the house. It was funny for a while, but then it got old. I laughed at Evie because she just can’t move very quickly. But she gave it what she had.

I got a text from one of my cousins yesterday evening asking me if I joined the Air Force before I graduated from UCA. I found it to be kind of an odd question out of the blue (blue – Air Force – see what I did there? No? lol), but I have been known to text her an odd question out of the blue too. Anyway, I, of course, answered sarcastically with “Are you thinking of joining?” But then I actually answered that I joined right after graduating.


Oh, my goodness I laughed so hard. I’m still laughing over it. :rofl2:

I got caught up grading and recording Jamie’s school work Saturday. Chad is still way behind, and we didn’t get to his Algebra this weekend either. I had to change the wifi password AGAIN because Chad managed to get it. I know how, but he won’t own up to it. Or, well, let me just say that one of the kids is lying about how he got it. Anyway, until I sit down on his desktop long enough to get the mac address and specifically block him, I just have to keep my desktop locked. So, I have tweaked scheduling a little bit to have a little better handle on what they are supposed to be doing.

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  1. Elizabeth says:

    Wow! You had it rough this past weekend. I know this is stupid but when you said you were riding you new bike did you mean “old fashioned bike” like when we were kids and teens or like in motorcycle bike? Just curious and sorry for the stupid question it’s just that when I have a sinus infection my ears and throat hurt, my face hurts, and I feel all foggy. I managed to finally get back here to listen to the music, thank you my fav! Our friend, the mailman is moving w/his family to Tennessee this coming March so he came by today as Postal Workers did not work the holiday to visit my husband. What he did though blew me away! Since he is moving he decided to drop on us over 100 freaking books! Yes over 100!!! I loved all the kitchen stuff and the bric-a-brac but 100 freaking books? Grrrrrrrrl I was fuming. I just got rid of tons of our own books that have been read and re-read by donating them to the very happy local library! Gosh, do you think Dragon Lady that this novel idea, a library, NEVER crossed his mind. My first words (I think I have foot in mouth disease when I don’t feel good from sinus infections, BTW, and just a touch of ADHD, and that later is not meant to be funny) – anyhow my first words instead of thank you, after I offered him coffee and/or tea WAS, we are going to have to get a bookcase. Okay so that is not such a bad thing to say, but you should of heard my voice, I know I sounded irritated and I am sure my facial expression expressed that too as I have a tendency to be too transparent at times – I know, my bad. Anyhow, I was so ticked I garbaged almost the whole lot of them. I know that is terrible but my car is down and I cannot get to the library and I won’t have my living room look like a rummage shop. Sheese! And then lets not go there on the books this guy reads. I love reading about our Lord, but really do I need a book to tell me how to read and understand the Bible. I guess if I am stupid I do. OMG! Anyhow, I thanked God for Klaus and his family and asked the good Lord to bless them for their kindness and generosity. But I still cannot figure out why Klaus brought that many books to my house? Just a rhetorical question….lol, you don’t have to answer. Heck if I do not know why I certainly do not expect you to know why. Also I am confounded as to why he just did not give most of them to the library? Oh well, I am just off today.

    You know I really appreciate you stopping at my blog. I really do appreciate your comments. I feel so bad since I have come back to blogging all my old blogging buddies have abandoned me – I guess it is stupid to think people you know in cyberspace really give a hoot about you, but I really cared about all my blogging cyber friends as I refer and referred to you all.

    Some welcome back. Now I have had two blog, no three blog fights and I think I am being blackballed now. Not that I care. I really do not give a rip. I am blogging for those that really enjoy what I write, want to really read it and the heck with the snobs that left the dust hitting me in the face. I am sorta hurt though. Well moving on.

    I am sure by now you are like, grrrrrl, go someplace and complain to them that is not what I need to hear I got enough of my own. Well, forgive me! PLEASE! I am always nuts when I don’t feel good. Sorry you got stuck with this rant, just felt like talking to you since you are so down to earth and honest. I appreciate that about you, always did. Thank you!

    Okay! Enough! I promise not to wear my heart on my sleeve and drop all my unanswered stupid stuff in your comments. I am a mess today! My bad, lol!!! :violin: :wail: :timeout: :blahblah: :-/ :rofl1: :rofl2: :rose:

    The rose is for you for listening to my ranting! :violin:

    • DragonLady says:

      It’s a pedal-powered mountain bike. But I can’t really call it old-fashioned because it has front and rear shocks even though it’s a cheap Huffy from Walmart. 😉

      Oh, man. I hope no one brings me 100 books because I can’t get rid of books. I’m serious. I still have a couple of books from like 2nd grade. :-/

      I enjoy reading your blog. I don’t always comment, but I always read it. And I appreciate you coming here and commenting. I know my posts are all over the place, but these days my writing is in a lot of ways therapy for me. Like I told one of my friends a few weeks ago, I can write what I can’t manage to speak.

      And feel free to dump anytime. 🙂 :hugs:

  2. Elizabeth says:

    Thanks! Then I’ll dump! hahahaha!!!!! 🙂 I enjoy your blog also and I write because it is my passion and it passes time, which lately seems to have slowed down. I am used to a fast paced schedule and tons of multitasking, though still at it, just less of it – less work and my husband helps me homeschool our son so that takes a lot of pressure of me. These kids can be a real trip, yah think? 🙂

  3. I’m thinking one would remember joining the Air Force. At least, I would hope they would!

  4. Petra says:

    Is Pokemon still a thing?? Who knew???