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Hello again Monday

I didn’t miss you. Monday, that is. 😉

I also never got around to writing anything after last Monday. Therapy + sick + work + avoidance = DragonLady going all honey badger. As in honey badger got stung by the cobra and had to take a nap. lol

I didn’t really do much of anything over the weekend. I took Jamie to A.C. Moore in the rain, and took one look at the line at Starbucks and we both decided we did not need any fru-fru coffee. We stopped at the thrift store in an effort to find her a scarf, but they didn’t have one she wanted. They did, however, have a black shawl I wanted, so score! She already called me old over it. Stop judging me. 😉

Anyway, once we got back home, I didn’t leave the house again until this morning. Today was my annual physical, and that’s just always fun. I was hoping not to get the bonus rectal exam because exit only, but alas. :sigh: He did say that if my pap is normal that we could do that every 3 years instead of annually since I am low risk in that area. And again he mentioned that I would be getting a colonoscopy when I am 45…which is just a little over a year away. Ugh. My bad cholesterol is high, but my good cholesterol is good and the ratio between the 2 is in the normal range. I didn’t even pay attention to my blood pressure, and he didn’t mention it so I guess it’s ok. It pretty much has been fine since I started running and lost weight. Go figure. 😉 Everything else blood-wise is fine except for vitamin D which is pretty stinking low. So I will be taking 4000 UI instead of my sporadic 1000 UI. And we are cutting the dosage for my happy pills to see if that is behind the increase in muscle and joint pain. Given the non-improvement of the situation(s) that prompted me to ask for happy pills, he recommended I continue to take them for a while which might not be a bad idea since my co-workers last week said “I don’t know how you are handling all that so well.” The Doc said something similar. Therapy and happy pills. And a LOT of prayer. And whiny texts to Petra. lol

I brought up one of the issues tonight, and it got talked about. I disagree with the reasoning, but I understand. And so patience I must have.

Had to run to the dollar store because Chad wasn’t kidding when he said he was out of paper, and I needed a couple of things that are just so much cheaper there. I got him and Jamie both new notebooks, and as soon as I got back they both started in with “What did you get me?” Will they ever outgrow that? Anyway, I looked at them and said, “Pads. I got you both pads.”

I got a tablet last week. My early birthday/Christmas present from me to me.

And now I go to bed because I am tired. No video either, but I will leave with a pic of a gorgeous sunset last week. The photo does not do it justice at all.

Maniacal Monday #27

I’m in a pretty craptastic mood (still), and actually spent yesterday evening looking forward to going to work.

I got up Saturday morning and ran the 12ks of Christmas. I mostly ran the whole thing. James called me right at the last mile and nearly threw me all off so I walked up that last hill while putting my phone back in the carrier case. But, I ran down the final stretch determined not to be dead last. lol. And I got the finisher’s medal, and most of the tribers waited on me to finish, and Nicole and George both gave me hugs which was just so sweet. My 1 picture was made when I finally got back to the car.


Oh, and I am still tremendously sore. :sigh:

George invited me to a race on Facebook, and I thought it looked interesting and invited Karyn also just because. Well, she will actually be in town, and so we are both registered for the Morrow Mountain Trail Race 15K which we may or may not end up regretting. And on that note, I think we both signed up for 14 in 2014. I did anyway, and I think Karyn is going to if she hasn’t already. I don’t plan on running anything longer than the Tar Heel 10 Miler, and that one only because I signed up for it last year. Because finisher’s medal. 😉

And the broken out window in the living room finally got fixed. It’s not completely fixed, but the panes are in place and just need to be caulked in. But it didn’t happen before tragedy struck. Sushi/Mako somehow got out of it, and the dogs made short work of ending her life. :wail:

RIP Sushi/Mako

RIP Sushi/Mako

I got caught up on grading this weekend, and got the kids’ work graded, mostly recorded, and new schedules made. There was one portion of Jamie’s Algebra II that I reassigned with “We will go over this together,” because she 1) didn’t seem to get it and 2) had a big “help” written on one of the assignments.

So, I went to YouTube looking for a Fleetwood Mac’s Oh Well, and found this.

Maniacal Monday #25

I did a little something different and actually started an outline of things for the Monday post over the weekend. Now I am thinking how on earth am I going to kick this thang off? Because why should I just jump right in to my list? Ok, my coffee hasn’t kicked in yet, and it’s been a rush of a morning and I didn’t sleep well because I drank chai tea all day yesterday. But, on the very bright side, as I rushed into Starbucks this morning, Petra’s husband Andrew was in line and bought my coffee, so I was able to rush out as quick as I rushed in. Oh, and Petra is blogging again!! Yay!!

I ran race #13 of 13 in 2013 Saturday morning before the cold air came in. It was a 5k Victory Run/Walk for Gerome Williams, Jr. His sister Nicole is a friend from the Brick City Run Tribe, and it was a fantastic event with a great turnout of folks supporting Gerome. I don’t remember much of the details, but he has a rare condition that caused his liver to fail, and for him to need a liver transplant which he got a couple of weeks ago and is still recovering in the hospital. Keep him and the whole Williams family in your prayers as he recovers. I shamelessly stole a couple of photos off the BCRT page on Facebook.



I couldn’t stay for the awards, but 3 Tribers placed among the top runners.

I left because I had signed up for Christmas decoration & cleanup at church, and headed straight to church in my running clothes. Sweaty and all.

Pastor Nate was just outside the door as I got there and he told me who to talk to for if I wanted to do outside or inside. I chose inside since I wasn’t really wearing work clothes, and he said to see Ted. That’s when he got the question: “Who is Ted?” I hated even asking that question because you would think that since we have been going there since February/March that I would know the names of more than a handful of people. Anyway, he took me in and pointed to Ted, and I was like “OH! I know him! I just didn’t know his name!” And laughed. Ted was the same. Knew me, but not my name. There was a lot of that throughout the morning, and I am not alone. The faces that I knew are the volunteers who greet and do music and teach the kids. Then there were a bunch of people that go to different services, and over the course of the morning we chatted about that and how there are a lot of people we never see because of different services. That’s the downside, but the upside is that we are large enough to need 3 services and the building isn’t that big. Was a great time, and great folks. Not once did I hear any gossip or backbiting of another member or former member. And, as we got to the end of the work when Nate brought in the pizza and I grabbed my last Kind bar, I got to talking with a lady, and by that I mean she almost literally cornered me. There was a point in the conversation where she asked, “You’re and introvert aren’t you?” LOL!!! When I confirmed, she said, “Well, not now you’re not!” Yeah, she talked my ear off, and it was fine. 🙂 She is also good friends with the lady that I fluffed the wreaths with. And before we all left, we were like a little hub of folks stopping and chatting. And you know they will nearly all have to tell me their names again. 😉

Evie. I went home, and as soon as I got in the door, Evie puked. I said she puked on me, but I think it just splashed up on my ankle from the floor. It was all over the end of the couch and the floor around that end, and smelled like vomit. I gagged, changed my shoes and left. No one else was home except Chad and he was in his room asleep. He and Jamie missed that joy.

Thanks to Evie, I was not up for eating anything at the house, and since I had only eaten 3 Kind bars and quarter of an orange that whole day, I was pretty hungry. I needed to pick up some stuff, and went back and forth between whether to go to Dollar General or Walmart, but opted for Walmart as Harris Teeter was on the way and I could get sushi without getting glutened. Maybe. I don’t think I did anyway. I sat in the parking lot to eat it, and then just kept sitting there playing Whirly Word because it was quiet. And then I took a nap. Yes. I napped for an hour in the Harris Teeter parking lot. It was fabulous. I only vaguely remember the trip to Walmart. lol

I talked around an issue Thursday in my Thinking out Loud post, but didn’t really do into detail. And I’m still not on here (yet), but all the angst and despair just disappeared when I got home the second time Saturday. It was most certainly answered prayer, which had prompted me to continue that prayer. I might drag a post out of the drafts hole that deals specifically with the issue later this week.

Dr Who. I had never watched Dr Who. My husband has watched it for years, and so I had a general idea of the premise of the show. With the 50th anniversary this weekend, I decided to watch it. I was going to Friday night, but I didn’t feel like it and only set to record it. I watched Day of the Doctor Saturday night with the hubs, and thought it was pretty stinking cool! Now I am all like “Why have I never watched this?” 50 years and 12 doctors. That’s a lot of catching up to do. 😉

Once Day of the Doctor was over at 9pm Saturday night, I went to bed. Pretty sure I was asleep before I ever got in bed. Anyway, I was all set to sleep all morning, and then the phone rang at like 7:30am. Panic set in expecting that call you don’t want, but it was Chad’s cell, and I could tell he was shivering as he talked. He had spent the night at Alex’s, and was starting the walk home…in flip flops…and could I please come get him. :tappity: So I put on my moon booties and my big coat, and turned the butt warmers on in the car to get him in my pjs. I was pretty sure my sleeping was over, but yet I crawled back in my nice warm bed and went right back to sleep until nearly 11. Woke up with a splitting headache, upper back/shoulder pain, lower back pain, and hip pain. I had laundry to do, prepping for today’s potluck at lunch, grading and scheduling, and church. I had the back pain Saturday, and motrin didn’t touch it. I ended up in my pjs all day long.

Chad brought me his stuff, so I started grading his work. He finally got caught up, but the answers on a couple of things did not match up with the keys. Then it hit me. I had not put the keys away, and so he had gotten them and tried to cheat but copied the answers from the wrong pace. SMH. Jamie still hasn’t finished. :sigh:

I got James to carry the laundry back upstairs for me, so I wasn’t as bad as it could have been. I really dislike every part of laundry except for having clean clothes.

I signed up to bring dressing and gravy today. I managed to get everything prepped last night so that all I had to do with the dressing was to put it in the oven, and I made the gravy while the dressing was in the oven. The gravy started out too thick, and so I added more milk, but it was too much so it is pretty runny. Oh, well. I made it with bacon grease. Bacon makes everything ok. :pig:

I had some fun with Chad this morning. I don’t remember much of it, but I remember telling him that his friends would be over again sometime, and there would be some more 80’s at which I spoke the words to We Got the Beat. We chatted about that some more and I asked if they had the same reaction to Our Lips are Sealed which I actually played along with. “I don’t even know what that is.” Really, Chad? So then I’m all “It’s another Go-Go’s song. Same album.” Because my 15-year-old should be very well acquainted with pop music from 1981. I told him to YouTube it. He refused. So I did it for you all. :cheesy:

Funday Friday #24

I got nothin’ today. Except a headache. And winks. I don’t know where I picked up that winking thing, and I don’t do it all the time. At least I don’t think I do. But when I catch myself doing it, I’m like “What the heck?” I caught myself winking at one of the baristas this morning.

Whenever I grumble about my job or how far away it is, I am reminded of the gorgeous sunrises and sunsets I get to see going to and from work.

Also, I work with a great team, and there really isn’t a whole lot of drama.

I gave Jamie the wrong Algebra test Monday. She told me it couldn’t be right because there was no graphing. Apparently I gave her an Algebra I test instead of Algebra II. And her English. Ugh. She brought it to me one day and asked me to explain it to her. I couldn’t. In fact, I had to tell her that I don’t think I was ever taught that because out of all those terms for different nouns, I remembered “gerund.” I haven’t heard of gerunds since 8th grade and I didn’t understand it then. Plus, I don’t remember doing any grammar stuff past 9th grade. I remember a bunch of reading books and writing papers and essays. I am sure anyone reading my blog posts can tell honey badger don’t care about grammar. Ain’t nobody got time for that!

I think it was yesterday morning that James informed me that KitKat had fallen on him 4 times during the night. She is back on the ledge. Dumb cat. Amber and Sushi took over my desk the other night.

The fact that they were both on the desk let me know they have come to some sort of truce. Now the only drive by hissings occur from and toward KitKat.

And that’s it. I have a 5k in the morning, and decorating/cleanup at church after that. Pretty sure I’m gonna watch Dr Who for the first time tonight as I think it will be the one with all the doctors.

Also I proofread none of this as I go to hit publish…

Maniacal Monday #24

Here’s how this day has gone so far. I get to Starbucks this morning, and one of the baristas came up and said “Good morning Martha! What would you like this morning?” Me: “Valium.” And she started to pull out a cup before she realized what I said. She got a good laugh as I handed her my cup and said blonde. I am quite sore today. I’m thinking maybe I did too much over the weekend.

First, I got glutened Friday at lunch. Usually I can get away with fajitas at the Mexican restaurants with no ill effects. Without the tortillas, of course. But they were crazy busy, and I ate one of Walter’s shrimps trying to make him out to be a wimp because no way his could have been more spicy than my spicy pumpkin dip. It was a delayed burn, but I have also had what he had and got glutened, so that could have been it. I haven’t been horribly effected yet, so it wasn’t a big glutening.

Since it was extended, I did the Dynamic Duel Canada vs USA 5k Saturday, only as it’s own run instead of the previous weekend’s combo run. And Saturday’s 5k = 5.4 miles. It was painful too. My knees hurt intermittently throughout the entire run. And my time sucked at 44:02. I hope this weekend’s 5k is better.

I got up yesterday and decided to go on a bike ride since I didn’t get around to it Saturday. I went the big loop by Deep River Park which is 11 miles of up and down. The 9.5 mile loop is more down than up. I pushed up the hill-to-be-conquered. I made a lot of stops. I nearly had to stop and puke around mile 3. But I got it done, and have been in pain ever since. Everything hurts.

We (hubs and I) went grocery shopping Saturday. The big just got paid trip. I needed some guitar strings and new picks, and also needed shampoo specifically from Target, so I planned out an Apex trip. We get to QuarterNote Music, and I did so well staying on target for strings and picks. Got ’em, paid for ’em, and as I was walking out the door, I looked back and saw 6 or 7 electric guitars on sale. They were all used, and 3 of them were under $100. So, yeah, I almost made it out the door with only what I went in for.

I told the lady checking me out that it just became the answer to either fixing or replacing my old one. I’m still going to get the old one fixed. It has too much sentimental value. 🙂 But, the new one sounds so much better and it is so easy to play. I spent several hours playing and tweeking to get just the right sound. Right for me that is. 😉 All this while the kids each had a friend over. Chad said he was pretty embarrassed when I was singing We Got the Beat. LOL!

Then we went to Target, aka Targzhay. This was where James got to witness first hand the type of thing that happens to me when I am out somewhere. I was wearing my “Run and Eat Cupcakes” shirt from last year’s cupcake virtual 5k because I was intending to go biking when we got back home. Apparently wearing that shirt in public means getting stopped by a random stranger to talk about it. I’m starting to notice a pattern when I wear race shirts in public. I can’t consistently blend in and not be noticed. Then again, it really doesn’t matter what I wear. I rarely get in and out of a store without another customer asking me something or just striking up a conversation. Also being an amazon woman, I am often asked to get stuff from top shelves. I complain, but I know it’s good for keeping my social anxiety from completely taking over me.

Grading. So, Jamie finally got her work done from week before last. :sigh: With all the shopping, and kids over, and playing with my new toy, I didn’t get any of Jamie’s work graded Saturday. By the time I slept in and did my bike ride yesterday, I had just enough time before church to do laundry and clean myself. Yes, I had to do laundry before I could shower because Connor was still over, and so wearing a bra was a necessity. But then after I got the clothes in the washer, everybody was gone. Chad went to the mall with Alex, James went to Lee & Rachel’s, and Jamie and Connor left and went to his house leaving me alone in the glorious silence again. I sat and basked in that a while, and also farted around on Facebook and Twitter. So it was after church before I looked at Jamie’s stuff, and decided to put off the grading, and just make out a new schedule. Immediately, I realized that grading was necessary because she has a test today and tomorrow. So I had to grade English and Algebra II. I could have graded Physical Science also, but I put that off because I was so tired and hurting and Sushi kept jumping up on the desk and laying on the answer key and I still had to put my laundry away because it was on the bed. So, yeah, I skipped the science, put away the laundry and went to bed.

Maniacal Monday #21

Know how to start a Monday off right? Oversleep. Slept right through the alarm (or hit snooze in my sleep), and was awakened by the dogs barking 15 min after I should have been at work. Fun times.

I finally finished the VIRTUAL RIDE for breast cancer hosted by Run with Jess this weekend. 31 miles of during October, and a lot of butt pain. lol I did manage to take a picture while I was riding during my second ride (the 12.5 mile one):

photo 1

Less than 4 miles into and I was already in pain. And I’m pretty sure I was even rolling downhill when I snapped it. 😉 I rode 11 miles on Saturday, and that was all I could do. That left me 4.1 miles to finish yesterday, and as soon as I sat down on that seat I knew that was going to be a long 4.1 miles with a sore butt. But, after about a mile, my butt didn’t hurt so bad. Probably because my legs started to hurt worse. haha After it was over, I had the hubby snap a shot of me on my bike with the medal, because who doesn’t love bling?


Now I have to start running again since I have a 5k coming up next month and a 12k in December.

I had to ask a question of Jamie this weekend. “Do you want to graduate on time, or do you want to do summer school or another year of school?” She’s 2 weeks behind, Chad is 4 weeks behind. Craziness. I’ve cut off internet for both. James said yesterday that they needed gas for their mopeds, and I told him I had been deliberately not getting more gas for them for the same reason they have no internet. And since he isn’t making them do their work which is the whole reason he isn’t working at a real job that actually pays, I have a fun-filled pending talk to have with him.

Anywho, Amber tore up my hand yesterday while we played. I didn’t realize the damage until I put on lotion and it burned us. I was very amused at KitKat’s ungraceful falling off of things she was sleeping on over the weekend.

Monday Morning

Rough and stressful week leads to waking up Saturday morning with a migraine. Oh, fun times. And I ended up driving to Cary twice. Yes, twice. With that migraine. Why you may ask? Or maybe you don’t, but I will tell you anyway. lol I preordered Pokemon X and Y for the kids way back in the summer, and they were released Saturday. :sigh: Then Jamie had a birthday party invite for Saturday night and insisted on going to Hot Topic to get her friend a present. I let James have the honor of taking her to the party. 😉

I rode 12.5 miles on my new bike yesterday. Oh, my. One of my co-workers was laughing over my John Wayne walk down the hall earlier to get coffee. There is a lot of pain today. I rode to the point of exhaustion, and one does not simply walk down stairs after a long ride until one recovers a little bit.

Jamie burned eggs again this morning. When I walked out of my bedroom, I smelled something that smelled like toast. I assumed it was Chad, but when I walked into the kitchen, I saw the pan of eggs. One exploded before I could get to the stove and turn off the fire. I was so mad. I went to her room and banged on it yelling at her to get in the kitchen. Well, Chad pops out and immediately sat down at his desk and started working on homework. I said, “That wasn’t for you. That was for Jamie.” Back I go and ripped into her. Later, after I left and cooled off, I sent her a text apologizing for yelling.

KitKat decided to puke in my room yesterday morning. While I was eating. Evie and Gizmo decided they both needed to chase Tiger and Sushi/Mako yesterday all over the house. It was funny for a while, but then it got old. I laughed at Evie because she just can’t move very quickly. But she gave it what she had.

I got a text from one of my cousins yesterday evening asking me if I joined the Air Force before I graduated from UCA. I found it to be kind of an odd question out of the blue (blue – Air Force – see what I did there? No? lol), but I have been known to text her an odd question out of the blue too. Anyway, I, of course, answered sarcastically with “Are you thinking of joining?” But then I actually answered that I joined right after graduating.


Oh, my goodness I laughed so hard. I’m still laughing over it. :rofl2:

I got caught up grading and recording Jamie’s school work Saturday. Chad is still way behind, and we didn’t get to his Algebra this weekend either. I had to change the wifi password AGAIN because Chad managed to get it. I know how, but he won’t own up to it. Or, well, let me just say that one of the kids is lying about how he got it. Anyway, until I sit down on his desktop long enough to get the mac address and specifically block him, I just have to keep my desktop locked. So, I have tweaked scheduling a little bit to have a little better handle on what they are supposed to be doing.

That hair:

Funday Friday #18

Oh, man. This has been quite the week. I’m not exactly firing on all cylinders today because I had a really hard time going to sleep last night. The cats (Tiger and Sushi/Mako) played a very large role in that until about midnight. But additionally, things that I had been trying to ride out for the last few weeks just kind of dumped on me this week, and I spent some time connecting dots. Also, I think much was easy to mask thanks to my “happy pills” so that I was reverting back into my old coping skills that quit being effective decades ago. And other stuff that is for a post of its own.

Anyway, big shout out to Petra for looking me in the eye and speaking some hard truth to me last night. And praying for me. Also, she needs to blog. 😉

Another shout out to Molly for listening to me dump a little the other day, and then praying for me. She is running her first half marathon tomorrow. GO MOLLY!!!!

For the second time in a week I had to change the wifi password over the kids not getting their work done. :sigh: Chad and I had a pretty good talk yesterday morning about school work in which there was no belligerence or threatening. I really love it when we can sit and talk to each other rationally. Jamie and I have mainly communicated through texting this week. I got a good laugh yesterday when I texted her the new password. She replied with “Can’t you not make stupid passwords?” No. 🙂 And that password got that stupid fox song out of my head finally. Until I just typed that. ugh.

I haven’t been to Al-Anon in like 3 weeks. So of course I have seen 2 people from my home group in the past week. The lack of attendance probably has a lot to do with my attitude this week. I did have a counseling appointment this week and it was terrible because I was all brain foggy and could barely make coherent sentences or say the right words. I did a lot of hand talking. I left so exhausted that I sat in my car afterword for a while recovering.

I’ve been eating and drinking like crap.

KitKat caught/killed another mouse in my office yesterday. I missed it which is fine with me.

Happy Friday!

Funday Friday #17

1. I am going to start writing that book.

2. I locked my keys in the truck at work yesterday. That was an extra hour I didn’t want to spend there waiting on AAA, but one of my co-workers stayed with me and let me borrow his phone because mine was in the truck with my keys. This is the downside of daily using the keyless entry on my “fancy” car. 😉

3. My daughter was scheduled for an English test yesterday. I forgot to give her the test. Told her this morning that I would give it to her tonight. She asked if I would give it to her this morning (since she and Chad were still up playing Call of Duty when I got up). The printer decided to have issues, so no test this morning. :sigh:

4. So the other night, Jamie came to my office to get KitKat (KitKat feels abandoned by Jamie now over Amber), and KitKat had a dead mouse under her. I was working on printing out a test for Jamie so I handed her a paper towel to pick up the dead mouse and dispose of it. Then as I stepped closer to the printer to flip the pages over (it’s a 3 in 1 printer/copier/scanner), I stepped on something cold, wet, and squishy. Another dead mouse. Yes, I was barefoot. So I took that one out and hosed down my bare foot with vinegar. Later that night just before I finally fell deep asleep, James woke me up with “KitKat just found a copperhead in your office.” A lot more drama ensued before he came back and told me it was dead and he would get rid of it the next day.

Turns out it was not a copperhead, but a rat snake. And I have claimed KitKat as my own. Even though she is still gross. But she is welcome in this spot now.

I even scratch her scabby belly. She’s allergic to fleas. Aside from her fat, she’s not so gross during the winter when the fleas are gone.

5. I actually read the Medication Guide that I get with my Celexa prescription this morning. “Do not drink alcohol while using citalopram.” Oops.

6. Since I was running a little behind this morning thanks to repeatedly hitting the snooze and deciding I had gone long enough this week without washing my hair, I drank my breakfast this morning via Pumpkin Spice Latte. Thank goodness (sort of) that the baristas know me because what I ordered (without realizing it) was “triple venti vanilla spice latte.” She was like “are you sure you want vanilla spice?” LOL

7. Tomorrow is the full half marathon. Guess who will be DNR… I might manage to do 2 miles tomorrow.

8. I am still paying for my last glutening…2 weeks ago. Ugh.

9. I’m thinking that the hubster and I are actually going to make it to our 20 year anniversary this month. If for no other reason than to have dinner at Shuckers. 😉

10. Despite all the work that needs to be done around this house this weekend, I am so looking forward to the weekend. Mainly sleeping in. But also to some tunage.

You can thank Petra for this:

Happy Friday!!

First things first

Sometimes, I think up a title, get distracted before I start writing, and then sit here looking at the title wondering what the heck I was going to write about. This may will be totally different from what I was thinking about originally.

I’m not very organized. I know how to be. I know how to be so organized that I can tell if something has been moved even if it is in the spot where it belongs. I learned that because that’s how my dad was. Everything had a place and it was to stay in it’s place. I, of course, couldn’t keep my hands off of stuff, and therefore I learned how to put his stuff (mainly tools) back in the exact spot they were. That may be why I’m not so organized now. Rebellion is very deep-rooted in me. 😉 On the other hand, being that OCD just costs too much mental energy.

9 days later, I am back to this draft, and I have absolutely no idea where I was going with that. I’m leaving it there because that’s just how I roll. I also really don’t know where to go with the whole post, but whatever. It’s not like I’ve never written a rambling post before. 😉 It is now 5 days later since I started this paragraph. Really?

Not only am I not running the full marathon, I am not running the half either. The thought of running the last 4 miles with a backache is extremely unappealing. So whatever. I have nothing to prove since I have run 2 half marathons already. I have 2 races left to run this year to get in my 13 in 2013. Easy peasy.

I do now, however, have more time to devote to homeschool stuffs. Like tutoring my son in Algebra and explaining transitive and intransitive verbs to my daughter.

I also do not now have to stress on running. I can do 3-6 miles and enjoy it again. And buy a new bike maybe instead of new shoes. I have big plans. haha And I can make weekend plans without having to worry about being sore or running out of time. Seriously.

We went to Lee & Rachel’s Saturday and I had a blast!

And I passed my audition Sunday so I am excited about being part of a worship team again.

So yeah. Rambling and pointless. But this is now out of my drafts hole. 😉