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“Like sands through the hourglass…”

And now all I can hear is the theme music from Days of our Lives. I never was a big fan. I watched it enough to know the long time characters, but I just couldn’t ever stay into soaps. Except Santa Barbara. But I dumped it when Lane Davies left. Anywho…

I’m tired. It seems all I did over the weekend was grading. I really hope the kids don’t get all behind like that again this week. :sigh:

I did clean out my car though. The back floorboard was starting to look like a dumpster. It needs to be washed, but ain’t nobody got time fo dat.

If Granny Eoff’s fresh apple cake recipe was ever a secret, it isn’t anymore. I posted it on Facebook for a couple of folks, and at least 3 people reshared. lol But, I have Aunt Cora’s Italian Cream Cake recipe now, so it’s all good. And that all came about because I shared a old picture of my then young Granny for #throwbackthursday.

I didn’t run this weekend. Don’t judge me.

I took Chad out and let him practice driving…my car. :nervous2: He did good, but I still could have used a valium. 😉

I didn’t learn from another’s mistake and ate a Snickers Friday evening. Oh, yes, it was a mistake.

And, I’m all set to audition next week for the C.O.R.E. Worship team. By all set I mean I told Bradford I could do it next Sunday. Eek! It’s now time to get serious about learning those songs. I mean, I know them, but I need to know them without the crutch of words and chords in front of me.

Still didn’t get around to making Petra a pie. Because it’s just so hard to peel and slice apples. 😉

The kids got their new glasses today.

Oh, and since I gave up the caffeine, I am sleeping better at night. Huh. Really, I wasn’t drinking much and rarely had any after lunch, but I am sleeping for longer than an hour or two at a time. AND I’m not having so many headaches.

Chad didn’t appreciate me playing this when his friends were over Saturday night. I enjoyed it immensely. 😉

“8 points from Slytherin”

I will get to that title in a moment.

Being Wholesome Wednesday, I can report that I purchased fresh vegetables this past weekend. However, someone needs to prep and cook them. I did not purchase any more Progresso soups.

I mentioned the other day that I had lost some of my enthusiasm with homeschooling. 2 easy days and then I was again dealing with kids who don’t want to do their work. Jamie managed to get everything caught up by Friday, but Chad. Ugh. He didn’t get caught up. The Algebra I is understandable, but the other 3 were just plain laziness. They both took their first tests yesterday, and each only missed one question. Retention is there at least. 🙂

Jamie hates the English III curriculum, and feels free to express her disdain when answering certain questions. There was one question that she went on a rant about in her answer, and so she got the “Welcome to Christian homeschool. 8 points from Slytherin.” It was a 16 point question, and I gave her half credit because there was a couple of sentences related to the topic. And it was an opinion question that is graded subjectively. I got enjoyment from making a Harry Potter reference though. 😉

Last night, I got caught up with grading Chad’s work, and he does really well when he actually does it. I got his schedule made out for the rest of this week, and told him this morning about along with telling him we would work on his Algebra when I get home. Meaning, he has to still be awake when I get home. And while we are doing that, someone needs to cook for me and put away my laundry that I did Monday. lol