Funday Friday #17

1. I am going to start writing that book.

2. I locked my keys in the truck at work yesterday. That was an extra hour I didn’t want to spend there waiting on AAA, but one of my co-workers stayed with me and let me borrow his phone because mine was in the truck with my keys. This is the downside of daily using the keyless entry on my “fancy” car. 😉

3. My daughter was scheduled for an English test yesterday. I forgot to give her the test. Told her this morning that I would give it to her tonight. She asked if I would give it to her this morning (since she and Chad were still up playing Call of Duty when I got up). The printer decided to have issues, so no test this morning. :sigh:

4. So the other night, Jamie came to my office to get KitKat (KitKat feels abandoned by Jamie now over Amber), and KitKat had a dead mouse under her. I was working on printing out a test for Jamie so I handed her a paper towel to pick up the dead mouse and dispose of it. Then as I stepped closer to the printer to flip the pages over (it’s a 3 in 1 printer/copier/scanner), I stepped on something cold, wet, and squishy. Another dead mouse. Yes, I was barefoot. So I took that one out and hosed down my bare foot with vinegar. Later that night just before I finally fell deep asleep, James woke me up with “KitKat just found a copperhead in your office.” A lot more drama ensued before he came back and told me it was dead and he would get rid of it the next day.

Turns out it was not a copperhead, but a rat snake. And I have claimed KitKat as my own. Even though she is still gross. But she is welcome in this spot now.

I even scratch her scabby belly. She’s allergic to fleas. Aside from her fat, she’s not so gross during the winter when the fleas are gone.

5. I actually read the Medication Guide that I get with my Celexa prescription this morning. “Do not drink alcohol while using citalopram.” Oops.

6. Since I was running a little behind this morning thanks to repeatedly hitting the snooze and deciding I had gone long enough this week without washing my hair, I drank my breakfast this morning via Pumpkin Spice Latte. Thank goodness (sort of) that the baristas know me because what I ordered (without realizing it) was “triple venti vanilla spice latte.” She was like “are you sure you want vanilla spice?” LOL

7. Tomorrow is the full half marathon. Guess who will be DNR… I might manage to do 2 miles tomorrow.

8. I am still paying for my last glutening…2 weeks ago. Ugh.

9. I’m thinking that the hubster and I are actually going to make it to our 20 year anniversary this month. If for no other reason than to have dinner at Shuckers. 😉

10. Despite all the work that needs to be done around this house this weekend, I am so looking forward to the weekend. Mainly sleeping in. But also to some tunage.

You can thank Petra for this:

Happy Friday!!

14 Responses to 'Funday Friday #17'

  1. OMG that fox song!!! Someone posted about it on Facebook and I made the mistake of going to look at it. I’ve never been so weirded out by a song.

    And, um, KitKat…stop bringing dead things in the house! I’m so glad our little furbabies are indoor only!

  2. Elizabeth says:

    Oh please let #4 keep its distance from me! Ouch! :wail: :sweat: :dlstrike:

    • DragonLady says:

      I know right? That is the 4th snake we have killed IN the house in the nearly 8 years we’ve lived here. I’ve lost count of the dead mice this year. Ugh!

  3. Elizabeth says:

    UGH! When I lived in Chicago (my hometown) my mother-in-laws three flat had some foundational cracks. I ended up calling the city because rats were getting in the basement, which only amounted to a crawl space (the house is around 120 yrs. old). They came out and bated around the foundation of the house, the yard, and every crack and hole they found on the premise. It was ridiculous. I would not go to the kitchen night there could be a brood (5-6) of rats under my kitchen table. I was scared as my son was only 4 months old at the time and I was scared they would get in his or our beds (never did thank God). BUT! Stupid me fell asleep one night on the couch to be woken up by what I thought was my dear hubby tapping on my back, heh, thank God I believe in Him, His Son, and the Holy Spirit, because I heard that small still voice tell me it is a RAT on your BACK, stay CALM and STIFFEN your body from with and then JERK YOUR WHOLD BODY to TWERK the RAT OFF your back! (And that was no Miley “twerk”). Thud the darn thing landed exactly like a loud thud and scampered back to the kitchen. I was screaming bloody murder. I am surprised my son did not wake up of the rest of the family up in the three flat (they heard about it the next day). But I did wake my husband who like me was mortified to find out. I called the city again. Heck if I had been bit by that thing I would have had to go daily for 26 days to the ER for rabbie shots in my stomach! Thank God, God is GOOD!

    I loathe all rodents, snakes, roaches, bugs….ugh! I respect that God created them but they can keep their distance from me, ugh, ugh, ugh! :dlstrike: :dlstrike: :dlstrike: :dlstrike:

  4. Petra says:

    Did you start the book yet? 🙂

    Gross on the mice, the scabs, & the snake! Ya know, the cheapo ($8 for 3 months worth) flea treatments (hartz?) that they sell at wally world works pretty darn good.

    Mmmmm. Shuckers.

  5. Petra says:

    And that dang song is in my head now, just from seeing that you posted the link!

  6. Petra says:

    Oh that sucks! Does it work on your cats? It keeps Chili (who is always in the woods and always murdering disease-ridden animals) flea and tick free!