I need to write a book

I’m serious. There are just so many things that I want to write about that are just too much for a blog post. Or several blog posts. Maybe if I say it enough, I’ll actually start to do it? Right. Like I can finish a blog post. 😉

But really, there have been a lot of things I’ve wanted to address, but they would be at least essay length and cover several topics. I want to say “Ain’t nobody got time for dat!” I do though. I waste enough time with Whirly Word to write what I want to write. Then again, that is something easily interrupted without destroying my train of thought. Between working full time and homeschooling, there really isn’t a whole lot of time left. Then there is just normal house & family stuff. And Al-Anon meetings. And therapy. And church. And running. And texting Petra to make me a pie and sharing TMI with her. #everybodypoops

Anyway, I need to write a book about my spiritual journey. Ok, maybe it is more of a want than a need. Just things I’ve learned and experienced along the way complete with all the tripping and falling on my face that I’ve done…and still do. The struggle of a rebellious deacon’s kid who knows what it is like to be both the prodigal son and his brother who wouldn’t attend the party for the prodigal. The struggle with my fear and the conflict between that fear and speaking out. And not speaking out against cultural decline in general, but the decline within a divided church torn between the polar opposites of watered-down feel-good man-centered worship and the militant flag-waving get-America-back-to-God worship of 1950’s America.

Yeah. I want to write a book.

8 Responses to 'I need to write a book'

  1. Angel says:

    I shall be the first to read it girl!! 😉

  2. Jenn says:

    Well, get on it, then! The only way to be a writer is to write!

  3. Step away from the Whirly Word. Put your fingers on the keyboard. Now write! 🙂

  4. Petra says:

    Have you started on the book yet?? (I’m just starting to catch up, so if you started and blogged about starting, I haven’t gotten to that yet…) 😉