Maniacal Monday #21

Know how to start a Monday off right? Oversleep. Slept right through the alarm (or hit snooze in my sleep), and was awakened by the dogs barking 15 min after I should have been at work. Fun times.

I finally finished the VIRTUAL RIDE for breast cancer hosted by Run with Jess this weekend. 31 miles of during October, and a lot of butt pain. lol I did manage to take a picture while I was riding during my second ride (the 12.5 mile one):

photo 1

Less than 4 miles into and I was already in pain. And I’m pretty sure I was even rolling downhill when I snapped it. 😉 I rode 11 miles on Saturday, and that was all I could do. That left me 4.1 miles to finish yesterday, and as soon as I sat down on that seat I knew that was going to be a long 4.1 miles with a sore butt. But, after about a mile, my butt didn’t hurt so bad. Probably because my legs started to hurt worse. haha After it was over, I had the hubby snap a shot of me on my bike with the medal, because who doesn’t love bling?


Now I have to start running again since I have a 5k coming up next month and a 12k in December.

I had to ask a question of Jamie this weekend. “Do you want to graduate on time, or do you want to do summer school or another year of school?” She’s 2 weeks behind, Chad is 4 weeks behind. Craziness. I’ve cut off internet for both. James said yesterday that they needed gas for their mopeds, and I told him I had been deliberately not getting more gas for them for the same reason they have no internet. And since he isn’t making them do their work which is the whole reason he isn’t working at a real job that actually pays, I have a fun-filled pending talk to have with him.

Anywho, Amber tore up my hand yesterday while we played. I didn’t realize the damage until I put on lotion and it burned us. I was very amused at KitKat’s ungraceful falling off of things she was sleeping on over the weekend.

4 Responses to 'Maniacal Monday #21'

  1. Jenn says:

    Congratulations on the virtual race! That’s fantastic.

    Sorry everything else is so tough. Hope your hand heals up quickly. :hug:

    • DragonLady says:

      Oh, man, the cycling is so much fun. It took 4 rides to get in the 31, but I enjoyed every bit of it that wasn’t uphill. lol

      Thanks. The hand is much better today. The lotion doesn’t burn so bad. 😉 The other stuff, well, one day at a time. 🙂

  2. Petra says:

    That’s a lot of miles! Way to rock it!!

    Have you tried lanolin on your hands?

    • DragonLady says:

      It is a lot, but a lot easier to ride than run. lol 🙂

      No. I have about 3 different coconut lotions. The ideal thing would be to keep the claws off my hands. 😉