Funday Friday #20

There are multiple reasons why I don’t blog about work, but there are just some things that need to be shared. This happened the other morning before I went to class. I have no idea what the conversation was about nor even what I say to prompt the following conversation, but I found it amusing. It is in reference to my “happy pills.”

J: Did you take your pill this morning?
Me: No, I started taking them in the evening instead.
J: Maybe you should think about switching back.

So the snark hasn’t just manifested itself in my blogging. lol And I want to add that I am loving class even with all the stupid user mistakes I made this morning. 🙂

I finally got the kids scheduled for counseling. Chad can balk all he wants, but his is mandatory thanks to the fire alarm incident. Jamie should be happy now because she has actually asked for it. Repeatedly. This all kind of came up the other day in a discussion at work about insurance coverage when I complained about not being able to have the gold plan at the end of the year thanks to Obamacare. I made the statement that my really good mental health coverage might not be so good under silver. I was asked why I am so familiar with the mental health coverage. “Because we are the crazy family.” Fun times. 😉

I have to get 15.1 cycling miles in this weekend to complete my October 50k. If I can get that in in one day, that would be great. But it’s been 2 weeks since I rode, so spreading that out over 2 days might be better. I guess we’ll see. I also need to mow the yard. Yeah, the hubby could do it, but I really like that alone time where I can’t hear anything but the mower motor. We brought all the plants inside a couple of days ago except for the really big ones. They might find a new home unless James brings them in.

Tiger needs to be fixed. Any volunteers to pay for that?

No relevance to anything, but…

4 Responses to 'Funday Friday #20'

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Great funny post! I needed a few laughs. I love the Star Trek video clip, very cool! :rofl2:

    • DragonLady says:

      I was looking for a particular clip from The Next Generation, but couldn’t find it. However, that clip popped up, and, well, “Don’t call me ‘tiny’.” LOL!

  2. Petra says:

    Yay for counseling appointments!! 🙂