“You got big dreams?”

I’ll start off actually blogging according to my weekly topic schedule. That said, I think I am just going to go back to the whole writing about what I feel like writing about whenever. Or not writing when I can’t come up with anything. Anywho…

I really got sick of running. Though, I don’t think I got so much sick of running and I find myself not near as motivated to run without Karyn or Molly “forcing” me out for a run. That’s not to say that I have stopped running. It’s just an explanation as to why I haven’t run in about 4 weeks. It has emotionally taken a toll on me too. I guess I really didn’t understand just how much better I feel after a run. I say that as I remember Dr. Garlick telling me to keep running in order to burn off that fight or flight reaction my body is trying to do over the life stress. I can’t change what is going on around me, and while I am learning (or unlearning/relearning) how to deal/respond to things out of my control, I need an outlet. An outlet that doesn’t involve me having a pity party playing the victim to have people feel sorry for me as this post is starting to turn. 😉

So that’s why I bought a new bicycle. Unlike running, I have always loved cycling. I signed up for Jess’ October virtual race VIRTUAL RIDE for breast cancer which is a 50k ride. I haven’t really done any “serious” cycling since I was in my late teens, though not a lot of that was really serious. See, when I was in 2nd or 3rd grade, I received a permanent grounding from riding bikes because I wrecked one too many times trying to pop wheelies. My dad was a bit overprotective when it came to me getting hurt. Of course, it only managed to keep me off of my bike as I had plenty of cousins who would let me ride theirs. But when I was 18, even though I was still in high school and still living under my parents’ roof, a lot of rules expired. I got my ears pierced and I bought a Huffy 10-speed from Walmart. For the rest of my senior year, I rode that bike to school. Uphill both ways. 😉 It took several weeks before I was able to ride up that hill on St Vincent Street from Harding Street to the house. 5 blocks of hill. Only 2 blocks of hill from our house toward school, and that side of the hill took a week to conquer.

But then I started biking all over town. Deadria went with me once and swore never to ride with me again. LOL! But her younger brother Leroy would, and so would my cousin Steve from down the street. Except Steve couldn’t ride all over town, I don’t think. Or didn’t want to. That was over 25 years ago. Anyway, I also rode quite a bit around Conway for a while in college. Gradually, I stopped riding and instead drove everywhere because after that first year of college, I took summer classes AND worked part time. There was just no time for biking. There isn’t much time now, but I want to make time. Because I love it. And eventually my butt won’t hurt from the seat when I ride. 😉

Now on to a slight subject change. I got a couple of emails yesterday from the worship leader one adding me to the planning site, and the other adding me to the worship schedule…for this Sunday. I might have panicked a little because I thought, “What if it’s songs I don’t know?” Looked at the 5 songs, and the panic was a little justified. Recognized 1 title and that is a song that I know is new. 5 songs that I don’t know, and I am scheduled both for guitar and vocals. But I downloaded the chord charts and lyrics and actually listened to the songs, and 3 of the songs were familiar. One of the 3 was very familiar. I relaxed some, but not entirely. Last night I actually sat down with my guitar to play along, and calmed down a lot. They aren’t hard to play overall. I only really have to concentrate hard on memorizing the chords. I don’t expect to be singing lead on any of them, and the harmony vocals don’t seem hard to learn. Also, I won’t be the only female vocalist. I’m still nervous, and it really is kind of silly since I will be up there with a complete band, and there were a few times at New Life Praise where I had to lead completely solo, just me and my guitar. I think maybe that is why I’m nervous. Anyway, I think I will be ready for rehearsal Thursday night.

And for all the friends who encouraged me to audition…

Yes, I have watched that movie way too many times. I was a hard core fan of the cartoon when I was little. Don’t judge me. 😉

22 Responses to '“You got big dreams?”'

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Well good luck to you and I am sure you will be doing well at the rehearsal. You should put up a video here so we can enjoy your gift of guitar playing and singing! I personally would love to see and hear. Yes, I am more tactical – but I also can be more visual.

    Sounds like you are getting things going on the right track, if we can ever really count on that, but we can try. Life has a life of its own sometimes. Anyhow, let us know how it all goes.


    • DragonLady says:

      Thank you! Before I wiped out everything before 2009, I had a few drunken videos of me playing some Fleetwood Mac, Bangles, Eagles. Wait. That Eagles song might be still posted somewhere. LOL Petra may or may not appreciate me posting this, but


      That is us with Pastor Josh singing along a couple of years ago. Because I was like “Hey, you should sing this with me.” LOL We did another song later that year, and I so wish I had a copy of it. :rocker:

  2. Elizabeth says:

    Hey thanks Dragon Lady! That was cool. But I think my neck got a kink in it from turning my head sideways. LOL! But I loved it! I will have a new post tomorrow. It is scheduled to post tonight at midnight. It is not a very “nice” post, but it is the truth the way I see it. Many may not agree, but that is okay now that I am blackballed for going soft on the political front and not going along with the click crowd I really do not care anymore. Hope you will like it…. probably.

    I know you were in the Navy right? Well, I know one of the branches anyhow. My dad and hubby were Army so I am nothing but an Army brat and I bet that is what you will think when you read my post when you have time to do so! Like I always say, have at it!!!!

    Again, thanks for the link! You play awesome. You keep up all the hard work you are doing and it is going to pay off and I bet you see the rewards already. God bless you!

    :usflag: 😉 :hugs: 💡

    I just love this dragon! :dlstrike:

  3. Angel says:

    good luck girly..remember me when ya get all famous!..lol 😉 :cheers:

  4. Jenn says:

    Good luck! You’re going to be great!

    I’m glad that you rediscovered biking and are loving it!

  5. Jennifer says:

    I remember liking the cartoon while I was young, too! I don’t think I have seen the movie! Maybe one of these days 🙂

  6. I hope you enjoy the cycling! I can never get into it because I can’t get past the “my butt is broken for a week” phase.

    • DragonLady says:

      Oh, yeah. It’s still killing my butt. Today my butt doesn’t hurt from Sunday’s ride, but I am sure it will be another struggle Saturday since I haven’t had a chance to ride this week. lol

  7. Petra says:

    Oh man. I biked constantly as a kid. Until I was about 13 and my bike was just done and I never got another one. Maybe I should get one….

    I have a video from our other song! I’ll try to find it.

  8. Petra says:

    Oh yeah – and I loved the Josie and the pussycat comics!!

  9. Petra says:

    I’ve never seen the movie. Didn’t you read Archie comics? J & the P were a regular staple in those!

    • DragonLady says:

      Oh, you should see the movie. 🙂 No, I never did really read comics that much, and only know J & P from Saturday morning cartoons. Sunday comics every once in a while, but even those I didn’t read regularly until I was a teen.

      • Petra says:

        As I’m sure I’ve told you, we had no TV. I was a huge comic book nerd (I raided my brother’s superhero collection, and also read every Archie I could get my hands on… along with some Uncle Scrooge, etc. lol). And I loved the Sunday comic strips. I’m starting to think I should start reading comics again after writing all that…. ha!

  10. Petra says:

    Okay, so I just got a chance to hit ‘play’ on that preview… and yes, I HAVE seen that! I’m pretty sure I went and saw it in the theater, actually. haha!! But I barely remember it. It might be time to watch it again! 😉