Killin’ time

I am sick, and sick enough to call in sick. However, I still have to get the kids up for school which means I need to stay awake (conscious) for another hour. Might as well do a randomish list blog.

1. So the dandruff problem that I have always had that got a lot worse in my mid 20’s seems to be an allergic reaction…to high fructose corn syrup. Since my food detox, I have been experimenting with foods. The itchiness (which was really bad when it was fully flaired), had mostly gone away and I couldn’t see the hot spots around my scalp line anymore. I tried some gluten-filled (read yummy) bread last weekend, and while I did have a reaction, it was solely digestive reaction. Thursday, however, I had a caramel macchiato from Starbucks. Their caramel sauce has HFCS. I nearly clawed my scalp off Friday morning it was so itchy.

2. A cat in heat is disgusting. Dogs too, but in different ways. Female cats are hoes.

3. I watched Obscura Oddities with the hubby nearly all day yesterday. Oh.My. There are some weird folks out there. Yes, I toned that description way down.

4. I’ve probably said this before, but it bears repeating. I hate to puke. I suffered a no-warning, immediate projectile vomit yesterday morning while taking my garlic. Out of sheer laziness I was standing in front of and facing the sink. I didn’t want to get anything more than the knife dirty while cutting it up, so I stood there to cut it up in my hand. The hubby witnessed it, and was extremely amused. I was not so amused. 😉

5. I love trying new foods. I’ve still been trying new recipes, and ran across a bunch of duds. Some of the duds can be altered in a way that will make them pretty tasty.

6. I see roosters. They are everywhere. I always smile when I drive by this place:

They sold the huge one.

7. Seriously doubts that I will manage 20 books by Easter. I’ve managed 3, and one of those only because I happened to have a book at work and had to escort some folks working on equipment in the server room. Time is not on my side.

8. Failed to do a real pushup by this past Friday. Close, but it will likely be this week before I can drop all the way and push back up.

9. Started listening to country music after swearing to myself I wouldn’t ever do it. This is college-era, and I include it because of the post title…which put the song in my head.

10. Did not and will not proofread anything I have written in this post. haha

5 Responses to 'Killin’ time'

  1. MacBros says:

    OK, I have to double up on the tinfoil on my tinfoil hat.

    I’ve had an itchy scalp lately, but thought it was weather related, but now I know my tinfoil hat isn’t working very well.

  2. 1. don’t scratch it – leave the macchiatos to me
    2. dang hoes
    3. Obscura??
    4. gross
    5. I have some new ones to try too, but we have nothing in our house.
    6. I found a great rooster for you…you just wait!
    7. I have doubts I will ever exercise again until we get baak to NC. You exercise and I will read the books and we can call it a team effort.
    8. team effort – you fall to the ground and I will push up 🙂
    9. CLint Black was awesome….I loved him….red solo cup.
    10. I ususally don’t either 🙂

    • DragonLady says:

      1. You can have them. I’ll stick to Chai tea. 😉

      3. Ok, so the name of the store is obscura; the name of the show on Discovery is Oddities.

      4. That was the “sanitized” version of the story. 😉

      6. Oh my.

      7. I am hoping to recover from this illness so I can exercise again. ugh.

      8. :cheesy:

      9. Yeah, red solo cup is in my head more often than not and I have only heard it that one time…