“I’m not one for sittin’ ’round in some ol’ pity pool…”

That’s a lie. I seem to revel in self-pity. Let me get sick, and, boy is it on.

Jamie walked snuck up on me one day while I was singing along with that, and scared the crap out of me. So I sang it to her…loudly.

It’s kind of funny how a physical illness will weaken every emotional and spiritual defense you set up. Mainly emotional. Why do I say that? Because I have had bits of sobbing off and on since last night for no reason. I understood why I cried when I puked…it’s that traumatic for me, but since then. ugh. Hmm, well, now that I think about it, it did start during Dr Phil. I lost count of how many times I nearly broke down and have I mentioned I can’t stand Dr Phil?

I have self-diagnosed myself with the flu. My daughter is the only one seemingly unaffected…or least affected. She begged me to let her take a flu shot. That irks me if that’s why she has only had a mild sore throat when the hubby, the boy, and I got knocked on our butts. It has aggravated another problem which has led to a semi-urgent appointment with the doc this afternoon. That should be fun. I’ve been afraid to eat and the hubby got on to me for that, so I compromised with vanilla ice cream. I figured since there is the potential for losing it like I lost yesterday’s lunch I might as well pick something that won’t be as bad coming up as, oh, mexican chicken corn lasagna.

So is there a point to all this? Not really. I still have a low grade fever and a headache and I’m dehydrated so making a rational point is unlikely. In reality, it’s more of a time killer until I leave for my appointment.

8 Responses to '“I’m not one for sittin’ ’round in some ol’ pity pool…”'

  1. MacBros says:

    Being sick soooooo sucks. And yes. Whenever I’m sick I too become a big baby.

    Last time I caught something from a counter attendant at an A&W and from that day onward, every time I go out I make it a HUGE point (And it’s not easy to do) not to touch my face at all until I’ve gotten home and washed my hands. And even when I get home I don’t touch anything till my hands are washed.

    OCD Maybe? Well, anyway. I HATE getting sick. You lose work time, and you feel like crap.

    If I get sick now, well. Then that will be proof that you can’t escape the germ bugs.

    Get Better Martha. And to cheer you up, go have a look at my latest post.

    • DragonLady says:

      I think I’ll live now. 😉 When the hubby got sick, I blamed it on him not washing his hands after all the stuff he handles at work. He agreed that was the most likely source. ha!

      Thanks! Yes, the baby squirrel made me smile. 🙂

  2. Danny Poole says:

    Something to cheer you up: AF is closing 3rd Herd. More on the point, how did you lose the weight? I’m stuck and cannot lose a damned ounce. Cut Dr Pepper down to 4 or 5 a week at most. Still ballooning! Any advise?

    • DragonLady says:

      Sadly, I feel no joy over the demise of the Herd. Probably because I can’t claim to be part of the cause. HAHAHA!!!

      First thing I did was to cut all starches for 30 days. That took care of my carb addiction, and that’s when the weight started to drop. That was back in October, and I eat potatoes again, but not in the amounts I was. Also, I have a mild gluten intolerance, so I rarely have breads or pastas. I can never go back to regular pasta – therein lies the core of my food addiction. In January, I cut out foods with artificial colors/flavors/preservatives, and anything with “natural flavor” in the ingredients because “natural flavor” is not at all natural. After 6 weeks, I started reintroducing foods to see what I am sensitive to. I’m allergic to high fructose corn syrup, so I don’t drink any soda unless it is sweetened with cane sugar with no colorings or other chemicals.

      That said about the food, with both diets, when I started them, I went through awful withdrawls. The first one, by day 4 I wanted to die. The last one, I had a headache for 5 days straight, leg pains for 3 more days, and random joint pains for another week before I had all that crap out of my system. I broke out twice with blistery rashes; small and localized at least, but still. The detoxing with #2 was awful, but I feel better than I have since I was a kid overall which totally makes it worth the pain of the withdrawl. 🙂

  3. Danny Poole says:

    Guess it’s time for this old dog to try some new tricks.

  4. skye says:

    Glad to hear you’re feeling better, DL! So far, I’ve managed to stay clear of the flu, even though it made its way around my office. Just as well, as there’s no one here but my dog to give me a little sympathy.