Exercise plan

First and foremost, pushups every day until I can do 10. And just so you know, I tried to do a real pushup Saturday, and got into position, and my arms were trembling trying to hold myself up. *sigh* Last night, I was able to do about a quarter of a real pushup. But aside from that, here is my intent:

Mondays: Stationary bike
Tuesdays: Running with Brick City Running Tribe. Weather permitting…
Wednesday: Elliptical
Thursday: Run at lunch or bike
Friday: Elliptical

Yeah, I know. That’s just cardio and I said I would do strength and core also. I just don’t have the strength and core plan yet. Except for the pitiful almost pushups. *sigh*

I did do 30 min on the bike last night. It hurt my right knee very much badly, and that’s not even my bad knee. :-/

11 Responses to 'Exercise plan'

  1. MacBros says:

    Phew! That was exhausting just to read…..

  2. I got my plan made out – starting it today if I can!!!! GO YOU!!!!!!!!!!

    • DragonLady says:

      I had to make myself work out last night. I wanted to go to bed as soon as I got home.

      GO MOLLY!!! You know there has to be a real (not girl) pushup by Friday… :cheesy:

  3. skye says:

    You know, I just finished watching a show on the nuclear disaster in Japan, and I’m left wondering, what’s the point? Of exercising, that is. Something’s gonna get you eventually. Why not avoid all that nastiness and just eat :cake:

    That being said, more power to you! Doing a push up has never crossed my mind. Though, it should, because I’m as weak as a newborn baby when push comes to sholve. Just don’t tell any potential attackers that, ok? :playfultongue:

    • DragonLady says:

      My mom told me about one of my great uncles who had been very good about going walking every day. Then he quit, and she asked him why. He said, “If I keep walking, and have a stroke, I’d be too healthy to die right away.” I am doing it mainly because my doctor scared me with the threat of medications in 20 years if I didn’t take seriously getting healthy now. And I miss skinny me. 😉

  4. Petra says:

    If all you have time for is one thing, I think cardio is wise… at least 4 days a week.

    Knees – are those the only joints you have issues with? If so, get an all natural glucosamine supplement. Take it daily – it’ll take a couple weeks but it’ll really help your knees! If lots of joints are giving you issues, do tai chi. There’s YouTube videos, DVDs, etc. I’ve started it back up – but I skipped the past two days, & I’m only doing a short video, but even that’s helping with pain issues. 🙂

    Just stay at the pushups! It won’t be long!! 🙂

    • DragonLady says:

      I would have time for more if I didn’t procrastinate. 😉

      My knees used to be the only joints I had issues with. After I passed 190, I started having problems with my right hip to the point that sometimes at the end of the day, I would not be able to walk. Now that I have dropped 20 pounds, I’m not having that issue. My back, neck, and shoulders often hurt, but I think a massage would help them. haha

      I was able to get about halfway down last night. I think I may actually be able to do one by Friday. :dance:

  5. Petra says:

    My motivation is health too – better quality of life, better chance of avoiding diabetes/Alzheimer’s/cancer/etc, the ability to keep up with my kids… the list goes on! Looking fit is just a nice bonus that goes with it. 🙂