#medicatedandmighty – It’s complicated

This is it people. Two prescriptions to maintain this crazy. Wish me luck.

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That is my friend Erin Jones. Her story has just blown up over the last few weeks. It’s a story about hitting bottom, and getting help back up. I encourage you to follow her on Facebook and/or check out her blog at Mutha Lovin’ Autism. Her story is shedding light on mental health, and seeks to break the stigma associated with mental illness.

I’m standing with her.

#medicatedandmighty Standing with my friend Erin @muthalovinautism and sharing my story of needing help, and before and after pics. I might have been running regularly in 2012 and looking ok on the outside, but I was trapped in a cycle of self-medication and denial. Midway through 2013, I hit a bottom, and started getting help. 5 months after I started taking an antidepressant, I stopped drinking. 17 months later, I stopped smoking (again). 18 months later, I put on makeup and a skirt, and told my story to a room full of people. 20 months later, I weaned off the antidepressant because it gave me the emotional reset I needed along with my program to feel my feelings without fear of them and without being consumed by them and work through the pain if the issues I stuffed, suppressed, and numbed for most of my life. #throwbackthursday #tbt

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The last time I posted, I mentioned wrestling over sharing my unsanitized story. Since then, I have added My Story to the menu above (below on mobile). Because I have reached the point that I am ready to share it. Because one thing I have learned in recovery is that I am not alone and someone else has done or experienced something I have. Which means, there is someone out there who thinks that no one can possibly understand what he or she has been through.

It’s what my Manifesto is about. It’s about letting just one other person know they are not alone. And someone cares.

And there is hope.

I may or may not be on the autism spectrum. I don’t have a diagnosis, but I show a lot of signs. I’m still not convinced that I developed symptoms that would be considered on the spectrum due to trying to cope and survive the abuse as a child. Regardless, I have never felt “normal” and came up with my own coping skills which work well for a child, but not so much as an adult. I am certain that the abuse and all the methods I used to cope contributed to my own mental illness – namely depression and anxiety.

Y’all, you can’t function “normally” when you are bouncing between the 2. Self-medicating will prolong the inevitable breakdown. Stuffing and suppressing will only last for so long before you blow up. And the isolation will slowly wear you down until you want to die. Whether by your own hand – quickly or slowly – or through recklessness, without professional help, you will find yourself in such a depressive state that death looks like the only viable option.

And I know firsthand, you can’t just pray that away.

No, you need people who have been there and back and will walk with you or just sit with you without blaming you or trying to fix you. If you have been struggling with depression and/or anxiety, you probably do have a chemical imbalance which will require medication. Years and years of stress will throw the chemical balance off because your body has been on alert for so long it doesn’t know how to not be on alert.

It absolutely is a physical, mental, and spiritual sickness. You can’t just treat one area and expect the other areas to recover also.

And you absolutely cannot fix yourself.

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7 Responses to '#medicatedandmighty – It’s complicated'

  1. James says:

    I’m glad you understand.

  2. Petra says:

    How did I miss this one? I’m sharing it. Also-

    #aspergers #youhaveit #youwerebornwithit #iamaprofessionalandyoushouldlistentome #orwhatever

    Also, I’m really proud of you and I’m glad to call you my friend. Am I getting soft?? Yeesh. Feel free to slap me and say “snap out of it!). Haha.

    • DragonLady says:

      LOL @ all those hashtags!!!!

      Dude, the feels. My #aspergers feels all awkward now. :hugs:

      Seriously (not that I wasn’t – haha), you’re awesome, and I am grateful to call you my friend. <3 (Why the heck don't I have a heart smiley???)

  3. Petra says:

    I just went and read your story that you linked here. Dude, you should write a memoir. You are so good at summarizing and story telling. And dang, reading it all put together in detail, makes me even more proud of you for how far you’ve come! (I don’t know which emoticon to put here…) :rocker: :dlstrike: :moon2:

    And that’s my #asperger awkwardness right there…. No words? Rock on! Dinosaur! Ass!

    • DragonLady says:

      That is not a dinosaur, that is a dragon. And why the heck are my emoticons squished?! :timeout:

      And that is all my #asperger awkward can respond with. :giggle:

  4. Petra says:

    Dinosaur, dragon. Potato, potahto. Lol

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