Weekend randomness

I know. I never blog on weekends. lol

So John was going to leave me a snarky comment this morning telling me to post, and discovered I have been. Apparently one of my rss feeds sporadically works (or not at all). Any of the feeds displayed on the page should work. Should. 😉 Anyway, that explains why I hardly have any visits besides Facebook and Google searches. Not that I had a large readership base to begin with. hahaha!

The half marathon is 2 weeks from tomorrow. Karyn and I ran the American Tobacco Trail today as one of our final training long runs. This was the 11 miler. First of all, I gotta say, I love the Tobacco Trail! But, I kind of rolled my ankle at about mile 6. By mile 9 I was about to die (figuratively) because my shin was cramping and my foot and ankle were screaming. Thinking it would be worse if I tried to force out the last 2 miles, I painfully walked back. I kid you not, my knees and thighs are more sore than that ankle.

This has grown on me.

4 Responses to 'Weekend randomness'

  1. Petra says:

    You can do it!!! 😀 (and I’ll be warm and snug in my bed but hey – you can still do it!) 🙂

  2. MacBros says:

    And this just showed up in my reader just now – 4 days late.. What the?