Maniacal Monday #8

1. Friday afternoon I was in full soccer mom mode, except that soccer (or any other sport) was not involved. I had to pick up Chad in the afternoon along with a friend of his who came over to the house. Shortly after getting them home, Jamie wanted sushi, and I agreed because we had to go get a card & present for a birthday party she was going to that evening. Seriously, I was on the go from 1pm to just after 8pm.

2. I got up Saturday morning with the intention of a run. Being Saturday, I refused to be in a hurry, and so it was 10am before I ever set out on the run. All was fine until the 1 mile mark. I want to note that at this point I was really tired, but not so tired I wasn’t still running. The 1 mile mark for this route is at the top of a hill. Small hill, but kind of steep. Anyway, it wasn’t far after this that I realized my folly in lollygagging around all morning. From the 1 mile mark to the halfway mark there was no shade, and I got HOT. I was really done before I got to the halfway mark, but I kept going until I hit the shade. I walked the entire way back home rather than risk getting any hotter and getting sick or having a heat stroke. Lesson learned – get my butt up and out there earlier, or wait until about 7pm.

3. I made what felt like 100 stops shopping Saturday. I won’t even discuss what I spent. ugh.

4. I got sucked into a discussion on Facebook that ended up in me going all confessional to make a point. Now Petra thinks it should be a blog post. It would generate traffic that’s for sure…

5. Is considering signing up for a 5k 4th of July. All my running friends are (of course) telling me to do it. I am almost positive Molly will make me sign up and probably before the day is out. lol Last time I got up early on 4th of July, well, it was 2001 and that’s a story in itself that I might tell again sometime. But not today…

6. Darci, aka the escape artist, dug out again over the weekend. It’s been a while. No one has bothered yet to find the hole and fill it in.

7. I broke down and snaked the drain in the shower in the master bath. This is why I haven’t done #6.

8. I’m craving a burger and tater tots from Sonic. :sigh:

9. Got to work early this morning. Was nice not having to get the kids up.

10. Traffic was fairly light this morning and I don’t think I got mad enough to cuss anyone. Yes, this is a problem. My mouth, not the traffic. Ok, yeah, people are stupid, but I drive stupid sometimes, too.

I was looking for something else, and fell upon this song which has now been stuck in my head all morning.

You’re welcome. :)

4 Responses to 'Maniacal Monday #8'

  1. #1. I will enjoy my days until this happens.
    #2. retard
    #3. so you’re saying you are broke, huh?
    #4. I thought is was awesome!
    #5. Dang Skippy you willsign up!
    #6. Ah…I always used to take the collar off one of our dogs and pray he wouldn’t come home- but he always did!
    #7. Nasty.
    #8. Move up here :)
    #9. I enjoy when Nick has days off and keeps the kids too
    #10. Road rage – no. Potty mouth – yes.

    That song is gay.
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  2. DragonLady says:

    1. It’s big fun.
    2. :crazy:
    3. absolutely
    4. :cheesy:
    5. See? ;)
    6. Darci is mine so if it’s not taken care of today, I’ll do it myself. :-/
    7. Very much so. But so was standing ankle deep in water every time I took a shower. smh
    8. haha! No thank you. :)
    9. This is the only way summer break affects me. ;)
    10. As bad as my potty mouth is, it is at least better than it was. Progress… lol

    Hater! :playfultongue:

  3. Petra says:

    Justice gets his license next week. I’m so excited!!!

    • DragonLady says:

      Jamie needs to take her test and get her permit so I only have to spend one more year before I can send someone else to get stuff… ;)