Sometimes it’s an adventure

Or maybe I should say “misadventure.” It often is a misadventure when I run. Like tripping on the sidewalk that one day at lunch when I was in a recovery walk and tried to cover with an immediate run. Pretty sure I flailed before the cover run which made it obvious that I am just clumsy. LOL

I forced myself out of the house Saturday evening for a run, and saw this right around the neighbor’s driveway:

Honey badger won't get stung by this cobra...

and sometimes I hit publish instead of preview

Yesterday I again forced myself to run, but ran a slightly different route because my normal route has the potential to run into people and have to chat, albeit briefly. I was not up for that because too many people had told me that it is not a good enough excuse to not run if you haven’t shaved your legs. So, I went the opposite direction, and saw more walkers & met more cars than I ever have either direction. *sigh* Lesson learned. 😉

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  1. MacBros says:

    LOL! This was funny. Especially the 1st image. HA!

    • DragonLady says:

      :cheesy: I have seen that first image so many times, and it has never ceased to crack me up. LOL

      I tried to upload the snake Saturday to Facebook, but they changed how I have do it. :tappity:

  2. LOL, ok the first picture had me cracking up, especially the little girl. Good for you, getting into a running routine. It’s a great habit to get into that’s for sure.

    Yesterday, I created a track at our house, it’s out back near our woods. My daughter loves running, and so I figured we could run a few laps around that, before I move her onto the bigger ones. We do run a lot, soon she’ll be able to move past me in short distance running, even though I’m fast. I can already tell she’ll be faster.

    She’ll have to work harder to beat me in long distance running though. I don’t get tired, and could keep going if I want to. I stop after a few hours becase it’s boring. At some point, would love to do a marathon with her. We’d begin small, at first, then move on to bigger ones.

    This past Saturday, while gardening, I found two baby garter snakes, several wolf spiders, and one skink. They were all in the mulch pile. I was laying some of it down in our garden. I don’t see rattlesnakes that much, although we do have them.

  3. DragonLady says:

    That first pic keeps cracking me up. 🙂

    I was going to create a track around our yard at one time, but the southern edge is such a bog, it would be too expensive, so I just run the road, when I run at home. Sometimes I run the track during lunch at work (or sidewalk around the field if the track is closed – which is where the tripping incident occurred – lol), and on Tuesdays I run with a running club. Well, they run. I run until I am either about to puke or can’t breathe and then walk until I’m better and then run some more. I have endurance to work on. 😉 Hills are killing me. I need to work on that…

    My daughter can run fast and far. I never could do both. I was a fast sprinter, but couldn’t do distance. But she doesn’t really like to run, and will pretty much only do the Tuesday night club runs. lol Kills me too because she smokes me. My son has no interest in running, but he loved doing crossfit with a group of us last year. I’m hoping now that it is warmed back up and Petra is about to hatch, that Andrew will start that back up. He killed us all, and that was the first time I had exercise induced vomit, but like running, once it was over, I felt great. And I still haven’t forgotten how great it was that one night when I realized I had done 100 sit-ups. 🙂

    I am pretty sure that was a water moccasin. Looked a lot like the 2 my husband killed inside our house last year. We have a lot of copperheads, but I haven’t really seen any around the house since we got rid of the frog pond. I don’t want to discuss spiders. I pretend we don’t have any. 😉 We used to have loads of geckos, and then Mittens lowered the population of them. But these days she pretty much just keeps the front porch held down, so their numbers may jump back up. 😉

    • My father is good at short and long-distance running. He’s 74, and can still beat people in their twenties. He retired from the National Guard about five years ago, and had to do physicals. He still runs track too. He was my first running partner. I remember going to the track with him at four years old. He’ll still occasionally mention my endurance. I wouldn’t stop running, until he was ready to leave. 🙂

      I’ve met a few others around his age that are just like him incredibly fast. A good testament of what can happen if you take care of yourself. My father never used the excuse “getting older” as an excuse let his body do whatever, and the proof shows in his appearance. The Lord has blessed him, and he’s not on any medication either. Well, that’s partly due to what he doesn’t eat.

      I was shocked when some of my raw food tendencies rubbed off on him. I never thought he was paying too much attention, even though he did ask me questions. I mainly thought he did that because I am his daughter, lol. He’s stuck with a high raw intake, and using natural supplements, because even though he felt “great” before, he feels “amazing” now. His words…

      But these days she pretty much just keeps the front porch held down, so their numbers may jump back up.

      You know… I had a cat like that. She would be lounging in the front yard, lazily looking at the wild rabbits. It wasn’t long before the rabbits knew she wasn’t a threat, and although they would occasionally stop and take a look at her, they knew they weren’t in danger. :smug:

      • DragonLady says:

        Even in their 40’s & 50’s both of my parents could outrun me. They always ate a healthy diet, though the older I got the worse the menu got. I think my dad narrowed down the meals that I was guaranteed to eat to a week’s worth, and just went with that for several years. It wasn’t horrible, but not great either. Summer months were high in veggies from the garden. But in his 70’s, he was diagnosed with diabetes. He gave up sweet tea, but ate cake like it was going out of style. He would still walk every day…at least twice if weather permitted, but in the end his diet cost him a stroke, which eventually cost him his life. One of those things I am trying to prevent with diet and exercise. 🙂 My mom is going to get a taste of my new eating habits when I visit her next month. I don’t expect her to cook what I do because she rarely cooks anymore. She has Alzheimer’s and is afraid she will forget she is cooking.

  4. Petra says:

    Opal – what’s your resting heart rate? I’m trying to figure out if my high resting heart rate is the reason I can’t seem to run long distances, even when I’m in good shape. I’m sure it’s a factor, bu I’ve decided to start an informal survey. lol

    Justice has been killing a lot of copperheads doing his landscaping work.

    Andrew has been making his guys at work do the crossfit workouts. They love it! I’m sure we will do some this summer for whoever wants to join, but then he leaves in September so we’ll be on our own then!

    • DragonLady says:

      You got me curious about resting heart rate and mine is 54. 😯 It’s never been under 70…

      Jamie keeps asking if she can go out in the “woods” (as if there are any woods there since they clear-cut the neighboring land), and I keep telling her no because of snakes.

      I’m hoping you guys will do crossfit again! I want to do it (kind of – it’s a love/hate just like running – lol), but I cannot motivate myself to do it by myself…

    • Hi Patra, my resting heart rate is between 43 – 48.

      You know that would be interesting to see if they’ve done studies about people who have a naturally high heart rates and ithe possible effects on enduance levels. One of my workout buddies was just as active physically as me, but he could never do any strenuous endurance activities with me.

      My daughter seems more of a sprinter. Within a few years, she’ll be blasting past. She’s just nine-years old. She’s already looking forward to that moment. I know I won’t hear the end of that when it happens! :whistle:

      But endurance type activities, such as running, she stops long before I’m ready. Her body, at least right now, doesn’t seem to like those type activities, so… I don’t push her.

      • Whoops that should have been “Petra”, when I see your name, my brain thinks “Patra”. I guess because your name is one letter off from a Jamaican rapper from the 1990’s; Patra.

  5. Petra says:

    Wow!!! When not pregnant, my resting heart rate is rarely below 88!! Right now, it’s rarely below 100.

    Opal – I definitely think there’s something to it. I never even heard of a resting heart rate as low as yours. People I know who have high energy or lots of endurance have a resting heart rate in the 60’s (so far in my survey).

    Martha – 54?? According to my theory, you should be running marathons! 🙂

    • DragonLady says:

      Wow Petra! My resting heart rate was in the low 80’s when I smoked, didn’t eat right, and didn’t exercise! :timeout:

  6. Danny Poole says:

    Since there are no tigers in Texas, I do not run. 😉

    • DragonLady says:

      LOL!!! You know I used to only run if I was being chased…or trying to graduate from basic training without being washed back… 😉

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