Feels like Monday

I had a 4 day weekend, and I don’t feel like I got any rest at all. It was nonstop busy from Friday night on. Shopping, traveling, cleaning, yard work, racing, cooking. Yes, I said racing, but should have said “racing.” I’ll get to that. ;)

Saturday morning Karyn picked me up and we went to do our long run. She did a long run. I did 4, and then sat on a picnic bench trying not to throw up until Karyn finished. haha We were both itching for some Ethiopian food and started planning a trip to the Ethiopian restaurant. She would have to secure child care, but we were going to try for that night. Turns out Sunday night was going to be better so with that trip postponed, I had no excuse not to mow my yard. Seriously, each of my neighbors has mowed at least twice since our front yard has been mowed. But, yeah, so I got the front and back yards mowed but no weed-eating.

I don’t remember if I mentioned it last week (or ever), but back in late May/early June, I got race registration happy and signed up for a bunch. I really didn’t pay too close attention or I would NOT have signed up for the RunRaleigh 8K the weekend following the CARA Run for their Lives 10K. Dumb, dumb, dumb. Anyway, that is why I only ran 4 on Saturday instead of the 9 that was scheduled. We drove up to downtown Raleigh with me hoping for a race-cancelling storm the whole way. No luck. Hot & muggy, though not as hot as it would have been had it not rained before we got there. It also rained some during the race. Knowing my pace, I stayed at the back when the race started, but pretty soon I was talking smack (in my head) about the runners I was passing thinking that they must be really slow. At the end of the first mile, I checked my pace and I was running just a little over a 10 min mile. Ok, I don’t run 10 min miles. Needless to say, just past mile 3, I hit the wall, and ended up having to walk up the hills (which weren’t even big hills), and trot down. I ran (if you could call it that) the last 2 blocks just because I wasn’t going to walk across the finish line. Run or crawl. I grabbed my time (1:04:41 (Gun), 1:04:18 (Chip)), a banana, bottle of water, and we booked it out of there.

I had the hubster text Karyn on our way home since we were getting home a full 45 min sooner than I had estimated in case they wanted to head up sooner. They did, and so I took a shower (Karyn insisted – lol), and we made our second trip of the day to Raleigh. The second trip was the better of the 2 by far! Joe & Karyn had already ordered (yes, this was preplanned), and it seems like the food came out soon after we got there. Really, that time we were at the restaurant seemed to just fly by…unlike that 8k. ;)

Monday was the second trip of the weekend to Walmart (ugh), and yesterday I spent behind the wheel for 6 hours. Oh, and let me drive for 1.5+ hours without having to change gears, and at the point I have to stop or slow down considerably, I will forget that I am driving a standard and wonder why the truck is bucking. haha. Ok, maybe it was because I was talking to my mom on the phone (hands free). I was so tired when I got home and the kids made me take them to the store. As if I hadn’t spent enough time in stores over the weekend. I went to bed at 8:30 and I guess I just passed out.

So, yeah. Today feels like a Monday. And I am not spell/grammar checking. Don’t judge me. lol

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  1. You’ve been a busy lady. I’m so proud of you running marathons. I love Ethiopian food, and prepare it at home.

    The grass has been growing like crazy here in Maryland, so I’m cutting it every week. I mainly use a push mower for our land, it’s quite a work out since it’s easily over an acre, parts of it are hilly. By the time I’m finished I’m covered in sweat.

    My daughter and I’ll be running a few this spring. I wanted to this year (and include her) but her schedule even during the summer has been busy. She’s signed up for track this spring, I’ll be assisting with that. I figure we’ll just transition into a marathon or two. :)

    The senior pastor of our Lutheran church is running a triathlon in a few weeks. He’s in his 40s. He’s run several. How cool is that? The assistant pastor has run several also. He’s in his 70’s.

    • DragonLady says:

      Very busy indeed, and I left some things out that may get blogged about in a couple months or so. Or not. ;)

      I pretty much haven’t met an ethnic food I didn’t like. That said, last time I was the newbie and was supposed to eat the egg, but I refused. The hubby was the newbie this time and he actually ate it, but I think that was the last thing he did eat. lol I got a recipe from Karyn that I haven’t made in forever since it is a noodle dish, but I am about ready to try it with some gluten free noodles. :)

      I have a riding mower so I have no excuse not to mow regularly. We push mowed the first year after we bought the house, and it was definitely a workout. I could still push mow it but it would take all day.

      I have no more races until the half-marathon in November.

      A part of me wants to do a tri, but there’s the part of me that doesn’t swim well and doesn’t want to buy a good bike. ;) That is so cool still running tri’s in his 70’s. Not that being in the 40’s is no small feat from someone who just started running in her 40’s. lol :)

  2. Uhm.. that shouldn’t have been Opaly. What in the world was I thinking? :laughatu:
    Opal @ Playing with Fiber recently posted..When it rains, it pours; Weak or no signalMy Profile

  3. Petra says:

    I’m going to start calling you Forrest if you keep this up!! :)

    Mmmmm, Ethiopian food… I so need to head back there!!! :)

    • DragonLady says:

      LOL! Except I don’t just keep running and running and running… ;)

      Oh, man it was SOOOOO GOOD!!!!!! I made the Ethiopian noodles from a recipe Karyn posted a year or so ago Sunday, and when I got home from work yesterday, the house still smelled like berbere. :drool:

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