Funday Friday #27

So there I was, minding my own business (for once – lol) at work, and a spider ran out from under my keyboard at me. I totally lost myself, and no longer have any rep left for being tough. The whole office said that was the fastest they have ever seen me move. At least I didn’t scream. 😉

I managed to keep my birthday a secret at work until I was walking out the door at the end of the day. I did tell one person that morning, and he kept it himself as he had promised. I have to thank Facebook for living up to Failbook yesterday so that I was just finishing up dinner before my cousin Sharon could wish me happy birthday. I knew she wouldn’t forget.

The graveyard_dead group on Instagram featured my photo of Uncle Hoover’s headstone this week.

James and I went to Shucker’s for my birthday dinner last night, so here are pics of the sunset and dinner.

This is really all I have unless I resort to complaining about my neck/shoulder/back pain. So here’s some Christmasy Judy Garland.

4 Responses to 'Funday Friday #27'

  1. Jill Schmidt says:

    So I kind of thought you didn’t want to see a ton of FB Happy Birthday wishes, but since Sharon did it I felt I was free to do it as well! HA! We will totally blame her! Hope you had a great day! Merry Christmas!!

    • DragonLady says:

      LOL! I didn’t mind the Fb posts, I just didn’t want my co-workers to make it a thing especially since we had the Christmas potluck yesterday. Aside from waking up with a migraine (which I still have), it was a good day. Well, it was a really good dinner, particularly the 2 martinis I had with dinner. 😉

  2. Happy belated birthday! Dinner looks like it was awesome!