Funday Friday #25

I don’t have much today. The kids keep reminding me it is payday and we need food even though the fridge is full of Thanksgiving leftovers. I may or may not have dropped the dressing on the floor last night when I went to put it away, and then may or may not have just put it back in the dish and into the fridge. Stop judging me. I’ll be the only one to eat it anyway.

We had Thanksgiving dinner with Lee & Rachel and their family. I have hilarious video, but Faith asked me not to upload it. lol Hope was so excited and kept running back and forth between James and I. So much cuteness. I ate too much, and drank too much, and was therefore up at 2am guzzling water with the kids wondering what the heck I was doing up. They devoured what was left of the apple cake, and so there are just some crumbs left in the pan that I may have to go eat now that I have finally finished my coffee.

Was introduced to this yesterday.

2 Responses to 'Funday Friday #25'

  1. I’m so disturbed by that ketchup video. Someone took the time to make that song and video? Wow…LOL