Funday Friday #23

I had a small breakthrough this week. I found one of my pairs of arch supports, and started wearing them Wednesday. I had no lower back pain yesterday after I put my shoes on, and have had none at all today. Now maybe I will be motivated to go find the other pair or 2 I own. Along with that one pair of boots I can’t seem to find.

Speaking of Wednesday. The hubster went to court again Wednesday morning, and has yet another continuance. :sigh: But, this time his lawyer was not feeling well, and James said he looked really bad up close, so probably a good thing. But there was a good photo op in the parking lot. James spotted it, and we both found it funny.

Yes, it is juvenile. Whatevs. 😉

I’m about to make some dietary changes…again. Breakfast will not be the same. On the other hand, I should really pick up the phone and make an appointment with Dr Garlick to get some testing done.

For your daily TMI, you get another little work story. I came back from the bathroom this morning and said to the other female in the office, “That was round one. Consider that a warning.” A few minutes later, she gets up, and then comes back and says, “Martha!” To which I responded, “What? I warned you.” Apparently she didn’t wait long enough. And she knew I had chili last night. lol

Evie won’t bite anybody or anything. Except Jamie.

I think instead of running a 5k in the morning, I will run “the loop” which is 3.4 miles. Because I haven’t run it in a while. And I need to get in some hills before next weekend’s 5k.

I need a haircut.

KitKat has stopped sleeping on the ledge and falling off. She is napping in my office again. Amber acts like she thinks KitKat is a male and seems to be trying to seduce her. SMH. Tiger might have hit it the other day. :-/ But last night Tiger just smelled her and then ran off. KitKat is the only one that’s been fixed. The rest of them need fixing. I will gladly let someone pay for that. 😉

I guess this is all I got. The following was in the recommended videos when I got the link for Jamie and Evie, and I found it hilarious. 🙂

2 Responses to 'Funday Friday #23'

  1. Petra says:

    My feet stopped being in pain all the time after the physical therapist told me I was standing/walking wrong. I thought I was doomed to never wear cute shoes again. I made the changes she suggested, and now, a few weeks later – no foot pain and I can wear uncomfortable shoes again! Hooray!

    I can’t believe you said whatevs.

    Ok. I would bite Jamie too! I nearly had a seizure just watching all her jerky fast hand motions around that dogs head! Lol

  2. DragonLady says:

    Somewhere I have a paper from RAF Lakenheath’s physical therapy with back exercises they gave me along with arch supports. Somewhere…

    Yeah, I normally don’t, but I said that and “totes” and a couple more at Chad one day, and he was all “No. Just no.” So I throw it out every now and then. lol