Funday Friday #19

5 for 5. You know, this has been a good week. All the same problems exist. I’ve been crazy busy, and maybe even a bit more than normal. But aside from an episode yesterday morning, I feel mentally better than I have for a while even though I am still pretty overwhelmed. I’m sure that 12.5 mile cycling trip Sunday had a lot to do with it. I mean, I rode to exhaustion which I am sure burned off a lot of the adrenalin my body thinks it needs. I need to keep that in mind and keep up with running and cycling.

Last night was rehearsal for Sunday. I was pretty stinking nervous heading over there. I’ve been to rehearsal before so I knew what to expect, but I hadn’t ever been an active part of it. And to be perfectly honest, I was terrified of majorly screwing up the songs. After all, it’s 5 songs I had never played, and 2 I hadn’t even heard. Funny enough, the song I was most familiar with is the one I have the most trouble with remembering the chords. I had a blast. We went through all the songs but one and then took a break before coming back and going through again like a dry run according to the service schedule. I chilled out a lot after the first 2 songs during the first run through. I think all the practice I’ve been doing this week has helped with my mental state as much as the bike ride last weekend. And this song is just a great pick-me-up:

Got a kind of busy weekend in store, but it’s going to mostly be fun stuff. I have to do some Algebra tutoring with Chad which I’ve been putting off, but it does really appeal to my inner math nerd. We are going to Lee & Rachel’s tomorrow evening, so that will be fun. It was such a good time last time I kept thinking “Why haven’t we done this sooner?” Church will be an all day event for me since I’m playing with the C.O.R.E Worship Team, but I am looking forward to it.

With the lack of tater tots and/or wine and/or hard cider and/or pumpkin spiced lattes over the past week, I’m loosing a few pounds again. Huh. Who knew? 😉 Ok, I knew. Comfort eating and drinking is how I got fat to begin with. I am also more convinced that the pumpkin spice is not gluten free anymore. :wail: Not that my scalp or hands have recovered from my last glutening. But my digestion has. You’re welcome. #everybodypoops 😉

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  1. Petra says:

    The Cosby Show – hahahahaha!!!!! (& also tears because I have their refrigerator. It’s almost identical. **sigh** #timetoupgrade…..)