1. I don’t know what got me last week, but it cost me what was left of my sick time, and a chunk of vacation. Only 2 days, but I really hadn’t accrued much since I used up everything when I took vacation in July. Petra is pretty sure that it was the Progresso soups and the stop at Sonic Wednesday. Who am I to argue? 😉

2. I’ve lost some of my enthusiasm for homeschooling. The boy is behind. He needs math tutoring which I am capable of providing. However, as I told him, he has to be awake when I am home and awake so I can help.

3. I’m not going to attempt the full marathon next month. I’m downgrading to the half. More on that tomorrow.

4. I’m back off of caffeine. But I did get my hands on a triple venti pumpkin spice latte Friday. I did not help the migraine either, but it was yummy.

5. We finally cancelled the Sirius account on the van and added my car to the account. By we I mean the hubby. Because I avoid phone calls. The van was totaled last December, but Sirius accidentally gave me an additional free 6 months in the car, so it kind of evened out.

6. I took a nap at lunch today. This is not unusual for me. Anyway, when my alarm went off, I had been so asleep that I didn’t completely know where I was. I mean, I knew, but it looked unfamiliar for a few minutes.

7. Should be paying bills right now.

8. Needs a free masseuse who doesn’t expect any activity after the massage. Just sayin’. 😉

9. Need to clean out my car. This hasn’t happened since the July ladies night at Abyssinia.

10. Is going to bed now.

2 Responses to 'Recovery'

  1. angelique says:

    There is something going around, a bug, flu or just stomach virus but it takes you right off your feet! I hope you feel better soon!
    if your son needs help with anything other than math let me know 🙂