Oh the pain

It’s funny. Sometimes I can connect the dots right away, and sometimes it takes me a while. And, yeah, sometimes it’s after the fact. With the exception of a couple meals last week with cornbread, I’ve been eating vegan since the 5th. I know this would involve detoxing, much like I did back in January, but I didn’t expect it to be painful. Sure, I am probably reaching, but the migraine last week followed by joint pain this week is almost the same as I went through back in January when I gave up the artificial flavors/colors/preservatives. Which makes me wonder just how bad was I really eating since I didn’t give up meat back in January. Regardless, Monday and Tuesday I had awful leg pain without having been on my feet enough to justify that kind of leg pain. Yesterday, it was concentrated mainly in my left leg, though it was in general the entire left side. Today it is the right side. Weird.

Anyway, so I am now losing the 5 pounds I gained thanks to the Halloween candy container that is located in my office. I have noticed another benefit of giving up meat, but I will spare you that despite the fact I shared it with Petra already. She was very appreciative that I told her. hahaha! I got on pinterest again and found a few more recipes that were either already gluten free/vegan or were easily modified. It would be great if I actually liked to cook, but alas, I really would rather heat up a box or bowl full of chemically enhanced “food” than prep. :sigh:

So really this point of this post is just to whine because I want a bacon cheeseburger. And I want it on a gluteny bun. And the hubster wants me to cook the usual big Thanksgiving spread. :sigh:

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  1. MacBros says:

    Oh Great! Now I wanna Bacon Cheeseburger…. Yum!,

  2. Well, when you do get the urge to cook, and have the time. Why not make a bunch of meals so the only thing you have to do is heat and server, or heat and add a few extras.

    For example, when I’m super busy… I tend to cook food in bulk. Beans and rice are a good example. I prepare those in bulk, put them in pyrex glass storage containers, and freeze. The only thing I have to do is heat the beans/rice in the skillet, and toss in fresh produce.

    • DragonLady says:

      Whether or not I have the urge, I make several things on the weekends that I can eat throughout the week. This wouldn’t be such an issue if the rest of my family ate like I did.

      Huh. And I typed this like 5 hours ago and forgot to post it. lol 🙂

      • Well toss their food in, or get them to start cooking too. 😉 I prepare vegan and non-vegan food in our house. When I’m busy it’s all done in bulk, the only thing I have to do is toss the ingredients together.

        My daughter eats mainly veggie, but does occasionally eat meats (chicken, fish, and beef) too. She already knows how to cook, she learned at four (that’s when I learned)and has been steadily increasing her culinary skills. I told her can blow quite a few adults out of the water with her cooking culinary skills. And it’s true, she can make a variety of stir fry dishes, homemade pizzas, eggrolls, lasagna, cakes, pies, etc., And they taste great.

        I try to make the cooking lessons entertaining, so for her it’s fun… and another chance for us to bond. If she was a boy, I’d still be giving her the same lessons. I realize cooking is a great skill to have, I started her off when she expressed an interest in what I was doing at the age of four. It has its advantages, since when she’s on her own she’ll know that she won’t have to depend on processed junk or restaurant food. And even now, she’s prepared several times with me in the background supervising. A nice break for me, and a great confidence boost for her, since she gets the spotlight and a chance to shine. 😉

        • DragonLady says:

          The hubby does the majority of cooking for himself and the kids, and the kids can cook a few things themselves when they absolutely have to. For instance, if the hubby and I are gone all day, they are capable of feeding themselves. 🙂 I just don’t trust any of them to be careful with keeping gluten out of my food. I make that a blanket statement. The hubby is capable of it, and has done it, but he also pretty much just wants to eat meat and potatoes despite my insistence that he is eating about as low nutrition a diet as he possibly can short of eating chips and drinking soda. 😉

  3. Petra says:

    When I gave up gluten, I almost gave up at the two week mark, but by week three, I was feeling so good.

    When I gave up MSG and other artificial flavors, I felt SO awful for a while.

    Yet here I am after giving up all the animals, and I’m like “this sucks; it’s not working!” ha.