So now I can just relax

Let me repeat what I said when I got to mile 11 of the half marathon: “You only have 2 more miles and then you never have to run again!” But, then my knees quit hurting, and the reality of the fact that I actually ran* 13.1 miles sunk in and I was like “Yeah, I can do that again.” Sort of.

I certainly cannot do that run again, hilly or flat, without some additional training besides just running. While I can run faster and longer since I lost weight, the loss of fat around my knees have not really been replaced by muscle, and so that old problem of too much side to side kneecap movement is a problem again. This also (I think) is causing some knee rotation which affects both my ankles and hips. So, I will be working on strengthening my knees to build up muscle and decrease patella movement.

Also, I need to work on core. This, too, affects everything from the waist down. That and I would love to see some definition back in my upper body. There is still a significant amount of flab under my arms and on my back in addition to the spare tire I am still carrying around. My doctor told me that my weight is now fine, and that I just need to concentrate on fitness rather than weight loss. So I am not looking so much to lose weight as to firm and tone.

And now that I am no longer hurting from the half, I am thinking that I might get up the nerve to run a full next year. I’m mostly committed to another half in March (I told Karyn she would probably be able to talk me into it, but I haven’t registered yet), and how I perform in that will determine finally if I will shoot for a full…which Karyn will have to do with me. ;)

I ran 3 miles Saturday because 1) I’ve been registered for a 5k on Dec 1 since like August and 2) Karyn talked me into an 8k Thanksgiving morning. So I made myself run even though I absolutely did not want to. It was cold, and I didn’t wait long enough after using my inhaler so I wheezed and gasped for 2 of the 3 miles. I booked it pretty well the last half mile because I had to use the bathroom. Yes, you all need to know that. If I’d ran more than 3 miles, there would have been an accident. Just sayin’.

And finally, since the DragonLady refuses to run in the dark alone, she is going to join the YMCA because she is pretty sure that would be cheaper than buying a treadmill with a wide track. I couldn’t use the one we had because I stagger too much when I run, and the track was just too narrow for me. The hubster was fine with it, but we sold it because it was mainly collecting dust…much like our elliptical and stationary bike and Bowflex.

So, yeah, I guess I can’t really relax relax. But, I have a couple of weeks before half marathon training begins again.

*Run is a relative term. Trot/slow jog would have better described the last 3-4 miles since there were walkers passing me.

8 Responses to 'So now I can just relax'

  1. MacBros says:

    Can you tone it down a little with all this healthy exercise stuff please? You’re making me look bad… Very VERY bad!!! :timeout:
    MacBros recently posted..Have You Met Tard – The Grumpy Cat?My Profile

    • DragonLady says:

      What can I say? I fell in with a bad crowd and caved to the peer pressure. :cheesy:

      On a serious note, I feel better than I’ve felt in years. Of course I am saying that while my legs ache like I’ve been on my feet all day instead of sitting a desk typing. :pullhair:

  2. Congrats on the race. I hope you find a training plan you like, and a safe place so you don’t have to run in the dark, that way you can continue running and love it.
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  3. Petra says:

    I’m wondering if I should join the Y as well. They probably have classes with the types of exercises I’m supposed to be doing. I should look into how much that costs… :)

    • DragonLady says:

      I can’t remember exactly, but I think the Sanford Y cost around twice as much as the Pittsboro Y. But I’m about halfway between the 2, so it comes solely down to $$$ for me. ;)

      • Petra says:

        I thought they were all the same price and that if you joined one Y, you could go to other Y’s. I just remember trying to join back when I only had four kids, and it was way too expensive.

        • DragonLady says:

          Apparently, at least around here, it is sort of regional? There is a package deal for the Chapel Hill, Pittsboro, and another Y in Chatham, and I think the Lee county Y is included with a Triangle group? Regardless, a family membership at just the Pittsboro Y is very affordable. The others are more like “commercial” gyms/fitness centers.

          And of course I have yet to go to Pittsboro and sign up. ;)