I ran like the wind…

…in my mind. In reality, I was sucking wind. I ran the Rabbit Run 5K this past Saturday. By run, I mean I ran just a little over a mile until I was about to puke and then proceeded to walk up the hills, and run down and on the flat. 😉 I was not last overall. However, I was the last of the Brick City Running Tribe group. That was a given though. 😉 Last in my age group, too. But I finished. Oh, heck, I went. That was an accomplishment in itself because I woke up sick as a dog. But I paid a registration fee…

Brick City Running Tribe Representing! (Central Carolina Community College photo)

I totally needed all the motivation I could muster, which wasn’t much of my own. I was kind of freaking out about not being ready for it last week, and my good friend Molly kept telling me, “YOU GOT THIS!” and “YOU CAN DO THIS!” So being a bit on the snarky side, I said “I’m going to write “Molly says, “YOU CAN DO THIS!”” on my arm with a Sharpie. She said something to the effect of, “You better,” and so…I did.

Yes, I looked at that every single time I wanted to stop and puke. I didn’t puke, by the way.

Turns out, I was still in the beginning of being sick, and got worse. I tried to run Monday, and didn’t even make it halfway around the track before my run became a walk…because the DragonLady doesn’t run when she’s dizzy. I should have taken Sunday morning as a cue because I got dizzy singing, and seriously considered sitting down…even though I was leading. I think that falls under listening to your body when it is trying to tell you that you are sick. But I guess the antibiotics have kicked in because after the awfulness of yesterday (which is why I didn’t complete this post yesterday), I am feeling much better now, and 4.4 pounds lighter than yesterday morning. Yes, that was all kinds of fun losing that in one day….not. And yes, that was also partially the result of last week’s glutening at Andy’s as I was bloated up so much I looked pregnant before starting the antibiotics. So, yeah, the reaction is delayed, and so is put to rest the mystery on what causes the 1-2 hour runs. *sigh* Yes, Petra, I was in serious denial. 😉

Since my Tuesday Training post is just getting written posted on Wednesday, Wholesome Wednesday post may or may not get done today. We’ll see. I have a busy night ahead, but part of it will be spent waiting on the oven and dryer, so how better to kill that time that blogging right?

7 Responses to 'I ran like the wind…'

  1. MacBros says:

    And you got me with THIS!

    Are you doing this on purpose?

  2. Petra says:

    1. Molly is a great motivator!!!

    2. Way to go on the run!!!

    3. Um, yeah – reactions to an intolerance can last or take a week. It’s not an allergy where you have an immediate reaction. It affects all your innards. I hope you will stop eating gluten now! 😉

    • DragonLady says:

      1. Yes! 🙂

      2. Thank you! :ninja1:

      3. What was that phrase I said a while back? Stubbornness is next to godliness? 😉 I guess this was one of those lessons that I had to fall on my face a few times to learn. lol But, yeah, no more gluten. :sigh:

  3. I was so proud that you did go and was laughing with a bit of pride that I was “with you” the whole run…I love motivating my friends…becuase you guys motivate me all the time!