“I’ll fly away, oh glory”

What would happen if you could fly whenever you wanted? When would you use this ability?

Oh, I like this question much better. But I will put a parameter on it. I will make this flying ability to be like that of Superman. I have dreamed of having this ability, and even hallucinated it once in the dentist’s office, unless I really did have an out-of-body experience. I lean more towards the hallucination though based upon a previous Darth Vader incident with same dentist. (This would be why I liked “laughing gas” so much.)

So here is what would happen. The DragonLady would no longer have an hour-long one-way commute to and from work. Oh, yeah, I would travel as the crow flies…literally…above and away from the traffic. There would also be no more driving to my mom’s house. I would just fly right over the rivers and woods, and Tennessee. Granted, this would really entail the rest of the family also being able to fly.

Bottom line, significantly less driving for me.

9 Responses to '“I’ll fly away, oh glory”'

  1. MacBros says:

    OH YES! It’s the best way to travel.

  2. Teeni says:

    I used to dream I could fly also but rather than like Superman, it was more like Cuckoo man because sometimes I’d feel like I was losing control. I’d have to get a running start to actually get off the ground and sometimes I’d lose momentum just when I needed it most (like when King Kong was chasing me) – yeah, some of the dreams were nightmares. LOL. So if I DID have this ability, I’d be using it all the time. Are you kidding me? Saving fuel resources and saving myself from the stresses of traffic would be awesome! I don’t have the flying dreams so much anymore and I kind of miss that freeing feeling.

    • DragonLady says:

      Oh, I have had the losing momentum happen when I dream I am flying a plane, and trying to take off. I always run out of runway and end up on a highway trying to avoid either power lines or bridges. LOL

  3. mel says:

    I’m with you, I would definitely fly to work.

  4. Curtal Friar says:

    Yeah, but just imagine if everyone had that ability and used it to fly to work every morning.

    This would happen:

    Up up and away….zoooooom…..BONK!!!(two commuters bonking heads at high speed)…assuming they survive the high-speed head-bonk, they’re probably home for the rest of the day with a massive headache. 😆