Maniacal Monday #18

I had such a fun weekend. I mean, it did warrant the rarely seen weekend post. There is a lot that I don’t really remember because I think I spent a ridiculous amount of time playing minesweeper. Don’t judge me. I did play another game, but I’ll get to that.

So after that run, I was determined to do nothing and go no where the rest of the day. But that didn’t happen as I had to get some more quinoa and I couldn’t find the leather wipes that I got for my car so I had to get some more of them. Told the guy about “losing” the other ones and followed up with “I bet you I find them now!” Anyway, I couldn’t get out of the house without Chad noticing so he sent a Food Lion order with me. I set out, and I wasn’t a half a mile up the road before it started sprinkling. It lightly rained off and on until I got to Pittsboro, and as I came down the hill by Horton Middle School, I could see that it was raining heavily at the bottom of the hill just past the light. And yeah, it was pouring at every stop but the last one. So, the forecast for Saturday was 100% chance of rain every time I went somewhere. Pretty sure it didn’t rain at all at home on Saturday.

Sunday was the day we scheduled our girls night out that hasn’t happened in a while. We were all craving Ethiopian, and we had to get it in around vacations before Karyn moves. We agreed to meet at my house at 4:30 because I volunteered to drive. I needed that incentive to clean out my car which is why I needed the wipes. It did not (apparently) mean vacuuming my car since that didn’t happen. But the seats were clean. lol Anyway, so knowing they were coming, rather than pick up around the house, I spent the afternoon playing Sim City. That’s how I roll and that is why my house is a pig sty. That and I am on strike again. Like that ever works. Anyway, turned out we needed to pick up Karyn on the way, so I really didn’t let Petra and Brittany in the house. Really that was more of a dog issue since Gizmo was trying to use that opportunity to get out.

We were hungry when we got there due to saving ourselves for it, and demolished the food in like 15 minutes. After dinner we went around the corner to take pictures in front of this big mural, and, oh, my goodness. Comedy gold. But then a mall cop ran us off. Again, comedy gold. A couple of us are accustomed to security guards/real cops running us off. It does make for entertaining stories. Like getting arrested. ;) “good friends | good food | good times” Also comedy gold: the bug that flew in Petra’s eye that Brittany had to get out. Because for some reason this year we have gnat swarms and they swarmed us.

So then I get home, and immediately Chad told me we had to go to Food Lion because “we have no food.” We did, but it was all stuff he won’t eat or stuff that would have to be thawed before cooking. I made sure that was a quick trip, and as I paid for it, I got a text, but I didn’t bother to look at it until we were walking out. It was Jamie. “Get me tuna.” My response? “Too late. Will get u some tomorrow.” Yeah, I wasn’t going back. Mother of the year.

And then, as I was changing into my jammies I remembered the plank. Ugh. That was a painful 60.8 seconds. It took me a while to get up off the floor from that one. Suffice to say, I was so exhausted by the time I got in bed, I didn’t need any sleepy dust. lol I also didn’t want to get up this morning. One of my co-workers said to me “Yeah, no make up this morning.” I replied, “Please, I didn’t even brush my hair.” Because really, once it’s in a pony tail, you can’t tell. Stop judging me! ;)

Speaking of comedy gold:

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  1. Jenn says:

    I’m exhausted just reading that! I hope your week is a little more relaxed!
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