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“I’ll fly away, oh glory”

What would happen if you could fly whenever you wanted? When would you use this ability?

Oh, I like this question much better. But I will put a parameter on it. I will make this flying ability to be like that of Superman. I have dreamed of having this ability, and even hallucinated it once in the dentist’s office, unless I really did have an out-of-body experience. I lean more towards the hallucination though based upon a previous Darth Vader incident with same dentist. (This would be why I liked “laughing gas” so much.)

So here is what would happen. The DragonLady would no longer have an hour-long one-way commute to and from work. Oh, yeah, I would travel as the crow flies…literally…above and away from the traffic. There would also be no more driving to my mom’s house. I would just fly right over the rivers and woods, and Tennessee. Granted, this would really entail the rest of the family also being able to fly.

Bottom line, significantly less driving for me.

Hey, watch me pull a skeleton out of my closet

What is something you dislike about yourself?

Wow. So, this question comes from writing prompts, which comes via Petra who decided to use it for blogging inspiration, and I volunteered to do it with her. And that’s the first question/prompt. Wow.

Well, that would be my lack of self-control. I was stunned a few weeks ago to finally see that I am a binger. I binge eat, drink, read, game, sleep (ok, used to binge sleep, and would love to still be able to), shop, watch movies/shows, whatever, as long as it is in some way unhealthy personally, spiritually, financially, or relationally.

My acknowledgement of my lack of self-control goes back to my 2-months ago blog post where I asked what I am going to sacrifice. Well, heck. I’ve never denied myself anything, ever. Ever. Ok, I take that back. I did a 24 hour fast completely once. A couple of weeks ago I fasted 8 meals over 4 days.

Yep, no self-control. I do not like that about myself.