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I figured I would put up my reading list. Some of these have some explanation like why I started reading it, but haven’t finished it yet.

This was a study we did at church with the “young” women. I quote the word “young” because I was the old head in the group. The rest of the ladies are young. 😉 Anyway, we only got up to a point and the class has been put on hold, and I figured I’d go ahead and finish the book even though I was at least 75% through it. Will likely be finished tonight.

I was actively reading this, but wasn’t half way. Hit the halfway mark last night.

I don’t pass up a freebie, and I got this as a free Kindle download. No, I don’t have a Kindle or a Nook, but I have the Kindle and Nook apps on my pc. I got through 2 chapters, and wasn’t finding it overly interesting compared to, oh, spider solitaire.

This is actually 3 books in one. I’ve already read Chosen by God, so that makes me 1/3 finished with this, and it’s the 2nd book.

I started this and have no idea why I put it aside.

I read Bringing up Girls, and it was pretty interesting read. I was having a hard time getting into this one, and sat it aside.

I kept waiting for this one to get easier to read.

Interesting, but technical. I put this one aside when I went back to grad school. About 75% through it also.

Interesting, but a hard read.

I bought this on my fail vacation last summer.

I am 99% sure I have read this book. I read one of her books when I was around 12, and this title sounds more familiar than The Hiding Place.

This isn’t officially on my 20 by Easter reading list. However, since I never got around to reading this (grad school), and it’s actually 5 books in one volume, I am putting it up as backup in case I can’t manage one or more of the above books.

The more I look at my list, the more I think I should have left the challenge at 10 books in March.

What is it with a challenge?

And why can’t I just leave a challenge as it stands and not up the ante? So here’s the deal. My friend Molly put up a challenge to read 10 books in March. I am totally up for that since I gave up gaming for lent (and I can’t tell you how hard it was not to play spider solitaire last night or this morning), so I should be able to fill that void with reading. So I went through the books I have listed in Goodreads, and wrote down the ones I have either started or haven’t read at all yet. That would be 20. Actually, it’s probably 19 as I have 2 Corrie Ten Boom books listed, and one of them I read when I was around 12, but I can’t remember which one I read. Since I have started reading 8 of those books, and just need to finish them, I have decided that I am going to complete my list of 20 by Easter. That’s 6 1/2 weeks…with no naps… 😉

Challenge #1: 20 books by Easter.

Now that I have lost 20 pounds, and it is actually noticeable now, I need to start working on core training to tone, build up muscle, and absolutely do something about the fat between my underarms and boobs. That fat goes away most effectively with pushups. I haven’t been able to do a real pushup in years. When I got out of the military I could only do 1. Yes, that is pathetic. I never was in danger of maxing out on pushups, but in my younger years, I was always able to do between 10 and 20. So my next challenge has to do with pushups, and is a 2-part.

Challenge #2a: 1 real pushup by March 2.
Challenge #2b: 10 real pushups by March 31.

Back in the Air Force, I ballooned up dangerously close to my max weight after I quit smoking. Rather than risking being put on the fat girl program (and having less than a year left and refusing to buy new uniforms), I started taking my fat arse to the gym. I went every weekday afternoon and still remember my routine:

Monday: Stationary bike (because that’s what we were PT tested on) and weights.
Tuesday: Elliptical and crunches.
Wednesday: Rowing, stair stepper, or treadmill (depending on my mood) and weights.
Thursday: Same as Tuesday
Friday: Same as Monday.

I wasn’t really dieting at the time. I gave up chips, but I think that was it. Hence, it took a full year to lose 20 pounds. Now that I have identified my comfort food addiction, and cut out the addictive foods (mainly pastas and breads), I somewhat have a handle on my diet and have lost 20 pounds in about 4 months, predominantly through diet. I say that because I haven’t done crossfit in months, and haven’t managed more than 2 runs a week if that. In fact, I haven’t run in over 2 weeks now. So my next challenge is exercise related.

Challenge #3: Cardio and core at least 3 times a week…each.

Anyone want to join me for any or all of these?