Funday Friday #29

This is going to be my last “Funday Friday” post. Probably. 😉 I’ve decided I am going to stop the whole attempt at theme day blogging and go back to how I was just writing what I wanted to write when I wanted to write. And if that means 2 months between posts, well, someone should tell me to blog something after about a week. I’m looking at you Molly. 🙂

It is so freaking cold outside!!! And I know Molly doesn’t want to hear about the cold here. Sorry Molz. 😉

I’ve been carbing up all week for tomorrow’s 15k. At least that is my excuse for all the tater tots I have consumed.

Amber earned her keep this morning.


And she told Tiger (and everyone else) through a steady stream of growling that it was her mouse.

Have a great weekend, and I just might blog over the weekend. But don’t hold your breath. 😉

4 Responses to 'Funday Friday #29'

  1. Weird Al! HAHAHA, love it! I say blog how you wanna blog. It is yours after all! 😉

  2. Angel says:

    freeeezing here girly!…Brrrr!!!!! 🙂 :pole: