Funday Friday #26

This has been an interesting week. Pretty sure I could have slept 24×7 all week. I’ve also been in a pretty cynical mood overall. And in pain. There might be a correlation.

I got my new running shoes!!

I couldn’t wait and put those bad boys on while still in my work clothes and did a sprint down the driveway and back. Thought I would die! Walked back in the house gasping, and James was like “What’s wrong?” Because he didn’t notice I had the new shoes on and thought that something was after me while he sat there engrossed with whatever he was watching on TV.

I started soaking in epsom salt this week because 1) to help get some magnesium intake without actually taking it and 2) I just like soaking in a tub of really warm water, especially around that time of the month. Only thing missing was wine to accompany the tub soak. Anywho, I had kind of a belly ache Wednesday. I thought nothing out of it since, like I said, that time of the month. Plus, I have been glutened multiple times over the last couple of weeks, and that always results in some significant intestinal cramping. So after trying out my new running shoes, I went upstairs and started running the bath. Put the epsom salt in, and got undressed. Before I got in the tub, or even to the tub, I decided that some gas needed to go. And that’s when I learned that when you have had some significant belly cramping never trust a fart. Oh.My.Word. Last time I had an incident like that I was 9 years old and KNEW I had diarrhea, and just couldn’t get to a bathroom in time. #everybodypoops

Speaking of running, I am running the Reindeer Run 12k tomorrow morning. Running may include walking or crawling so I can finish and get the finisher’s medal. 😉 70% chance of rain. 🙁

I pulled out my old band jacket today and wore it to work showing my support for my old alma mater playing for state championship. It caused some laughing with “I can’t believe you still have that!” Like they don’t know I’m a hoarder. lol. Had it occurred to me, I would be wearing my class ring too. 😉 I saw on Facebook that the championship game has been postponed from tomorrow until the 14th because of bad weather. And on that note, Carrie won the snow game yesterday which I called one of the AR cousins winning even though Jill is in the lead for wins so far this year. I am sure to lose all the time now since it will take a nor’easter for me to beat Jill now. 🙂

Chad put the tree up yesterday. Just the tree. It’s a little crooked and the lights are plugged in the wrong order, but it’s out of the box. I might actually put some more stuff on it now. I guess at some point I need to find out what was done with the outside lights and put those back up. I really dislike putting those up, but I really love looking at them.

This is pretty stinking funny.

2 Responses to 'Funday Friday #26'

  1. Yay new shoes!! Those are what I wear and the only shoe I’ve worn since I started running over the last year (3 pairs, all the same shoe in different colors each time).

    • DragonLady says:

      I was a die-hard Asics wearer until I tried on my first pair of Mizuno’s last year. Love them! And I broke them in good this morning with a cold and drizzly 12k. 🙂