Maniacal Monday #20

I got busy last week and never did finish the post I started. So, perhaps I will finish it today.

1. Counseling: “I don’t want to vomit on her.” But I did. Not literally. It was a verbal vomit starting with “I’m not sure where to even start…” and then it all just spewed out like it was 4am after a night of playing quarters with mezcal which I just learned is not tequila. It was all disjointed and jumped around (like this post will be), but it did feel good to hear someone confirm that I had a lot fall on me at one time. And confirmed depression or at least that I like/want to sleep…a lot…and eat.

2. Running: I have not completed a long run since the 7 mile one. A week ago Sunday morning ended up as 10 instead of the 15 it was supposed to be, and my back got to hurting so bad the last 3 miles that I would lay down every time we came to a bench. The benches were about a half mile apart. Anyway, the last half mile I told the hubby that I had to lay down one last time if I was going to make it back. He started fighting with a wasp right away, which I just kind of ignored until he started yelling, “GET UP!” There was a definite urgency to it, so I did, and looked behind as I got up and there were a bunch of wasps swirling in front of the bench. I then took off running fast as I yelled “Oh, shit!” I don’t know how we didn’t get stung, nor the couple that ran through the middle of our episode.

I ran the CARA 10k Saturday, and in a way it didn’t suck as bad as last year and in a way it sucked worse. The event was/is great, but the course is a bit hilly. Granted, the last half is the part of the course I run nearly every week with the Tribe, so there was that familiarity. But I could tell I hadn’t run in a week or 2. It HURT. I am still sore. But I felt great when it was over (after I recovered). And one of the ladies volunteering ran me in the last half mile which really really helped take my mind off the pain and the urge to give up and walk. And then there was this:

Yes, that is a llama. Blurry llama because I took that post race.

3. The yard: I broke the riding mower.

Ugh. I considered JBWeld, but I don’t think it would really work. So I’ll be ordering a replacement part. :sigh:

4. Homeschool: Starting the day after Labor Day. With not all of the material. But enough to start, and so it will be a little bit odd scheduling. I got school supplies this weekend, and let me tell you it is so nice just getting 2 5-subject notebooks and 2 packs of mechanical pencils. So easy!

5. Music: I took my daughter with me shopping Saturday. I needed gluten free bread, and I like Whole Foods’ brand of sandwich bread. So since I also needed dog food, motor oil, and school supplies which I was going to get from Walmart, I decided to head to Chapel Hill instead of Cary. I haven’t really decided which is closer, but Jamie was begging for sushi, and since she likes it from the Harris Teeter heading up to Chapel Hill, that was 3 birds with one stone. Only thing, I took the truck since my car needed the oil change, and just had AM/FM radio instead of Sirius. She put it on 105.1 which is pop, and I then had to endure a lot of crap music. Like Macklemore. And Miley. In fact, I decided I hate Achy Breaky Heart that much more because without that “hit” from her daddy, Miley might not have become a celeb herself.

6. Pets: Buster has been way too barky lately. KitKat has retreated back to Jamie’s room and won’t come out. Tiger and Sushi don’t yet understand that my legs are not to be climbed especially when I am wearing shorts. Tiger doesn’t understand personal space things like “Keep your butt out of my face!” But he does rub my face with his so I guess he considers me part of his family. He is very social. Sushi, not so much. She is Spot, Jr. Looks like her. Acts like her.

7. Wrap up: I went to the dentist this morning. No cavities. On the way back to work, I got behind a chicken truck. I relayed that bit of info to my co-workers for a reason I won’t share, but one said, “Wasn’t there a song called ‘Chicken Truck’?” There was:

4 Responses to 'Maniacal Monday #20'

  1. That post looks like something that would spew out of my brain! I love it! Your descriptiveness is fantabulous.
    Courtney @ Don’t Blink. Just Run. recently posted..Attack of The BlerchMy Profile

  2. Petra says:

    1. It always feels good to let it out.
    2. When we lived in Washington, there was a house across the street from the church we went to, and they had a whole bunch of llamas in the yard.
    5. You know, there’s a Harris Teeter and a wal-mart across the street from Whole Foods in Cary.
    7. I’m not watching that video.