I embarrass my kids

I was ready to run last night. That’s what got this whole thing started. It was tribe run night, and I changed into my running clothes before I left work because I was going to run. But there was a reason that I posted on Facebook, “Maybe I should lay off the salsa for a while…” Anyway, my digestion is incidental. Chad informed me that he “needed” more lemonade. I needed bananas, so he was in luck. But the conversation at some point turned to being embarrassed to be with me (obviously he is willing to endure it to get what he wants). I chuckled and asked him to elaborate. “You sing.” Now I’m laughing. “You mean out loud in the store, or in general.” He said “In general,” so that means I will be singing a lot more often now. hahaha

But he wasn’t done. Then he started in on my attire which was according to him “Not enough clothes.” As I said before, I was dressed to run. Obnoxiously dressed, but dressed to run nonetheless. Yellow/blue shorts, bright sun-yellow yellow thin tank. According to him, they are short-shorts. To me, short-shorts are a lot closer to Daisy Dukes than what I was wearing. But anyway, I wore that to Food Lion, and he is still going on about my lack of clothes even though I told him they are used to seeing me dressed like that on Tuesday nights. I paid for it though, because I got cold…visibly…

So now I drift from that point, and go off on a tangent. I think that will be my new blogging style – start with a topic and then delve off to something fairly unrelated. Anyway, before we could get out of the house, Chad decided to tell me that I smelled bad…”like Evie’s butt.” That was not nice, and especially not nice considering there’s no telling how long it’s been since he has showered. But I digress. I did a quick smell check, and quickly determined that my deodorant was no longer doing it’s job. This is what happens when you give up the aluminum antiperspirants with artificial fragrance. And I was on the 3rd brand of “natural” deodorant. So that was it. I was going to find a recipe for homemade deodorant.

I just blindly Googled, and one of the top hits was by Crunchy Betty, who just happens to be one of the bloggers I read. I went with her first deodorant recipe because it is crazy easy and I already had all the ingredients (cornstarch, not arrowroot powder, and opted not to add tea tree oil…this time). It smells like food. Now granted, you would have to actually like coconut to want to taste it, but even if you do, let me advise you, it smells WAY better than it tastes. Yes, I have issues.

So today is day 1 using the homemade deodorant, and (if I remember) I will give my review of it in a week or 2.

12 Responses to 'I embarrass my kids'

  1. Petra says:

    So that’s it?? We just get teased? I really need to figure something out, because my hormones have caused me to sweat more, and today I showered RIGHT before going out and used one of my ‘natural’ deodorants (I’ve tried 3 brands too), and yeah – as I was registering Darby for school, and talking to the administrator, I caught a whiff… and it wasn’t pleasant! And I hadn’t even worked out!! I just went to the car, drove to the school, and filled out a bunch of paperwork! Yeesh.

    • DragonLady says:

      This isn’t the first time I’ve teased. :cheesy:

      So far, I have managed to sweat like a pig (probably from the storm I just drove through), and the smell check is returning coconut. :hope:

  2. MacBros says:

    LOL! Like this post.

    Can’t wait to hear the review. I’m all for home made stuff like this.. Like my Homemade Febreze that I use all the time.

  3. Nicole says:

    Pah. Kids are made to embarrass. 🙂

  4. Kids are something else, aren’t they? That would have been an indication for me to embarrass him even more. My daughter tried that with me once, but she now knows I could care less what people think about me in public, lol.

    I use natural deodorants too… I found the cleaner I ate the less smellier I became. Menstrual cramps were a thing of the past once I nixed sugar/flour completely, weird huh?

    A year of eating nothing but raw food was amazing with the minimum BO funk, and a whole host of other things that I should write about someday… I guess. 😉 I still don’t get too funky as I used too, so eating whole foods does have some benefits… I guess. Trust me, my daughter would tell me if I was smelling foul. She’s a lot like me, direct without the sugar coating. I like that. Fortunately for her, and my other friends who are direct… I have a thick skin. 😮

    I have told my daughter that some people won’t appreciate her directness, so she has been warned… 😉

    • DragonLady says:

      It certainly had no tone-down effect on my public behavior. 😉

      I’m still working on eating completely clean. It is tough to break old addictions rooted in emotional eating. :-/

  5. Ugh, my son’s at that constant criticism stage, too. I finally told him the other day that he has two options: stop with the critiques, or put up with me doing *everything* that embarrasses him, all at once and quite visibly/loudly. He didn’t believe I meant it until we were in the store yesterday and he told me that my butt looked like two hams fighting in my pants.

    So I burst out singing the theme song to Caillou as I twirled my way down to the end of the store aisle where I very loudly said, “I LOVE YOU, HONEY WONEY POOKIE POOH!”

    That shut him up.

    • DragonLady says:

      I LOVE IT! That sounds just like the sort of thing my cousin said she does to hers. 🙂

      My daughter was on the receiving end Sunday after making the statement “All of your music sucks.” Dollar General seems to play 80’s songs all the time, and so she got to here my accompaniment to Tiffany and Corey Hart. It was fabulous. Well, for me. lol