Running into your past

I’ve been going through my old cd/dvd backups and restoring photos and documents to my new desktop, since I have officially made it my main computer since about the first week in January. Since I have a huge hard drive in it (compared to all our other computers combined), I have the storage space. Anywho, I had found a couple of cd’s in my sock drawer a while back, and remembering what they were, I promptly destroyed them. Nothing illegal, but something I do not wish to keep around either. And I knew there was a backup somewhere with what was on those. And I found it and destroyed it too. By the way, 30 seconds in a microwave will render a cd/dvd completely ruined. :cheesy: Stinks though.

So anyway, back to the backups. I found 2 directories with names that ended with the s-word. I admit, I chuckled remembering where that naming convention originated, but changed the ending s-word to stuff instead of the one it was. Yes, that word still falls out of my mouth quite frequently, but it is no longer something I take pride in. But yet, once upon I did, and was all kinds of proud of myself when the security office saw similar-named directories in my home directory at work (in the UK, not where I am now). And no, I didn’t get in trouble, but only because it was found the week I was outprocessing before terminal leave, and it wasn’t worth the effort.

4 Responses to 'Running into your past'

  1. mel says:

    Wow! you have been posting some and I have not even been here to see it.
    I want to know what was on those DVDS. :listening:

  2. MacBros says:

    I had a hard time reading this completely through because I kept going back wondering what was on the DVD’s LOL.

    What was in the Poop directory also?