Anger is one letter away from danger

When you are angry, how do you look?

I look angry. LOL Depending on just how angry I am, I might be crying too, which makes me angrier, which becomes a vicious circle. Really, it’s not so much how I look as how I act. I make snide remarks, or just downright mean statements. I’ll make myself sick dwelling on whatever or whoever is the target of my anger before I finally give up and let it go.

Don’t make me angry. Not even I like me when I’m angry…

5 Responses to 'Anger is one letter away from danger'

  1. MacBros says:

    Don’t make me angry. You won’t like me when I’m angry. GAAAARRRRR *Turn into the Hulk*

  2. mehdi says:

    Best drug for anger is listen slow music.i think helping to people also making me happy .

  3. Curtal Friar says:

    When I start to get angry, I get quiet, and the angrier I am, the quieter I am. Calm before the storm, so to speak.

    I’ve only reached the point of eruption once or twice in my life, and it wasn’t pretty. And those bridges were burned completely, no going back.

  4. mehdi says:

    yes i agree you Curtal Friar. We should control our emotions.

  5. mel says:

    I don’t know, but I think I always look angry cuz people are always asking me “What’s wrong with you?” Or “Who pissed you off?” even when I’m completely calm and happy.