“You say it’s your birthday…”

How do you feel when it’s your birthday? Why?

I feel a day older. HAHAHA Seriously, though, I really don’t give a lot of thought to the actual day anymore. It really is just another day. I guess that is a sign of my age, since I haven’t really looked forward to a birthday since my 21st.

9 Responses to '“You say it’s your birthday…”'

  1. Angel says:

    :cheers: happy Thanksiving girly and thanks for the vis to WHT!..go eat!..lol

  2. Happy Thanks Giving! Glad to see you back at blogging!

  3. MacBros says:

    I’m the same way. Just another day.

    Remember when you were younger though and when asked your age you quickly replied proudly announcing the number. 17! or 18! Trying to out age the person asking you. LOL

    Now it’s For*smugle* *smigle* ty *muffle.

  4. Butch says:

    Happy Birthday and happy Thanksgiving!

  5. Petra says:

    Really enjoying your blog, and your medical horror stories… and happy belated birthday!! I don’t think it showed up on my facebook list, but I could have been too busy cooking to notice. I hope it was a good one! 🙂

    • Petra says:

      haha!! Aaaaaaaand I’m behind on the writing prompts and just saw that was the next one on the list… *doy* {smacking head}… so it probably was NOT your birthday this week 😉 but nonetheless… hope you had a happy day anyway. 😀

  6. mel says:

    Yeah and my birthday is my husbands birthday too, and we both don’t care.

  7. mehdi says:

    if it’s my birthday i think of the last year and ask myself that what did i do all of this year.