15 years ago today

I was in AF Tech School with orders to Tinker AFB near (as in a suburb town away) Oklahoma City. The hubby was in Biloxi visiting me the week that the Murrah Building was bombed, and was the one who told me about it as he met me for lunch after my classes were over that day. Later, after we were at Tinker, he joined the Army Reserves and one of his senior NCO’s was in the Murrah Building the morning of April 15, 1995 when the truck bomb was detonated. She was injured, but though her physical injuries lingered to an extent, I suspect the emotional toll was much greater. She did not talk about it. There was a young lady in the 32nd CCS (my orders were for the 32nd, but that was changed to the 31st before I arrived) had gone to the Murrah Building that morning also. She had just gotten married, and went to the building to get her name changed on her Social Security card. She did not survive, and many of the friends I later made that knew her continue to mourn such a senseless death.

3 Responses to '15 years ago today'

  1. MacBros says:

    I always get so angry when I see videos of these terrorist attacks. Even though they happened awhile back, I still get upset.

    Senseless killings just doesn’t cover it. It’s more than senseless. I would go as far as saying cowardly attacks.

    Every other week now it seems that somewhere in the world some jack ass blows up something taking innocent peoples’ lives. This is a very sick world we live in now.

  2. mel says:

    So sad, so sad! All I remember about the day was sitting on my sofa watching it on the news. So lucky of me.

  3. mel says:

    Did you say you emailed me? Because I didn’t get any email from you. Try mralls (at) arkansasonline (dot) com