Maniacal Monday #13

1. I hurt. Nearly every joint in my body. It makes me cranky.

2. I have the munchies. This is particularly difficult to deal with when trying to eat vegan and you really really want a bacon double cheeseburger on a gluteny bun. This also makes me cranky.

3. I did a lot of laundry today. I hate laundry. See a pattern yet? ;)

4. We had family photos done Saturday. The children were completely uncooperative. 16 and 14 are the new 4 and 2 which was their ages last time we had a family photo shoot done (because I don’t count the church directory photos from a couple years ago).

5. This young man, Travis, and his aunt and uncle came to our church and spoke yesterday. Incredibly moving and so inspiring. I am so glad I got the chance to meet them.

6. I made myself run Saturday morning. I only did 3 miles, but it was my fastest 3 miles.

7. I want this:

I call him Chester.

8. Wants someone to come fold and put away my laundry.

4 Responses to 'Maniacal Monday #13'

  1. Petra says:

    1. I’m right there with ya!
    2. Ditto #1.
    3. Me too!!! (I’m definitely noticing a pattern!)
    4. Haha!! They were definitely uncooperative. But I think we got some good shots. I hope so, anyway! We’ll find out for sure when I can get them off the camera and onto a computer. :)
    5. I will have to press play later when it won’t wake people up…
    6. You rock!
    7. Chester the Molester.
    8. Me too! It’s all clean in a big pile.

    • DragonLady says:

      1. Yeah, I love how my joints predict the weather. lol
      2. I think it is an ongoing problem at the moment in our food group.
      3. I did get James to carry the laundry basket to and from the laundry room, so it wasn’t near as bad as normal.
      4. I totally meant to give you a shout out here, but I kept getting distracted. lol :)
      5. I was close to a meltdown watching the video, and when Aunt Karen got up and started speaking, there was not holding back though I did manage not to sob loudly. ;)
      6. I had a lot of incentive to rock that last half mile. ;)
      7. BAHAHAHA! He may get a different name now. lol
      8. I got most of it put away, but some went into a pile. James’ clothes are in in various piles one of which is on top of the dryer. :rolleye:

  2. MacBros says:

    OK, now I know why I’m aching all over. I thought it was because of the bender I went on over the long weekend…

    OR maybe, that’s why You’re hurting too!

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    • DragonLady says:

      Huh. Well that explains why I felt like I had a hangover this morning. LOL!! :)

      I actually blamed the aches on the weather since I knew a cold front was coming. But I did wake up with quite the headache this morning, and the wind blew something in that triggered my asthma. Just FYI… ;)