Rex Healthcare Half Marathon Recap

I ran my first half marathon yesterday. I did manage to run the entire 13.1 miles though from about 8.5 miles on, people were increasingly walking faster than I was running. Karyn talked me into running a half and we’ve been training for this since June/July. Harsh, brutal, hilly training especially when we ran at Kiwanis. We reached a point where we had to start doing the long runs together for accountability. By together, I mean we would start running together, and then she would pass me 2 or 3 times before I finally managed to finish my run. ;) We had good runs, bad runs, injuries, illnesses, and events that threw kinks into our training, but we kept on even when we didn’t really want to.

Molly, Abby, & Ryley made me the most awesome motivational video that may or may not have made me cry a little. ;)

We made it to race day after a week of avoiding eating anything that might cause “issues” during the run, and got up with dread because 1) we knew it was going to be cold and 2) there was chance for rain which would suck very much in the cold. Fortunately, the rain passed through before we even left the house. But did I mention it was cold?

Seriously, if I could have run like that I would have. lol It did get a little better once we got in line because other people were blocking the wind, and there were a LOT of people. Thousands turn out for sixth City of Oaks Marathon By the way, you can see the back of my head in the 2nd image on the right side mid-way down with the obnoxious yellow top and yellowish headband with the ponytail. I know this only because I caught the video during a WRAL halftime report, and kept backing up video (thank you dvr) until I was able to pick myself out. Anyway, when the gun went off, we slowly walked towards the start line and when we got close enough to the start chute to start running, Karyn disappeared. Yes, she runs that fast. ;)

Since we had driven the route the week before, we knew the first 6 miles were going to be the hardest. Many times I thought, “This is why we did hills.” Boylan Ave. Ugh. That entire stretch was a hill and nearly a mile. I was able to maintain my normal pace until about mile 8, and then I gradually slowed. At mile 10, my knees started hurting pretty bad. At mile 11 I thought, “It’s only 2 more miles and I never have to run again!” Right before mile 12, Karyn popped out from the last water station, and ran the remaining little over a mile with me. About a half mile from the finish line I asked her for an epidural. Yes, I was hurting that bad. Her husband and kids were hanging out right before the finish line, and her kids had made me a sign:

The hubster was behind the chute, and after I got my medal & a bottle water, I collapsed into him saying “It hurts so bad!!” and tried not to cry. I took one of the offered foil blankets because I was FREEZING and it at least kept the wind off my wet upper body. We found Karyn & Joe and had the hubbies take our pictures with our medals.

On the way home it occurred to me that not only did I not time the run myself on either my watch or my phone, but I did not look at the time when I got to the finish. I’m sure they had times posted there, but I didn’t even bother with checking that out. So it was nearly 10pm last night before I saw my time. Now, I was sure that it took over 3 hours because the 3hr pacer ran past me at about 11.5 miles. So imagine my surprise to see 2:58:35.

Today, I hurt. Everything hurts. Let the recovery begin.

6 Responses to 'Rex Healthcare Half Marathon Recap'

  1. Petra says:

    I’m still impressed!! So awesome!!!

  2. Karyn bridges says:

    It’s amazing how much happier and better we look before the half :)
    So proud of you!
    I’m gonna wait a few weeks before I talk you into the Tobacco Road half in March :)

    • DragonLady says:

      HAHA! Yes!
      You know 1) I never would have entertained the thought of running a half if you hadn’t convinced me I could do it and 2) I never would have been able to do it if you hadn’t kept me accountable to do those long runs and 3) you seriously carried me that last mile. :)
      I am still thinking that is just to soon? ;)

  3. I am so proud of you and I only wish I was there to do it with you since I was one of the people who talked you into BCRT from the beginning anyways
    Molly Ritterbeck recently posted..Toddler Tuesday – HELP!My Profile

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