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So today is the first day of school for my kids. Who almost forgot about that this morning as she kept hitting her snooze? Yeah, so it was 5:06 when I hit the snooze the last time and before I drifted back off into another 9 min of blissful dreamland, the thought shot through my brain like a second alarm. “First day of school. Get UP!” Because now that they are both in high school, they both have to be up and out the door crazy early which means my entire morning routine has to change. No more fartin’ around until 5:30 to get in the shower. Nope. Shower by 5, kids up by 5:30.

Chad had freshman orientation last week, and I had to drop him off because the buses didn’t run that morning, only for the ride home. I didn’t have a meltdown even though I was dropping my BABY off at high school. But, as I told Molly, it would be a different story when they both got on the bus this morning. Seriously. I didn’t have a meltdown when Jamie started kindergarten because I just dropped her off at daycare like normal and they walked her to school. Now when she started first grade and I watched her get on the bus the first time, yeah, I cried. When Chad first got on that bus to start kindergarten, I cried. Ditto for when each of them started middle school, and when Jamie started high school. But it was when they got on the bus.

Anyway, got Jamie up (Chad was up already), and Chad reminded me I hadn’t filled out the form for the laptop. Handed that to him and he asked about lunch money. 2 checks later, and I’m really glad I didn’t hit the snooze any more. I winced and moaned and half-howled down the stairs (reason here), and proceeded to the kitchen to fix some breakfast. What happened first, though, was that I made a mess. Thankfully, it was only about a tablespoon of quinoa that hit the floor. :sigh: So I was dealing with that when the kids headed out. Good thing they walked out when they did because the bus ran like 2 min later. It was still darkish so I didn’t see them getting on the bus. Therefore, meltdown avoided because I was sweeping up my mess in the kitchen.

So, both my kids are in high school now, or rather I should say both of my BABIES are in high school. You know, because they love it when I refer to them as “my babies.” haha! But seriously, when did this happen?!?! Anyway, I am glad school has started again and that they will have some structure again where they actually sleep at night again.

I’m not spell/grammar checking. Don’t judge me…

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  1. MacBros says:

    They sure did grow up fast.
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  2. Karyn says:

    WHAT?? They have to be UP by 5:30 for school. That is just total craziness.
    So glad that I don’t have to watch my babies get on the bus. I would totally meltdown :)

    • DragonLady says:

      Yes, because they have to be out there by 6. We are like at the end of the route. ugh. This is why it is an ongoing battle getting them to go to bed by 9 (which never happens). ;)

  3. MacBros says:

    It just occurred to me that they start school early there – My nephew doesn’t go back until the 3rd of Sept me thinks.
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    • DragonLady says:

      I can remember when we would start school after labor day and get out for summer before memorial day. Arkansas started a week or more before NC, and they will get out by end of May. NC schools get a crapton of days off throughout the year.

  4. i got a little weepy this morning and it is the 7th day of school
    Molly Ritterbeck recently posted..September Challenges!!My Profile

  5. Petra says:

    I got a little nervous for the boys when I dropped them off the first day. I don’t think I’ve ever cried when a kid started school though. But we’ve already established that I’m cold hearted and numb. lol

    And Jarvis gets up at 5:30 (or he plans to each night). Justice waits until 6:00. They leave at 6:20 for the bus.

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