As the motivation wanes…

Seriously I hate being sick. I hate taking medicine. I really don’t like other people. But, yet, here I am sick…again. That hay fever thing I had going on last week? Sinus infection now. *sigh*

Anywho, so I never got around to posting on Friday. I have a vague recollection of being at work Friday. I don’t remember Friday night at all, and no, there was no alcohol involved. But I woke up sick as a dog Saturday morning…with a 5k pending…more on that tomorrow.

1. I got rid of an item that I possessed only because hoarding is hereditary. Karyn’s oven went out, and, well, it just so happened that I years ago Daddy bought a Mcgraw Edison Sears push-button oven-broiler which you can still order a few replacement parts for from Sears. I thought it to be perfect for taking camping, but really it’s not. It is, however, quite convenient for baking dressing at the same time you are baking a ham (or a bird), or anything really that requires a different temp. He bought it for summertime baking rather than use the cookstove oven which would heat the whole house, and picked it because it was big enough to fit a cake pan in. Anyway, hopefully it will work for Karyn. And the hubby will be happy if it doesn’t come back to our house. ;)

2. You know what’s funny? When you see a friend take their 5-year-old child by the hand and start walking them to the back at church, and hear, “I don’t want a spanking,” over and over. Oh, yeah, I sat on stage giggling (because I saw all but the act that warranted the spanking from my front of the building vantage point)…and it came back to bite me when I spied my teenage children sitting in the wing clowning around. ugh.

3. It is really aggravating to spend several hours getting everything all mixed up to make falafel, and then you see that you have to chill it for an hour. Yeah, it chilled for a day because it was going to be way to late to start frying that Saturday night. And I still can’t figure out what is missing from it so I can make it taste like Angelina’s falafel.

4. So I had to sing solo at church last night, and was not really nervous until….I got there and the Hispanic church was joining us…and I got stage fright all over again. Yeah, I had a case of the shakes. You would think since I stand up front and help lead singing nearly every Sunday that I wouldn’t still get a case of the nerves.

5. I have 3 running rules so far:

    1. The DragonLady doesn’t run in the rain. I will make an exception, though, if I pay a registration fee.
    2. The DragonLady doesn’t run if it is colder than 48 degrees (farenheit). This, too, will have an exception if I pay a registration fee.
    3. The DragonLady doesn’t run if she’s dizzy.

I came up with #3 today…on the track…

11 Responses to 'As the motivation wanes…'

  1. #1 – Go You!
    #2 – That is funny – only becuase it was not mine!
    #3 – I did that with bread – I don’t keep crisco in my house and that was needed.
    #4 – I bet you still rocked it :)
    #5 – paying a registration fee makes every rule an exception!
    Molly Ritterbeck recently posted..Ah, Monday!My Profile

    • DragonLady says:

      #2 – hahaha! Notice I didn’t see what the 5 year old did, but DID notice what mine were doing… ;)

      #3 – I don’t use crisco. I will find the article I read about Crisco’s origin. It’s gross. Just sayin’. ;)

      #5 – Not every rule. I didn’t put that exception out beside #3. ;)

  2. MacBros says:

    Thanks for the heads up on the sick thing. I’ll get my tinfoil hat on ASAP. I’ll even double layer it too.
    MacBros recently posted..National “HOLY SHIT YOUR HOT!” DayMy Profile

  3. Petra says:

    That reminds me — I have that book for you that addresses the issues beneath hoarding. ;) It was new, but Paige got into some scissors and cut tiny strips around the edges of the cover — speaking of misbehaving children. :)

    Oh Molly – crisco is never needed. Yikes.

    • DragonLady says:

      Issues beneath hoarding. That could seriously be painful. ;) I am laughing at Paige taking the scissors to it. :rofl2:

      I found the crisco article and sent it to Molly. Granted, I haven’t used crisco since I married, but sure won’t now. :puke: