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Sometimes it’s an adventure

Or maybe I should say “misadventure.” It often is a misadventure when I run. Like tripping on the sidewalk that one day at lunch when I was in a recovery walk and tried to cover with an immediate run. Pretty sure I flailed before the cover run which made it obvious that I am just clumsy. LOL

I forced myself out of the house Saturday evening for a run, and saw this right around the neighbor’s driveway:

Honey badger won't get stung by this cobra...

and sometimes I hit publish instead of preview

Yesterday I again forced myself to run, but ran a slightly different route because my normal route has the potential to run into people and have to chat, albeit briefly. I was not up for that because too many people had told me that it is not a good enough excuse to not run if you haven’t shaved your legs. So, I went the opposite direction, and saw more walkers & met more cars than I ever have either direction. *sigh* Lesson learned. ;)

I ran like the wind…

…in my mind. In reality, I was sucking wind. I ran the Rabbit Run 5K this past Saturday. By run, I mean I ran just a little over a mile until I was about to puke and then proceeded to walk up the hills, and run down and on the flat. ;) I was not last overall. However, I was the last of the Brick City Running Tribe group. That was a given though. ;) Last in my age group, too. But I finished. Oh, heck, I went. That was an accomplishment in itself because I woke up sick as a dog. But I paid a registration fee…

Brick City Running Tribe Representing! (Central Carolina Community College photo)

I totally needed all the motivation I could muster, which wasn’t much of my own. I was kind of freaking out about not being ready for it last week, and my good friend Molly kept telling me, “YOU GOT THIS!” and “YOU CAN DO THIS!” So being a bit on the snarky side, I said “I’m going to write “Molly says, “YOU CAN DO THIS!”” on my arm with a Sharpie. She said something to the effect of, “You better,” and so…I did.

Yes, I looked at that every single time I wanted to stop and puke. I didn’t puke, by the way.

Turns out, I was still in the beginning of being sick, and got worse. I tried to run Monday, and didn’t even make it halfway around the track before my run became a walk…because the DragonLady doesn’t run when she’s dizzy. I should have taken Sunday morning as a cue because I got dizzy singing, and seriously considered sitting down…even though I was leading. I think that falls under listening to your body when it is trying to tell you that you are sick. But I guess the antibiotics have kicked in because after the awfulness of yesterday (which is why I didn’t complete this post yesterday), I am feeling much better now, and 4.4 pounds lighter than yesterday morning. Yes, that was all kinds of fun losing that in one day….not. And yes, that was also partially the result of last week’s glutening at Andy’s as I was bloated up so much I looked pregnant before starting the antibiotics. So, yeah, the reaction is delayed, and so is put to rest the mystery on what causes the 1-2 hour runs. *sigh* Yes, Petra, I was in serious denial. ;)

Since my Tuesday Training post is just getting written posted on Wednesday, Wholesome Wednesday post may or may not get done today. We’ll see. I have a busy night ahead, but part of it will be spent waiting on the oven and dryer, so how better to kill that time that blogging right?

“You may be right…”

“…I may be crazy…”

I finally did this. Molly tried to get me to just upload and post the audio when I was complaining about the 3 hours it was taking to transcibe the 52 min of audio. That ain’t happening. Though it was slightly entertaining to notice my hillbilly accent thicken up as I got increasingly tired. There was entirely too much really loud heavy breathing. ;) Anyway, everything in italics are comments/thoughts I added in during transcription. I mumbled any time I was around houses where I thought someone might hear me “talking to myself.”

I used the Nike+ app on my iPod, so any reference to kilometers came from that….as well as references to my running playlist not being random…

…. is already hurting. This is gonna suck.

Ok, maybe this isn’t too bad.

rooster crows – seriously…

I don’t think Nike puts this on random

rooster crows again….

Rooster down. hahaha

rooster crows again…

Crap. no idea why I said crap…was all a mumble…as I was gasping for air

This hat’s going to irritate the crap out of me.

Oh yeah, that’s definitely not random. Oh, well, at least I’m getting the Sugababes out of the way now. That means all the Paula will be together. Maybe.

Holy crap, I can’t believe I’m still running.

Where am I gonna get…. another mumble…but I was thinking about lunch… There is no way I am gonna get groceries hungry. Unless I get back and make pancakes, there isn’t… mumble…clearly I can’t properly talk when I’m gasping for breath.. Except they’ll be crappy later. They always suck warmed up. I mean it’s not like they have the greatest texture to begin with. I mean you gotta pour like half the bottle of maple syrup on it …mumble more about the texture of warmed over gluten free pancakes… make it kind of feel like real bread. I miss gluten.

You know, if I’d put my pony tail higher, this hat wouldn’t be a problem.

I love these shoes. My ankles aren’t hurting at all.

I really need to learn the names of our neighbors. I can’t name anybody off for a milestone until I get to the Webster’s.

Hills suck! it wasn’t a steep one either.

Ok, the inhaler does help. I’m out of breath, but I can exhale. Definitely will use the inhaler first before I run. Maybe I should do it at least an hour prior. Though today it was almost 2 hours since I sat downstairs talking.

1k finished, my butt! Oh, I don’t know. It’s possible. I mean I am getting sort of close to the 1 mile mark

Crap! That car’s coming this way. Not that that’s a car. It’s a Suburban. Don’t trip. Running in the ditch sucks. Ok, shoulder, but still. It might as well be the ditch. It’s not smooth.

Pace yourself. Get your breath. mumble… the hill. If you can make it up that hill. Gotta get to Asbury Church before it’s a mile.

Dammit another car. Dang, another one. What the heck? That practically was the ditch. there is almost no shoulder along this stretch

Holy crap! I think I’m going to make it up the hill! Oh, it burns. that would be my lungs Ok, now I want to vomit. Come on. Get to Asbury Church. You can make it. A few more feet. And don’t puke. Alright! You did it! You made a mile. Walk fast. Breathe. That’s not fast.

All these people mowing. Wish someone would mow my yard. Or even put the belt back on the blades.

Ugh, don’t puke. Don’t puke.

Walk fast. Walk fast. You’re not walking fast. You’re not walking fast at all. Double time! That’s so stupid. Nobody says “march.” They always say “harch.” That’s retarded. Yeah, that’s right, I said “retarded.” Bite me. clearly, I had some anger…

Up this hill. Down that little hill. And back up. Then round the curve. You should have your breath back enough to run.

Oh, look. He’s plowing. Squirrel! – lol He should do my yard. I need somebody to till me a plot. I don’t need a tractor to do it though. I still need a bigger tiller, though, than what I’ve got. Maybe I should listen to Karyn and see if I can borrow Gerald’s tiller.

Dad gum. It’s hot now.

I need to start taking that Claritin again. Get whatever’s in my throat out. I know it’s allergies.

Dad gum. Uphill again. Alright to the curve. Start running again. Try to make it to the community building. That’s the halfway mark. That’s close enough. Go.

This isn’t so bad.

Yeah, these shoes rock.

2 kilometers? I don’t think so. I don’t think this thing accounts for when I walk. Definitely gotta remember to calibrate it. If I can remember where the actual 3K mark is. it was all visual. Can’t describe…

This is really starting to suck. I may not make it to the community building. I may not make it to that next curve. I may not make it to the fire hydrant. that was really close…

I know I sure as heck don’t want to take that trash to the dump.

You know, I don’t know that I could really call this runnin’. Then again, it’s what I did in basic. And I was a lot younger then. And skinnier, too. should have said that as “and skinny”…lol I had good shoes though. They were ugly.

Why does my nose gotta run?

And why is it always windy on this road when it’s cold? there was no wind blowing

Alright, that next mailbox. I know, that’s the beginning of the curve. Whatever. Then again, I am recording this so I can’t use the “nobody’s gonna know it” excuse. Exactly. Sort of, I can’t. But it’s not like anybody else knows I’m recording. Yeah, screw it. Driveway. Walk it out. Walk it fast. Keep the time with the song. It’s a good pace.

Ok, it might be halfway for the 5k, but it’s not halfway for the whole 3.4 mile route.

Sun’s out. Yeah, great thinking wearing black. Huh. How ironic. Song from Twister; you’re wearing a hat from Twister.

Nothing hurts. That’s good! yet… Must be the shoes. Ought to, they cost enough. I never dreamed I would pay a hunnerd (yes I totally pronounced it just like that) bucks for a pair of shoes. Ok, I didn’t. The hubster did.

Oh, man, I lost my time. Oh, no that’s not me, that’s Alex. (Van Halen) He changed the timing. There we go. Well ok, he didn’t change it. Eddie did. Or, no, maybe it’s me. Solos are so indulgent. heh. that thought was not getting spoken…

Oh look. A drum. squirrel? lol I was at the community building, door was open, and clearly set up for a band to play. Oh, looks like they’re gonna grill. Can’t read the sign though. But, that’s halfway. Halfway for 3.4 miles. up this hill, past the trailer, then it’s all downhill ’til you get past the church.

started singing Humans Being….badly… No wonder the kids have fits when I sing along with the radio… lol

Ok, someone’s in the yard. Quit talking so you don’t look like a crazy.

Caterpiller! yes, that’s how I said it

Ugh. Cramp. something about the slant of the road.

Started singing Love is a Battlefield…not quite as badly as Humans Being…

Alright. Almost at the top of the hill. To the driveway & then run again. Oh yay. Yippee. Just keep on walking fast. 2K to go. It’ll feel good when it’s done.

Oh… Ok. Right hip hurts. Lovely. I wonder if that’s because one of my legs is significantly longer than the other. Quarter to half inch longer. that shouldn’t matter given the way I’m running and the slant of the road. Then again, I’m used to leaning the other way. So it would put more pressure on it.

Dad gum. That hurts.

I hope that car turns. Oh man, there’s people at the church.

That hip’s not getting any better. mumbled something O crap, car.

Get down the hill. Bottom of the hill, cross the creek, to the driveway, then you can walk.

Stupid hat.

Eh, that’s close enough. Why nitpick over 2 feet. Oh, I may vomit. Car. That’d be fun. visualized puking as the car passed. Why is that dude holding a piece of paper in front of this face? I say dude like I can tell. Full sheet of paper while you’re driving? Up in front of your face?

1 kilometer to go. That sounds about right. maybe.

Huh. This hill doesn’t really seem so steep. That’s ‘cuz it’s not as steep as the other one. over by the Webster’s.

Definitely turn on the ac when I get home. And pee. what the heck?? If you make it.

Oh, Foo Fighters. Why don’t I have more Foo Fighters? started singing Monkey Wrench almost as badly as Humans Being. Nirvana still sucks. Just sayin’.

Man. Can’t wait to take that motrin. Can’t wait for that motrin to kick in after I take it.

I wonder if this thing’s gonna hit 3k before I hit 3.1 (miles). It does seem better than it was at the polo field. the Nike+ calibration

Kids playing in the yard, so quit talking to yourself. They’ll sure ’nuff think you’re crazy.

Car…look up… Yeah, I was looking down at the road…the narrow road…then looked up and saw a car way too close for my comfort level…

sang the end of Monkey Wrench…

Man that hurts.

Heh. Love Shack. Don’t sing it. Don’t sing it.

You’re almost to the 5k. Just past the chicken houses. 400 meters to go. huh. That’s a little short.

Oh, god, you’re doing that arm swing.

300 meters. I don’t know, it’s gonna be close. Alrighty, just past the chicken houses. 100 meters. That puts me up close to this house. That’s about right.

That’s a little short. Crap! I’m going to have to finish this up without music! I ended the workout on the iPod before I meant to Oh well. I’m not going to make it in under 45 either.

Start running at the driveway.

mumbly discussion about whether the marks on the road were 10° or 10′ deciding on 10′ making more sense.

Dang I gotta pee!

Crap! Car. Running on the shoulder sucks!

Almost there….

I may or may not ever do this again. The voice recorder I used was a lot more sensitive than I was expecting. Seriously, I could hear birds chirping. I noted the 3 rooster crows when I transcribed. I only remember hearing a rooster crow once while I was running.

“Vanity of vanities! All is vanity.”

I openly admitted yesterday that not shaving my legs is a lame excuse for not running. But, really, that wasn’t the only reason. As the day progressed, I had a much better excuse for not running. I also mentioned an allergic reaction to hair dye yesterday, and, well, after both eyes swelled up, I decided to stop by the urgent care on the way home from work. They were really cool and didn’t openly make fun of me while I was there. hahaha They gave me a steroid shot, which I fully expected, along with a prescription for prednisone, which I also expected. Suffice to say, I’ve gone to the doctor with contact dermatitis before. I had 2 bouts in the UK that I never figured out what caused them, and several here in NC that I blamed on poison ivy, except for the last 2 on my scalp (before this) that I haven’t yet determined what caused them. But the fact that this latest bout progressively developed right after dyeing my hair led little doubt as to the cause. Upon discharging me (they made me sit there for a few min after shot for observation), the PA told me that if I wake up better that I didn’t have to take the prednisone.

I didn’t wake up better, but worse, and called in sick. When I go back to work tomorrow, it will likely be with Sleestak sunglasses. I hesitated on posting a photo, but what the heck. This was post shower this morning:

That is a good enough excuse not to run.

Run like the wind

But watch out for fog.

This video doesn’t really have anything to do with the post, but it got stuck in my head when I decided on that title. ;)

In an attempt to blog regularly, I am following Molly’s advice and doing themed days. This may even last past a week. hahaha I decided on Training Tuesday to be the day I blog about exercising and fitness. This is a new thing in my life because the only time I have ever been remotely fit was in high school when I went through spring training to play basketball (which got nixed completely at the beginning of the year thanks to a ruptured appendix right before school started), and when I was in basic training…in 1995. Wait, there was also late 2001 through mid-2002 (my last year in the Air Force) when I worked my tail off to lose 30 pounds because 1) I was NOT going to buy new uniforms right before I got out (stop lossed or not) and 2) I really didn’t want to be put on the fat girl program. I’ve probably mentioned that before.

Anyway, so last summer, Molly joined the newly formed Brick City Running Tribe, and would not let me say no to joining also. That right there is craziness…joining a running club in the summer in the south. But I did it, and shortly after that, Petra’s husband started leading a crossfit group that I got sucked into also. Those workouts resulted in my first ever exercise-induced vomit. But then it got cold, and Petra got too pregnant (but mainly too cold), so the crossfit quit happening. I am still amazed, though, that during one of those workouts I did 100 sit-ups. Anyway, with no crossfit, and now Molly has moved to Alaska, I am having to mostly motivate myself, though I do get a good amount of encouragement from Molly (remotely), Petra, and Karyn. And while I could blow them off, a few of my co-workers give me some encouragement, and one often comes in the office in the morning saying “Did you bring your stuff?” meaning he expects me to go run at lunch. Now that the weather has warmed up, I have no excuse.

I run with BCRT on Tuesday nights because I cannot do the Friday morning run. With the Ritterbecks and Josh & Trisha both moved away, I’ve been reliant on Jamie to be my main motivator on the BCRT run. The non-prego Cardens haven’t been coming either. I really miss Justice & Jarvis running past me 5 or 6 times. LOL I do still have a motivator there, and tonight she literally grabbed my hand and pulled me along to get me running again. See, my groove got blown right away because I ended up behind a perfume fog and couldn’t breathe. Seriously, if we are outside and I can taste it, you have too much on. Plus, who puts on that much perfume to run? It also gave me a headache. And you know, I really wrote all of the preceding stuff just to complain about the perfume. But, now that I know for certain who it is (and no, tonight wasn’t the first time I got fogged), I know who to steer clear of. Fortunately, I normally have to start my run early because I have to be at Bible study 30 min after the start of the run…and I’m not that fast…so, I’ll be able to avoid the fog anyway. :)