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Maniacal Monday #27

I’m in a pretty craptastic mood (still), and actually spent yesterday evening looking forward to going to work.

I got up Saturday morning and ran the 12ks of Christmas. I mostly ran the whole thing. James called me right at the last mile and nearly threw me all off so I walked up that last hill while putting my phone back in the carrier case. But, I ran down the final stretch determined not to be dead last. lol. And I got the finisher’s medal, and most of the tribers waited on me to finish, and Nicole and George both gave me hugs which was just so sweet. My 1 picture was made when I finally got back to the car.


Oh, and I am still tremendously sore. :sigh:

George invited me to a race on Facebook, and I thought it looked interesting and invited Karyn also just because. Well, she will actually be in town, and so we are both registered for the Morrow Mountain Trail Race 15K which we may or may not end up regretting. And on that note, I think we both signed up for 14 in 2014. I did anyway, and I think Karyn is going to if she hasn’t already. I don’t plan on running anything longer than the Tar Heel 10 Miler, and that one only because I signed up for it last year. Because finisher’s medal. 😉

And the broken out window in the living room finally got fixed. It’s not completely fixed, but the panes are in place and just need to be caulked in. But it didn’t happen before tragedy struck. Sushi/Mako somehow got out of it, and the dogs made short work of ending her life. :wail:

RIP Sushi/Mako

RIP Sushi/Mako

I got caught up on grading this weekend, and got the kids’ work graded, mostly recorded, and new schedules made. There was one portion of Jamie’s Algebra II that I reassigned with “We will go over this together,” because she 1) didn’t seem to get it and 2) had a big “help” written on one of the assignments.

So, I went to YouTube looking for a Fleetwood Mac’s Oh Well, and found this.

Maniacal Monday #23

I had one of the best and most exhausting weekends in a while. Seriously, 7pm last night, I crashed. It was great. Ok, it was mostly great. There was a lot of yelling when I got home Friday. I even fired James. “I know now I was suffering from pre-menstrual syndrome.” – Truvy Jones. And on that note, I put on my black yoga pants Saturday afternoon, and those things are always covered with lint, fuzz, and hair. My hair, dog hair, and cat hair. Because we all shed. I immediately thought of that scene in Steel Magnolias when Truvy hires Annelle and Annelle tells Truvy she has “tiny little hairs and fuzzies” all over her. Truvy’s response was “There’s so much static electricity in this room, I pick up everything but boys and money.” I tweeted that, because it’s how I roll, and then I went to the store with hair and fuzz all over my black yoga pants. Because that’s also how I roll. My tweets also publish to my Facebook, and thus began the quote-fest. Petra dropped a quote, and we went back and forth for hours while she did photo editing and I graded. I’ve seen that movie way too many times. I’m sure I saw it every day for my last 6 weeks in Kuwait back in ’97. I know that when Lisa and I sat in the chow hall one day with the major, and Steel Magnolias was playing, we were quoting line by line with the movie. And the major looked at us and said, “You guys have been here too long.” Fun times. 🙂

I got up Saturday morning and went to Raleigh to run the 2nd annual Run to Reclaim 5k. It was 30F when the hubs and I left the house. I kept reminding myself that the Anderson Creek 10k earlier this year was a lot colder. Anyway, I caught a fantastic shot of the sunrise over Jordan Lake on the way.

It had been at least 6 weeks since I last ran, so I was totally amazed to finish in under 37 min. My official chip time was 36:42. I combined runs, and so this was also my Dynamic Duel Canada vs USA Virtual 5k run. And if you haven’t, go sign up and do it!! Especially if you are from the states. Because I think I saw an update on FB where Canada had come from behind and was winning. Not that there are any losers in this one as it supports the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. 🙂 Here’s my “finish” photo with the awesome shirt I got from the Run to Reclaim 5k. Because I just love the florescent yellow. 😉


And then I got on my bike and rode 9.69 miles. Which is just crazy. But I only had to stop twice going up the hill-to-be-conquered this time. And one of those I was all bent over my bike trying to catch my breath and not puke in someone’s driveway…while there was someone in the yard.

Grading. That was the other low point of the weekend. Chad bombed 2 of the 3 tests he took last week, and didn’t finish all of his work that he said he finished. :headbang:

I spent nearly all day at church yesterday because I was on schedule to play with the worship team. I’m pretty sure I screwed up the chords on every single song, but especially the last one. I even had the chords written and taped to my guitar and couldn’t get them right. But it was still fun. And I have a cool story. So there we were during the second service after the sermon. Pastor Nate was leading us in prayer before we watched a special video from Pastor Benji. My head is bowed; my eyes are closed. I heard this noise start up, and I wondered what it was. I kept mentally going through everything on stage that could be making it and finally thought maybe Shawn turned on the fan. Then it seemed to be just a bit louder and it started to dawn on me what that noise was and as I opened my eyes and started to raise my head back up, I heard a step from across the stage which was Rodney about to come warn me of the projector screen that I could now see was about to come down on my head. Hilarity then ensued as I quickly tucked and rolled. Ok, I just ducked and moved back. It was funny. Heidi was in the same boat, but she was by Rodney, and not as tall as me, so she had a tad bit more warning. Again I want to say how much I enjoy being part of the C.O.R.E. Worship Team!

Now let me tell you about lunch. The hubs fixed me a gluten free hamburger helperish thing for lunch yesterday, and when we got done with it there really wasn’t enough for my lunch today. So he said he would fix me sweet potato home fries which are awesome! Anyway, when I packed up my lunch this morning, in addition to the sweet potatoes, there was a small container of deviled eggs. Score! And, there was ham underneath the sweet potatoes. Like Christmas in November.

I was singing this the other day grading Jamie’s work:

And I will wrap this us with a huge THANK YOU to all of our veterans today and for those still serving. There are too many friends, family, and co-workers for me to name, but I am partial first to my husband, my extended family and my husband’s family, and then to those I served with in the 3rd Combat Communication Group, Al Jaber Air Base, Kuwait, and the JAC & 423rd ABS in the UK.

All gave some. Some gave all.

Funday Friday #22

TGIF. I say that like I have a nice relaxing weekend in store. lol This has been a crazy busy week. Again. And it’s going to be a busy weekend. And I really need to make time for an Al-Anon meeting.

Karyn and Molly double-teamed me with 5ks this week. One is a virtual, and therefore I am going to do The Dynamic Duel Canada vs USA 5k in conjunction with Run to Reclaim 5K. Because that’s how I roll. And plus, I haven’t run at all in like 6 weeks, and Saturday is my only free day to run unless I get a wild hair and do a run during lunch next week. Anyway, running 2 5ks tomorrow just won’t happen. Probably. 😉

I’m playing Sunday which means I’ll be at church almost all day. I’m actually looking forward to it. Rehearsal went great, and I left feeling just so pumped.

KitKat is still falling off the landing.

OH! I killed a HUGE spider Tuesday morning and didn’t even scream first. This was quite an accomplishment. Both for not screaming and for actually killing it myself. James has since referred to it as a tarantula, but it wasn’t quite that big. Then yesterday morning as I got out of the shower and started drying off, I felt something stick into my hand. I looked and saw legs and immediately knew I’d just been bitten by a black widow. So I shook out the towel before finally dropping it to the floor, and then the culprit emerged. It was a red wasp, and it much have just barely stung me because it really didn’t hurt that bad. I also don’t have the huge red swollen area that follows a sting. Just a little swelling, but it itches like crazy now. I might feel a little like honey badger.

My kids.


They decided to fight over the front seat. Please take note of where we were. That’s a mausoleum behind them. :rolleye: Being mom of the year, I took a picture. No one was actually injured, though they did both end up in the front seat wrestling over it. There was no punching or scratching or hair pulling. It ended when I finally said “Enough!” and made Chad get in the back seat because Jamie had called front before we even stopped. You may (or may not) ask why we were at a cemetery. On the way to their counseling appointments (which only I had to attend), Chad asked what the big building was in the cemetery we passed. I told him a mausoleum, which I then had to tell him what that was and that I would stop by on the way back home. One of them asked why we don’t have any crypts here in the states, and I told them mausoleums were essentially crypts, just not underground.

I tried to find a really cool video to end with, and was not disappointed. Ok, it might not be cool, but it is hilarious.

Maniacal Monday #21

Know how to start a Monday off right? Oversleep. Slept right through the alarm (or hit snooze in my sleep), and was awakened by the dogs barking 15 min after I should have been at work. Fun times.

I finally finished the VIRTUAL RIDE for breast cancer hosted by Run with Jess this weekend. 31 miles of during October, and a lot of butt pain. lol I did manage to take a picture while I was riding during my second ride (the 12.5 mile one):

photo 1

Less than 4 miles into and I was already in pain. And I’m pretty sure I was even rolling downhill when I snapped it. 😉 I rode 11 miles on Saturday, and that was all I could do. That left me 4.1 miles to finish yesterday, and as soon as I sat down on that seat I knew that was going to be a long 4.1 miles with a sore butt. But, after about a mile, my butt didn’t hurt so bad. Probably because my legs started to hurt worse. haha After it was over, I had the hubby snap a shot of me on my bike with the medal, because who doesn’t love bling?


Now I have to start running again since I have a 5k coming up next month and a 12k in December.

I had to ask a question of Jamie this weekend. “Do you want to graduate on time, or do you want to do summer school or another year of school?” She’s 2 weeks behind, Chad is 4 weeks behind. Craziness. I’ve cut off internet for both. James said yesterday that they needed gas for their mopeds, and I told him I had been deliberately not getting more gas for them for the same reason they have no internet. And since he isn’t making them do their work which is the whole reason he isn’t working at a real job that actually pays, I have a fun-filled pending talk to have with him.

Anywho, Amber tore up my hand yesterday while we played. I didn’t realize the damage until I put on lotion and it burned us. I was very amused at KitKat’s ungraceful falling off of things she was sleeping on over the weekend.

Funday Friday #15

The Funday Friday’s have fallen quite a bit behind the Maniacal Mondays. I had something I was going to write about yesterday, but for the second time in the week, I got my day & date wrong.

1. Mixing up days. This past Sunday, the hubby checked the messages (finally) and told me that my dentist had called to confirm my appointment on the 26th. I’m thinking, ok, fine. I will call them tomorrow. At some point I looked at a calender and realized the 26th was Monday and not Tuesday. Eeek! So I called and left a message Sunday, and made the appointment just fine. I woke up Wednesday morning with a migraine, and soon realized in retrospect that I had gone to bed with it. :sigh: So there went a day of sick leave. Anyway, yesterday I got to work, and was going through doing my timesheet and morning checks and chatting when one of my co-workers asked, “Don’t you have an appointment this morning?” I looked at her funny and said, “No, it’s tomorrow, the 29th.” And then I looked at my workstation and dropped a bomb when I realized yesterday was the 29th. “Bye! I’ll see ya around lunch.” I was 15 min late, and might have exceeded the speed limit in multiple places. I also seemed to hit every long red light. But all is well. Told the doc the spot on my head he had given me stuff for was all cleared up but that I got glutened and the whole top of my scalp was still flared up though getting better. He asked, “What did you eat?” I answered, “Communion.” Then the look of shock where I followed with, “Yes. A crouton-sized piece of bread.” He is considering testing now since I seem to be pretty sensitive. But, I’ll save that for my annual physical which I think it is about time for.

2. Adventures in homeschooling. Already. Got a couple of the books in for English I. Not the curriculum, but the required novels. Jamie was all over the box, and when she pulled out the 2 books (which really didn’t match the huge box), she was like “Really?” “Yes, and those are Chad’s. Yours was a separate order.” So then the whining began. “Why did you pick these? Why can’t we pick the books?” My turn to say, “Really? You don’t get to choose what you read in public school either.” Still the whining continued and I was like, “Ok, fine. Read Tess of the D’Urbervilles. I’m still pissed off over that book. Read Beowolf in the original ancient English. Read The Canterbury Tales in the original Old English. Read Shakespeare.” That kind of stopped the whining. James added “Read Poe.” lol Anyway, Jamie popped off with “I’m on The Color Purple level.” I asked her if she’s read The Color Purple, and she said yes, so I asked her if she’d seen the movie. “There’s a movie?” Yes, and I have it. Chad: “Isn’t Whoopi Goldberg in that?” Me: “Yes, and Oprah Winfrey.” Yeah, we’ll be watching that, and I am sure I will meltdown into a messy puddle just like every time I’ve ever watched it.

3. Running. I ran Tuesday night with the Tribe. And then went to an Al-Anon meeting all wet and stinky. lol I didn’t run Wednesday thanks to the migraine, and yesterday, I opted to finish mowing the front yard. Remember, I broke the riding mower so I push mowed the rest of the front yard. Oh my word. I had sweat running into my eyes, and I am pretty sore today. 18 tomorrow… :-/

4. Coffee. So I am standing in line in Starbucks this morning surprised that there was a line given the 4 day weekend for the military, and I realized I left my refillable cup in the car. No, I didn’t go back for it. It wasn’t worth the 65&#162 difference. And Wilson Phillips was playing when I left. I don’t know why that put a smile on my face.

5. YouTube & enemas. Opal had a post up the other day: Cleansing update: Garlic enemas which I saw shortly after a small discussion on something I posted on Facebook where she mentioned enemas and I was all “EXIT ONLY!” I have had 1 enema a few hours prior to surgery for a ruptured appendix follow by 2 or 3 days of suppositories because I couldn’t eat or drink anything until I passed gas. But I digress. Anyway, so when I read her post, I watched the video she included, and so when I just went to YouTube, there was a video about enemas in my suggested list. From watching one video. lol And, yes, I am now actually considering it over the candida battle. #everybodypoops

6. Cats. Tiger is no needy and clingy. Sushi seems to be afraid of her own shadow. But let me sit down to eat, and they are both going to try their best to get up in my plate or bowl. Worse than the dogs.

7. Someday. Someday, I’m going to write a book.

Maniacal Monday #16

Why does the weekend fly by so fast while the work week drags?

1. The hubby and I went to Good Friday service Friday night. Oh, man. Talk about being undone. Although I have never seen The Passion of the Christ, I have seen enough bits and pieces that I can recognize it at any point, and know that I am about to meltdown.

2. I finally had a DNR – Did Not Race. I not only registered for the 3rd annual Jelly Bean race 10k, (the 2nd annual Jelly Bean race was my first ever 5k), I also bought a finisher’s medal. With 2 weekends to get that run done, I didn’t get that run done. :sigh: No, I don’t have a good excuse/reason. Actually, I did do some running Saturday morning, but it was to the bathroom. Still paying for that Papa John’s 2 weeks ago… I was, however, highly productive around the house. And at least my first DNR was a free virtual one. Well, except for the finisher’s medal. But I think I will just alter it to say “2nd” and “2012” and attribute it to last year. And by alter I mean tape paper to make it look obvious. lol

3. I’ve cooked 2 weekends in a row. Enough that I have been hooked up with a week of meals. Which is good since as of today, we are broke until next payday. Fun times.

4. I’m going to do a detox next weekend (I finally took my new juicer out of the box after buying it a month ago), and will be giving up sugar and dairy – specifically cheese. I may expound on the why later in the week.

5. In the midst of my cleaning out of clutter Saturday morning, I happened across my taser. (I wondered where it went.) I wasn’t entirely sure it was still working when it went missing, but I went ahead and plugged it in to charge it. Sunday morning, as I was showering (which is a story in itself that I will spare most of you), I heard the hubby comment on the fact that I was charging my taser, and yes, it was plugged into one of the outlets in the bathroom. The following conversation ensued after discussing how long it had been charging (about 24 hours at that point):

J: “Well, it’s shocking me.”
M: “Did you seriously just tase yourself?!”

Sure enough, when I was done showering and opened the curtain, he was still standing there with taser in one hand and touching the contacts with the other while triggering it. And I’m thinking, “What if it had still worked?”

6. The hubby and I went on an impromptu date Sunday for lunch (because my taser didn’t work – lol). We finally decided on Red Robin because while I was open to Sonic tater tots, that would have been my lunch while he would have eaten a burger I want. So there we are at Red Robin, and our waiter decided he recognized me? From that point on, every staff that came by our table spoke primarily to me. At this point I should point out that when I am out somewhere, I really prefer to blend in to the background and not be noticed. I’ve built up this idea in my mind that I give off a vibe to that effect, but apparently I fail miserably at it. Karyn told me flat out that she has never noticed that from me, and my daughter took it a step farther and told me I shouldn’t look so approachable. Wait. What? Ok fine. I outwardly fail at my inward introversion. Probably the whole forcing myself to make eye contact and smile when I really want to scream and ball up in a corner in the fetal position. I have issues, and this wasn’t the direction I intended to take with the date. haha. Squirrel!

We also stopped by the American Tobacco Trail, and walked out about a half mile and back. It was a miserable walk because I needed to pee a little bit before we walked out, and I needed to go so bad on the walk back that I was afraid to cough or sneeze. And once we go back to the parking area and I headed into the hole-in-the-ground toilet, I couldn’t go. Ugh. I really hate that when I have to pee so bad I can’t. But eventually the dam broke, and then I was like “Am I ever going to stop?” And yes, you needed to know that.

7. I was introduced to “The Game” on Friday, and am not appreciative. Don’t ask. Don’t Google. Chad threatened to disown me over it. lol Same guy also introduced me to this:

Petra refused to watch the whole thing, but you should. Seriously.

‘Cause I like to eat

I think I have made 2 contradictory statements about cooking before. 1, that I hate it, and 2, that I kind of like it. They are both correct because while most of the time I hate cooking and will only do it because I want to eat real food and not processed chemical-laden stuff, sometimes the mood hits me, and I actually enjoy the sights and smells of preparing food. And either way, I like to eat. 😉

So after mentioning that I made my own cream of chicken soup to avoid gluten (even though I glutened myself twice that day), MacBros wondered how I did it without flour. And through some Googling, he found a site selling all kinds of gluten free stuff and blogged about it: Gluten Free Noodles? Me, being me, I felt obligated to link whore, and explain how I did this.

First off, I will produce the original recipe for what a friend from way back in the mid-90’s at Tinker referred to as “rice shit.” He loved it, and was going around asking “Who made this rice shit?” I thought it was hilarious, and, yes, that is what I call it. Anyway, I got the recipe from a cousin at one of my wedding showers because the cousin who hosted it thought it would be a great idea to have everyone attending to give me a recipe. My whole extended family likes to eat. Both sides. 🙂


First translation, “oleo” = margarine. That is a pet peeve of mine that my parents heard me complain about for years because they would not drop the “oleo” label and call margarine margarine. And having looked it up, perhaps I will stop complaining about that word. After all, I have been known to call margarine “butter” which is most certainly is not. Anyway, I used real butter instead of margarine, and locally produced butter at that. 😉

This is the recipe I used to make cream of chicken because of that pesky gluten intolerance I have: Cream of Chicken Soup Substitute But I used Bob’s Red Mill GF All Purpose Baking Flour as opposed to ordinary bleached wheat flour. Yes, I realize I admitted earlier in the post to having glutened myself otherwise twice that day. And yes, I am paying the price, but thankfully I don’t get migraines with a glutening. And it isn’t so bad as I expected so maybe praying over the communion bread did help. I didn’t pray over the movie theater popcorn that I wouldn’t have eaten had I not been the keeper of the bag due to keeping my children separated in the theater because they fight. But I digress.

Next came the Homemade Cheez Whiz. I didn’t alter that recipe in any way, though I only buy white cheddar because cheddar isn’t naturally orange, and the stuff they use to make it orange bothers me. I know, who knew? I did not, however, use my food processor as it was not clean, and so I used my blender as a food processor. I should have just cleaned the food processor right then and charged on because blending cheese is tricky. But I made it work without injury. 😉

And I used brown rice, but rather than buying fresh broccoli, I followed the recipe and bought it frozen. Stop judging me. lol

“Bad hills!”

A few days ago I had a dream that my friend Brenda came to visit me. Now, as an aside, she has been planning a trip out here for months, and we even plan on running a race together while she’s here. That’s reality. In the dream, she had signed us up for a marathon. And when she told me what it was I flipped out! She said it was the RunRaleigh marathon, which in reality is just a half, but in the dream it was the Raleigh City of Oaks full marathon. And this is why I flipped out because I only did the Rex Heathcare half, and would have died if I’d had to run another 13.1 of that route. So I told her, “Heck no! Hills, Brenda. Bad hills!” I told her of this dream the other night and she was quick to point out that she would not ever sign us up for a marathon because she has no plans to ever run another marathon.

Saturday was a 9 miler on the training plan Karyn did for us, and between the cold and errands, we decided to each do 9 on our own this week, do our 10 at CCCC, and then do the 11 & 12 on the American Tobacco Trail which will be part of the actual route for next month’s half. I must point out that this whole time we have been training, I have been avoiding both CCCC and Kiwanis because I haven’t been able to bring myself to do those hills over and over for multiple laps. I decided I would do the 3.4 mile loop by my house in enough laps to equal 9 miles. But then I got up Saturday morning, and changed my mind about that route, and did what is typically my 4 mile route but added on another road which was an out and back 5 miler. I knew it was hilly, but I really did not understand what it would be like running 2.5 miles of uphill. Oh, man, that was rough! I kept reminding myself that I did a hilly 10k the week before, and therefore, I could make it back to the 6 mile point and, if necessary, walk the last 3 miles.

I made it back, and was hoofing it slowly up a light grade, and finally decided I was done. So I walked a little bit until my legs felt a little better then tried to start running again. I made it about a block, and gave up the run and dropped to a walk. After the turnaround with less than 2 miles left, I noticed a burning near my right ankle. So, the last mile and a half was more of a limp. Apparently my sock had dropped and my shoe rubbed a killer chafe just under my ankle. Anyway, I spent that last mile and a half forcing myself NOT to call the hubster to come and get me. Just as I got back to our driveway he called and instead of saying “Hello” I answered with “COME AND GET ME!” If I hadn’t answered, he was going to come look for me because I had been gone over 2 hours.

So, I will just say that my quest to avoid hills was folly, and I have paid with sore knees, hips, and back.

And this was my run for Sherry only I forgot my bib until after I was half way down the driveway, and I knew if I went back for it, I would never run at all.

Picture 24

No smile. Only a grimace because I was hurtin’! 😉

Maniacal Monday #14

1. I did the 2nd Annual Virtual Run for Sherry Saturday in conjunction with the 9 miler training run. More on that tomorrow.

2. I had an emotional meltdown on one of the school administrators last week over my daughter’s absences last semester. They are being totally supportive so I guess crying does work even if it was virtual via email. But, I made a deal with Jamie that if she will finish out the school year and comply with the attendance contract, we will start homeschooling her starting this summer since she is constantly asking to drop out. :sigh: It’s purely social, and I totally understand where she is coming from.

3. Our oven went out last weekend. Superbowl Sunday specifically. The igniter went out, but it didn’t just go out, it burned out. And after attempting to get a replacement part, and discussing the big hole burned in the bottom of the oven that is probably why the temp was never right, we opted to just buy a whole new stove. And James picked out a “fancy” one.


4. #2 above apparently ushered in the return of the migraines. The weather is not helping. :-/

5. Now that the roof is done, and all the completely busted out windows are repaired, James and Rick started working on the suite bathroom upstairs. They pulled out the outdated vanity, and pulled up the old tile, and have laid down new.

Out with the old...

Out with the old… with the new.

…in with the new.

Plans are to repaint the avocado green tub, and to apparently replace the old plumbing fixtures with new since the cold water handle is a vice grip as the old handle stripped and the fittings are so old that they don’t make that size anymore. Fun times.

Also, they took the top off the old vanity pulled out of the bathroom, and made a cabinet in the laundry room and are going to install a sink.


6. Jamie makes me listen to Alt Nation when she is in the car with me. It’s starting to grow on me.

Tuesday randomness

1. I had the flu a couple of weeks ago. The last time I remember being that sick for that long was when I was 16 and had a ruptured appendix. It was the flu my parents used to get when I was a kid that would put them each down for a week while I managed to avoid it, or just have a 24 hour episode of it. The 4th day, I stood in the shower praying for death. Then I went back to bed, had a meltdown on the hubby, started coughing, and nearly puked on him. He ordered me to stay in bed the rest of the day, and I didn’t argue. And he made me potato soup for 2 days. He also twice picked up food from La Dolce Vita for me.

2. The weekend prior to getting the flu, I made a spontaneous decision to get the kids up and go to Wilmington for the weekend. Since Karyn and I are running the Bay Six Half Marathon, and are in training for it, I had a long run that was supposed to take place that weekend. 7 miles to be precise. So I got up that Sunday morning and headed down to the fitness room in the hotel confident that I could easily do 7 treadmill miles. I did about 4.25 miles and fast walked nearly another mile in a futile attempt to get the full 7 in. However, it was at least 200 degrees in that room. Celcius. That may be an exaggeration. 😉 Later I went back down and noted that the thermostat was turned off which explained why it got so flippin’ hot in there.

3. This past weekend, Karyn and I ran a 10k. It was 17 degrees (fahrenheit) when I left my house. It was 22F when we left Karyn’s house. After the race, and after we had gone into Fayetteville to get me a vanilla spice latte from Starbucks, the temp got up to 34F. Yeah, it was cold. I hadn’t run in 2 weeks, and I was done at mile 2. I don’t know how I kept going, and I sure don’t know how I managed to run the full 6.2 miles especially going up that last hill. But I did, and Karyn got to see me have an asthma attack from the finish line through the shuttle ride back to the high school where we parked. She says I am a machine for being able to run like that. I really cannot fathom how I am able to do a long run after not running at all for 2 weeks and the previous run being a DNF. I should not be able to do it. And Anderson Creek should be renamed Anderson Hills. Just sayin’. 😉

4. The hubby and his friends finally got the roof done, and all the broken out windows have been replaced/repaired. They are nearly done with Chad’s bedroom, and are working on the suite bathroom upstairs.

5. I am almost finished with the scarf I have been knitting for Chad. He may or may not ever wear it, but it’s the same shade of blue as his beloved hoodies.

6. I am going to try crocheting some doilies after Opal said she tackled round crochet before getting squares down. And anyway, doilies are what I want to crochet anyway.

7. I need to do another food detox. :sigh: I also have to accept that I have to give up cheese. :wail: And I got glutened again, probably while I had the flu and was too sick to do the dishes resulting in cross-contamination. But, it could also be the Harris Teeter sushi. So I have to lay off of that for a while because even though I get the ones that do not contain wheat on the label, I am sure cross-contamination still occurs.

8. Jamie is taking guitar this semester, and so she demanded an acoustic that doesn’t buzz. While I was sick she talked me into giving her mine. So I went and bought a new acoustic last week, which was no easy task for me to choose. However, I picked one with a cutaway rather than the one with the better tone, and then ended up regretting my decision all the way home. But then Jamie saw the new one and wanted it, so it was a win since I got my Alvarez back from her.

9. Somehow we ended up with a house full of teenage boys Sunday. It really wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. Connor came home from church with us, and at some point Jamie was out of the house, and when she came back, Aaron and Alex were there and she started yelling, “Get out of my house!” Of course no one left. lol

10. Did not watch the Superbowl.