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I embarrass my kids

I was ready to run last night. That’s what got this whole thing started. It was tribe run night, and I changed into my running clothes before I left work because I was going to run. But there was a reason that I posted on Facebook, “Maybe I should lay off the salsa for a while…” Anyway, my digestion is incidental. Chad informed me that he “needed” more lemonade. I needed bananas, so he was in luck. But the conversation at some point turned to being embarrassed to be with me (obviously he is willing to endure it to get what he wants). I chuckled and asked him to elaborate. “You sing.” Now I’m laughing. “You mean out loud in the store, or in general.” He said “In general,” so that means I will be singing a lot more often now. hahaha

But he wasn’t done. Then he started in on my attire which was according to him “Not enough clothes.” As I said before, I was dressed to run. Obnoxiously dressed, but dressed to run nonetheless. Yellow/blue shorts, bright sun-yellow yellow thin tank. According to him, they are short-shorts. To me, short-shorts are a lot closer to Daisy Dukes than what I was wearing. But anyway, I wore that to Food Lion, and he is still going on about my lack of clothes even though I told him they are used to seeing me dressed like that on Tuesday nights. I paid for it though, because I got cold…visibly…

So now I drift from that point, and go off on a tangent. I think that will be my new blogging style – start with a topic and then delve off to something fairly unrelated. Anyway, before we could get out of the house, Chad decided to tell me that I smelled bad…”like Evie’s butt.” That was not nice, and especially not nice considering there’s no telling how long it’s been since he has showered. But I digress. I did a quick smell check, and quickly determined that my deodorant was no longer doing it’s job. This is what happens when you give up the aluminum antiperspirants with artificial fragrance. And I was on the 3rd brand of “natural” deodorant. So that was it. I was going to find a recipe for homemade deodorant.

I just blindly Googled, and one of the top hits was by Crunchy Betty, who just happens to be one of the bloggers I read. I went with her first deodorant recipe because it is crazy easy and I already had all the ingredients (cornstarch, not arrowroot powder, and opted not to add tea tree oil…this time). It smells like food. Now granted, you would have to actually like coconut to want to taste it, but even if you do, let me advise you, it smells WAY better than it tastes. Yes, I have issues.

So today is day 1 using the homemade deodorant, and (if I remember) I will give my review of it in a week or 2.

Hither, thither, and all that other stuff

I might be back. Or this might be a hodge-podge of crap with promises of more detailed posts later, which may or may not be empty promises.

About 2 weeks ago, I stopped at the mailbox before pulling into the driveway (as I do), and I noticed something in the neighbor’s driveway. A cat. One of our cats. Simon. The only one of our cats that the boy liked. He had been hit by a car, and the kids retrieved him and buried him though not before my daughter insisted on taking a picture to put on tumblr. :sigh: #parentingfail

3 days later, the hubby decided it was time to kick Spot out of the house, and she ran right into the backyard where the territorial dogs are that kill anything non-dog that gets in their space. She sat in a tree for 2 days, and finally the hubster got her down, and she’s back in the house.

Darci, our oldest dog and habitual escape artist, managed to dig out again, and I found her in the front yard as I let Evie out. I let the hubby know before I left for church, and thought no more of it until I got home. He said to me then, “Have you seen Mittens?” Now, this is kind of a dumb question (I’m thinking) because it’s always 1-5 days following an escape before we see her again. Then he said “Look out the window.” I see a mound of dirty white fur, and was crushed. But he followed my informing me that it was not Mittens, but a ‘possum.

Food & Exercise
I am pretty much back on track with the half marathon training. I did 5 miles weekend before last, 6 Saturday (6.24 specifically…), and that puts me on track for 7 this weekend catching me up to the schedule Karyn and I are following. She is smoking me, by the way. After the half I might work on speed. Might…

So, I had a week-long craving for a bacon cheeseburger last week. Wednesday, I wanted one bad enough to risk a glutening. Petra talked me off that cliff, and I sated that craving with chips & salsa. I know, the chips were bad (they were gluten, msg, & preservative free), but the salsa was YUMMY! So when a less persistent craving hit on Friday, I got some more salsa – chipotle garlic. Yeah, that made “medium” subjective because it BURNED us…and opened up our sinuses. When I went over to James at church that night, he was like “What did you eat?!?!” Karyn’s been eating salsa ever since. lol

Anyway, so Friday night, James made me a cheeseburger. I told him forget about the bacon. I didn’t have any gluten free buns, so I used lettuce instead. Very messy, but enabled me to eat it like a burger. Oh, it was yummy. James made stew Saturday that I wasn’t going to eat, but I had a little anyway, and it was way better with him spicing it than by using the McCormick seasoning (their beef stew seasoning is NOT gluten free – fyi). But yeah, then I got home from church yesterday and he had fried sausage. Now I don’t really even like sausage, but I ate 3 or 4 patties and it was GOOD! And I found a jar of salsa in the fridge… 😉

Needless to say, there was no weight loss this week poundwise. However, I think I am losing inches. My shirt isn’t so tight where the buttons tend to scream (Molly, you know what I’m talking about – lol), and my trousers seem a bit loose.

Wrap up
I am now sick of writing this post and can’t stand to have another post in my drafts queue.

Molly is vlogging every day in August. Check her out on YouTube. Seriously! Her vlogs while driving are seriously out.of.control.

Maniacal Monday #10

I intended to write a post on Friday, but I didn’t get any farther than starting a draft containing nothing but a YouTube video. I had a cup of coffee that afternoon, which turned out to be a mistake. I need to either get back on coffee full time, or quit it altogether. Or, since I just reloaded my Starbucks card, get tea.

Saturday was a pretty good day, despite the heat. I got up early to run because I knew it would be too hot anytime later, and ran my best time since basic training. The hubster and I went to Southern Pines so I could visually check out the 5k route (which will be partially uphill – ugh!), and since were were there and Petra had so highly recommended it, we stopped and got bison burgers from Nature’s Own. Her description didn’t do justice to the taste, though it turns out she had censored her description. 😉 After we got back home we did some ac swapping around because the unit in our br just wasn’t keeping it cool, and my office and Chad’s br were ovens. Before the hubby finally got to go to bed (he works nights), we had our best talk ever, while Jamie waited impatiently for me to take her out for sushi. I got a really good watermelon at HT, and we went to Dick’s to get Jamie some obnoxiously loud knee-high socks.

Sunday’s are always so busy…for me. It’s ok, it’s just not a restful day which is why I hate Mondays so bad. Monday is my crash day, but unfortunately, I still have to work. Anyway, we had a deacon ordination service, which I had never seen. I was in the nursery when Joe was ordained, and never ever saw a single one in any of the churches I grew up in. It was really cool to be a part of it.

Then Petra drew me into another Fb wall post “controversy.” When I first read the exchange, I was speechless. But, of course, not for long and I inserted my 2&#162, and it eventually went downhill before her husband put the matter to rest quite well. I may or may not blog about it this week. Last night I was fired up and ready, but today…not so much. I’d rather take a nap, which won’t happen because…

…I left my badge & cac at home this morning, and did not realize it until I was 10 min from work. So instead of a 45min to an hour drive in, I had a 2.5 hour drive because, yes, I went back home to get them.

You got this!

I nearly talked myself out of running last night. I totally did not want to do it, but I hadn’t run since Friday night, and figured my hip had recovered enough. The humidity was awful, and it is probably a good thing I used my inhaler first otherwise I might have quit the many times I wanted to.

Someone stopped and asked me for directions while I was running. You know why? Because I also hadn’t shaved my legs since Friday. Fail.

Anyway, last night was tougher mentally than physically. I was barely done with one “lap” before I wanted to quit. I was slow, and my legs felt like they weren’t going to hold me up. I kept telling myself, “You got this! You can do this! You’ve done it before. You’ve run farther. It’s only a 5K, and you aren’t doing it for time tonight! KEEP MOVING!” Even if I hadn’t had to stop long enough to give that lady directions, my time would have been bad. It was one of those runs. The quitter runs. The ones that have always defeated me.

Not this time.

I am determined to run the timed virtual 5K tomorrow night, and push myself for a good time. I am determined to run my butt off in a “live” 5k 4th of July, and another virtual July 21. I am determined to run a 10k followed by an 8k the following weekend in Aug/Sep. I am determined to run a half marathon in November.

And I think I am going to attempt a full marathon next year.

Unless the half sucks so bad I swear off running that far ever again. LOL

And yes, I finished the run last night, and woke up just after 3am with killer cramps in my calves. It was enough that I eventually had to get up and walk it out because rotating my ankle wasn’t calming down the right leg.

I was gonna take a nap, but…

We had a potluck after morning service, and then a short service after lunch where we went through the book of Ruth. Anyway, I was sure before I ate that once I stuffed myself with all that good food that I would need a nap immediately, but surprisingly, I was good and awake for the Ruth service.

Then I got home.

I wanted to read, but felt the strong pull of the nap and decided I was about to have a nap. But I was thirsty, so I went downstairs to get some water. Once down there, I remembered that Jamie told me Thursday when she finished off the jug of tea, we needed another jug made. Ok, no big deal. 15 min and then my nap. So while the water was heating, I went down to the family room and started working on the jerry-rig fix of plywood over the now 4 broken out panes in the picture window. So between working on that while fixing the tea, by the time they were both done (about a half hour), I was no longer sleepy.

So I finished a book I’ve been reading all week instead, and nearly fell out during the last chapter. hahaha

Point of this story? I ADHD’ed myself out of a nap.

The joys of aging

I’ve kind of been picking on Mel today, and now I feel bad about it, so I am going to try to make up by sharing my bagel fail from a few weeks ago. The Facebookers already know about it, though I don’t think I went into great detail, not that I plan on it now either. LOL

So, I fixed a bagel for breakfast one morning. Someone had messed with the toaster, and the bagel didn’t get toasty like I wanted but I didn’t have time to wait on a second toasting. I got out the cream cheese, because I like cream cheese on, well, bunches of stuff, but particularly on bagels. I had no idea how long it had been in the fridge, so I checked the date, and it expired that day. I remember now it was Feb 28. HAHA. Anyway, as I knifed out the cream cheese, it seemed a bit thin. I made a mental note and pressed on with spreading it on my bagel slices.

I started eating it as I got about 2 houses down from my house on the way to work. That’s when I realized it didn’t taste right as if it had started to sour, and made a mental note to either get more or use butter next morning. But, soured or not, rotten or not, I was eating my bagel, and waited to see how long it would take to get sick.

Surprisingly (I thought at the time) I didn’t get the least bit sick, and proceeded to forget about the morning’s mental notes. After supper, I was having a craving for something sweet and went through the fridge trying to will some dessert to appear, when I noticed the box. The cream cheese box was the one I noticed first, and then it hit me. “Oh, I am stupid!” The cream cheese, which was Philadelphia Cream Cheese in the gray box, was sitting behind the white sour cream box.

In retrospect, knowing what I had really eaten, sour cream isn’t all that bad on a blueberry bagel.


“Teenage wasteland…”

This was supposed to be for Facebook, but after looking at these, I thought a blog post would be best to display this boxful of fail:

Click on the image to see the full pic. First thing that stood out to me is I was a nerd. Second, I was a nerd who wanted to be a party girl and give the impression that I was easy (which I was not, btw). At least the Jesus button isn’t the smallest one. I look at that collection and see FAIL. Boundries crossed, nonexsistent, and just totally wrong focus which is again a reference to the one small Jesus button. No wonder I failed at not drinking, among other fails. I didn’t take those boundries seriously AT ALL.