Dreaming #nablopomo

I tend not to put too much stock in dreams. I blame my parents for dismissing relative’s dreams. Plus I have really weird dreams, and they are usually vivid so I often remember them. Back in the spring I had a dream that was so disturbing, I had to call someone about it to stop dwelling on it. Just last week I had one that I had to tell another friend about. I wasn’t so disturbed after waking up, but I was pretty disturbed in the dream.

But then there is the dream Chad had back in May. He said to me, “Hey, I dreamed that Granny died.” I told him that she had been sick and was in the nursing home for rehab, but that she was going home the next day. 2 days later she died.

I have had several dreams about Mom since she died. I dreamed that I was packing up her stuff, and had most of the truck loaded, but then there she was in the kitchen, and I panicked as I thought, “What’s she going to do when I have all of her stuff?” Another dream, I was home for the funeral, and on the way to the funeral home, but she was actually still alive and in the hospital. Still another, I went home for the funeral, and at no point did I find it odd that we were in the house in Morrilton, but then Mom was there, and was asking me where her car was. I remember feeling angry that she couldn’t remember I had the car, and then guilty that I was angry because she couldn’t remember. (I think maybe that’s something I haven’t really worked though yet.)

The other night I had one of my typical “out there” dreams. For some reason I had to fake fight Rachel from Friends in order to fight some dude that I think I know, but all I can think is that he looked like a cross between Danny Bonaduce and Sammy Hagar. Took forever to choke him out, too, but he finally tapped out right before losing consciousness.

Following this, I was feeling like honey badger, and decided to go tell Mom who was on the porch. I walked out and said, “Mother,” in that same way that Jamie says it to me. Mom was sitting in Aunt Becky’s green chair with Aunt Pearl. Aunt Violet was laying on a bed beside them, only that woman looked nothing like Aunt Violet and more like Aunt Dude. Granny was sitting beside the door, and I woke up before I could assess who else was out there. Essentially, I think I was on that porch with a lot of my deceased aunts plus Mom and Granny. Just so odd, but neat.

4 Responses to 'Dreaming #nablopomo'

  1. Petra says:

    I definitely missed this post as well. Fake fighting Rachel… LOL!
    Also, I downloaded a dream journal app and actually recorded one the other day. I wonder if I will ever use it again…

  2. Sharon says:

    I have missed some of these posts too, but I am backtracking… You could have called me.

    and about this dream… I picture Heaven as one big gathering, perhaps at the lake or a pond. Everyone is sitting around in those metal chairs that Virco made. and They lean in and look at the water and see us on the other side… doing life. and all of the aunts are there, and Uncles. There is food, cobblers, choc pies, dumplings, and homemade biscuits with Chocolate Gravy. It is a comforting thought to me. One big reunion. <3

    • DragonLady says:

      I see them in those old vinyl-webbed lawn chairs from back in the 70’s/80’s that you could replace the webbing. Except Granny Eoff. I always picture her in that rocking chair. :)