Maniacal Monday #15

1. I went grocery shopping Friday night. With. A. List. But I had the hubster with me so there were things picked up that were NOT on the list.

2. The hubby has been asking me to make my rice…stuff. It’s official name is broccoli casserole, and it calls for cream of mushroom chicken soup, most of which contains gluten and so I can’t eat it. It also calls for Cheez Whiz which I won’t eat. I substituted real butter for margarine also because I won’t eat margarine if I can at all avoid it. Anyway, so I had to make my own gluten free cream of mushroom chicken soup and my own cheez whiz. Oh, man, cheez whiz is much better with real cheese. 😉 Overall, the casserole tasted way better, but without the processed stuff, it needed salt, and even after adding salt, I didn’t get it salty enough. That said, I’m ok with that because I am not supposed to use a lot of salt, but when I think it needs salt, it is probably greatly lacking.

3. Petra and I went out partying Saturday night. By party I mean dinner and a movie because that’s how we roll. Anyway, we saw Oz the Great and Powerful. And Sunday night I saw it again with my kids. My kids did not provide me with quite the entertainment Petra did because they didn’t get my side commentary and quoting from The Wizard of Oz, Galaxy Quest, and The Fellowship of the Ring.

And yes, I loved it and will be getting the DVD. And need to watch The Wizard of Oz again. 🙂

I want to see this just on GP.

4. I did something Sunday that felt so rebellious and unbaptist. I took communion at a church where I am not a member (going against my closed communion upbringing), it was regular bread and not unleavened (going against the whole unleavened bread with communion “rule”), and ate the bread knowing full well it was gluteny bread. It has been at least a year since I had bread with gluten, and oh, man. It was soooo good. Just that little bitty bit was enough to reignite the flames of gluten craving. And enough to have me all bloated today. :sigh:

5. And, since Karyn went to the beach over the weekend with the extended family, I set out to do my 12 mile run alone. And oh, was it ever an epic fail. I made sure to dress appropriately for the warmth and sun, but forgot to take water with me, and started off entirely too fast. I didn’t do a full 4 miles before I got so sick that I not only stopped running, but called the hubby to come and get me. :headbang: I may or may not have cried. And I may or may not be able to run the half this weekend.

6. Sunday afternoon/evening I told the kids they had 15 minutes before we left for the theater. I then proceeded to eat one more time, and they came up to my office to rush me. Jamie picked up my acoustic and started playing, and she is really doing well with the guitar now. Then she said to me, “Give me a song to play.” So I played this:

She was like “No, that’s too much stuff to do.” I told her it was not, and to give me the guitar where I proceeded to start playing it (with great difficulty because it’s be a WHILE and I couldn’t remember the chords right away. Had it crossed my mind, I would have told her to learn this one:

As if I have ever mastered it. 😉

7. I really don’t have anything else (that is for public consumption).

8 Responses to 'Maniacal Monday #15'

  1. jan says:

    Oh man, don’t even get me started on buying stuff not on the list when w/ hubby. We spent a million if we go shopping together!!

    p.s. I’m gluten-free too! 🙂

  2. I LOVE IT! I love Extreme – and I guess I might have to see Oz this week while I am off on Spring Break!

  3. MacBros says:

    I’m always going WAY WAY WAAAAAY off my shopping lists as well.

    I didn’t know you could make home made mushroom soup without using flour.

    Oz looks really good to me too. I’ll have to wait for awhile before I see it.

    • DragonLady says:

      This was the first time in weeks I’ve taken the time to make a list before I go shopping. So it could have been much worse. 😉

      I used gluten free flour. I buy Bob’s Red Mill All Purpose gluten free flour which is pretty expensive, but I’m going to either pay with $$$ or physically. And the physical “hurts” worse.

      I read a pretty bad review of it, or well actually of James Franco’s acting. It wasn’t entirely unjustified, but as long as you ignore his ridiculous grinning at inappropriate times, it’s all good. The flying monkeys are terrifying compared to The Wizard of Oz. And parts of it are a little slow. And the china doll is creepy. lol

  4. Petra says:

    So just fyi, I am seeing approximately 10% of your blog posts showing up on fb as links. That could be my fault, or it could be fb – let’s blame fb. I just opened the google reader and saw there were several posts I’ve missed!

    Okay – the china doll in Oz was SO creepy – but you heard my running commentary of how I felt about her. lol

    And I want to see Lone Ranger too!

    • DragonLady says:

      I blame fb because I know I miss a LOT of people’s posts unless/until another friend comments on it. Oh, but I see every stupid little political or feely good picture that people share. :sigh: And this is one of the reasons I now spend more time on Twitter than Fb. Well, that and Fb is blocked much of the day at work which also sucks because all the pictures are blocked when Fb is not so 95% of the crap I don’t care about it weeded out… I would do a whole Facebook rant post if I cared enough. lol

      HAHA! And as I said to you, the more I looked at her the more she looked like Drew Barrymore which made her less creepy for me. 😉

      I do hope Tonto doesn’t remind me too much of Captain Jack Sparrow throughout Lone Ranger. lol